Model X HEPA filters - replacement schedule?

Model X HEPA filters - replacement schedule?

Love the clean air features of the Model X. The cabin positive pressure system will surely come in handy over the Dumbarton Bridge. I have a couple of questions related to it. I change my HVAC home HEPA filters twice a year and by that time they look dingy. I imagine road conditions are much much worse. What would the change schedule be for the X HEPA filters and is it something we can do ourselves? I wouldn't mind doing it. This would be the equivalent of a do-it-yourself oil change. Getting cleaner air in an enclosure where we spend a large fraction of life would be worth it.

By the way, a cabin overpressure system still requires pumping air from the outside. It can't be just recirculate. I wonder how the air pump system will work.

eric.zucker | 30. syyskuu 2015

You take outside air, filter it, and direct it into the car at a faster rate than leaks and vents let air out.

I too like the HEPA filters, and yes, I believe they will need replacement. I'd much rather go for a filter replacement than lung replacement on my entire family.

johnse | 30. syyskuu 2015

Whenever you are bringing in outside are (through that nice big filter), air also has to flow out. By reducing the outflow, you can cause an increased pressure on the interior.

This is exactly how pressurized airplanes work. Contrary to popular belief, you're not breathing the same air all flight. Instead, the plane compresses air from outside the plane and injects it into the cabin. There is a bleed valve which expels air. This maintains the cabin pressure at the desired level (usually between an effective 6000-8000 feet) with enough oxygen and gets rid of excess CO2.

The HEPA filter scrubs the incoming air while the positive pressure assures that unfiltered air cannot come in through the other areas.

EVino | 30. syyskuu 2015

Thanks for the additional details, johnse. It took a company like Tesla to consider having a cabin interior like a Class 2 or 3 environment. Who would've thunk it.

rossRallen | 30. syyskuu 2015

The primary filter is so large I'll guess there's a panel in the frunk for servicing it. Replacement might be included in the annual service as well.

I just hope they made the air intakes mouse-proof. I had a $1600 repair bill a few months ago to remove dead critters from my cabin air ducts. The car smelled like a zombie petting zoo. And, a year before that, a 5' garter snake got in the same way (presumably looking for mice) and greeted me from the passenger seat when I entered the car.

Ankit Mishra | 30. syyskuu 2015
Bwahaha. People are going crazy over bio hazard defense mode. They are actually thinking its built to protect people from a biological attack. Bwahaha.
Did people also analaysed whether insane mode makes driver mentally unstable? What about Ludicrous Mode? Is it really faster than light?
Do Falcon wing door really open like wings of Falcon?

EVino | 30. syyskuu 2015

I sure hope it's more frequent than an annual service. Depending on air quality, some HEPA filters can cake up after six months. Maybe Tesla can program sensors to detect the change in air flow as the filter gets restrictive over time.

EVino | 30. syyskuu 2015

ankit, I'm not sure about the relevance of your comment to the subject of the post. I'm sure well-informed people get that the whole bioweapon label is tongue-in-cheek humor that Elon/Tesla is known for, like ludicrous mode or volume up to 11. It is amusing.

Ankit Mishra | 01. lokakuu 2015

Oh, I didn't wanted to create a new thread just for that. I saw your thread which is the only one related to HEPA filter. Apologies if that derails the thread.

FelixMendeldog | 01. lokakuu 2015

Filters actually filter better when they're a bit dirty (but not so dirty as to significantly restrict flow.) The primary filter is enormous for a car—it will last a long time before it restricts airflow. How long? That will depend largely on the environment where it's driven. Dust Bowl? Beijing?—keep a spare :-) Sensor to measure airflow restriction is likely already in place, but not discovered yet. Secondary filter has much less work to do with that enormous primary upstream. Tesla doesn't half-ass!

NumberOne | 01. lokakuu 2015

@rossRallen I did not want to laugh at your unfortunate experiences with wildlife, but you told it so well. Speaking of snakes, I saw one (rat shanke) in my garage last night and was too slow to get it out. I hope it is not planning a meeting...

vperl | 01. lokakuu 2015

I live in rattle snake free zone, but the cougars, deer, and coyotes seem not interested in sticking around .

rlwrw | 01. lokakuu 2015

When wheezing, choking, and gasping, it is time to change the filters.
Seriously, there will probably be an air flow sensor to monitor clogging of the filters.
I worked at a film place where we had ionizer filters. Maintenance always grumbled that they had to frequently clean the filters because of all of the dust bunny buildup. Duh! That's what the filters are supposed to do.
Recirculation of cabin air can be beneficial. In the winter, recirculating warmer cabin air means that the heater does not need to work as hard. In the summer, recirculation of cooler cabin air means that the air conditioner also does not have to work as hard. Translation: less power used from the battery pack.
Now, if one has a flatulent problem, it might be better to use the fresh air intake.

