Model X All 4 doors should be winged

Model X All 4 doors should be winged

I suggest all 4 doors be winged doors if not would it possible or sensible to have just 2 oversized doors allowing both the front and rear passengers entry through one door on each side. The winged door is a great concept for easy entry and I feel finally solves the issue of getting in and out of a car with an umbrella.

vandacca | 01. joulukuu 2014

This has already been discussed in the following thread. There is also a nice example of what 2 oversized doors would look like. | 02. joulukuu 2014

Alternatively, as a cost reduction, Tesla could simply move to 2 supersize FW doors, one on each side.
An optional addition would be tent extensions for each side. The car could sleep ten small Norwegians, no ethnic slur intended. :-)) | 02. joulukuu 2014

As in the thread referenced by Dan...