EVino | 01. lokakuu 2015

If one has a flatulent problem, it might be better to talk to Dr. Bighorn.

FelixMendeldog | 01. lokakuu 2015

Odiferous flatulance is readily absorbed by active carbon in the Model X filters. All jokes aside, this is a /really/ thorough filtering system.

reitmanr | 01. lokakuu 2015

Darn! Need to trade in my MS so I can have clean air!

Seriously- how does the MS filter compare to the Model X?

Regardless- I fell in love with the X at the event the other night.

rossRallen | 01. lokakuu 2015

@LeonardD - glad you enjoyed my narrative. All true! If that snake had dropped from inside the dash while I was driving down Main St., instead of hanging out on the passenger seat, I might have jumped out of the car and let it roll...

So, I am serious about a design that keeps critters out. The centrifugal fan in the Lexus' cabin air system once had three mice in it, flat from being spun out at high G's. They chewed through the air filter to get there. It was a one-way trip. A mouse can get through a hole the size of a nickel, so I'm told.

aesculus | 01. lokakuu 2015

I have spent a lot of money removing decapitated mice from my current car (3 times). Not a pleasant event and you have to deal with it quickly otherwise your car creates its own odor the HEPA filter will not resolve.

Every time this happened the service department always picked the most junior technician to take the fan motor out and deal with the mouse parts. I am pretty sure the other techs took time out to watch the removal as the techs always seemed to be squeamish after I talked to them about how to prevent it in the future (there was no solution).

ashfernandez | 16. kesäkuu 2016

A number of people have asked about the replacement of the HEPA cabin air filters. Replacement should be based on the static air pressure in the hvac system, not by following a rigid schedule. The latter will result in replacing the filters either too soon or too late. Tesla has no sensor monitoring air pressure. But they could add one, since there are hvac air filter monitors on the market. I happen to have one on my home hvac system made by Cleanalert. Such a monitor would tell you exactly when the filter is clogged and needs replacing. Maybe this is something Tesla will include in the Model 3.

darlin | 16. kesäkuu 2016

Just an FYI, Nissan want to replace the LEAF cabin filter every 3 months.

I said no, and I change them myself now every 6 months.

They get really really dirty. Exhaust, dust and pollen are the main trapped elements for South central PA.

I am currently trying to find the follow state kept secrets:

Where is the 12V battery? I am installing Rimringz and need to pump the tires back up after the install, but I need the 12V battery posts for my compressor. I will have to park beside the truck to air up tires.

How do you replace the 12V battery?

Where are the cabin filters located? I will buy a 10 pack as I did for the LEAF and replace them my self - as soon as I find them.

Brian Vicars | 23. helmikuu 2017

Bump. Has no one found the secondary cabin filter location yet?

poloX | 23. helmikuu 2017

@darlin, I know how to get to the HEPA, very easy. But where do you find the filter?

@Brian, still looking for the secondary cabin filter.

upgrade | 24. toukokuu 2017

@poloX, how do you get to the HEPA filter? For MX or MS?

Gary an Rachel | 25. toukokuu 2017

The filter is doing on job very well, it's keeping pollen out of the car and I don't seem to have Hay fever.

poloX | 27. toukokuu 2017


See some pictures. I am told the filters are not available until July, not June as advertised. Ordered 3 for myself. | 28. toukokuu 2017

So far, I have owned my X for a year and have survived every biological weapon attack but, then again, I have never crossed the Dumbarton bridge in the car but it had crossed my mind.

poloX | 28. toukokuu 2017

@G, yeah, so far for all other cars, bike, buses...I have survived everything in over 30 countries too... I however will buy anything that will give me just a breath of better quality air any time.

d-eddy | 30. tammikuu 2019

We received our new 2017 Model X September 2017. We asked for the interior air filter to be changed during service repair in August 2018. I asked them to show us the air filter after they changed it (outpost serviced in Victoria, BC). It was unbelievably dirty; it even had grass and gravel in it. It's located in a very difficult to reach area behind the glove compartment. They told us it was the only filter in the car. I researched the filtering system further and discovered there is a very large primary filter in the frunk (see YouTube). The Vancouver service center denied that there was a primary air filter, only a bioweapon filter that must be factory installed. We ordered a Tesla Model X primary air filter from and installed it ourselves.There was no primary air filter in the new car, just an open gap we could see the ground from the interior of the frunk with interior removed. Installing it actually improved the air flow throughout the car.

aix93 | 31. tammikuu 2019

We just had our 2nd annual service at 27K for our Dec 2016 X 75D and service said that it would be changed after 3 years.