Model X News from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

Model X News from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas

Here's what I heard from a reliable correspondent today:

The Model X is the old prototype that Tesla took out of mothballs for the show.

Tesla rep at the Panasonic booth is confidently claiming 3Q15 commercial deliveries.

There are many fanboys climbing all over the booth. Expect many posts in the near future.

Anyone who would like to chime in from Vegas, please feel free to do so.

David Trushin | 07. tammikuu 2015

I think the late january software for the D will also resolve range issue with the X and that should pave the way for the release for ordering.

DLebryk | 08. tammikuu 2015
vandacca | 08. tammikuu 2015

Thanks for the video @DLebryk. I'm now 30 seconds closer to receiving my Model-X.

vperl | 08. tammikuu 2015

Yep, old concept car.

Rumors the actual seats will be heavily bolstered front and rear .

Still probably most of us are looking at Late November, at very, very best. But, do not go to Vegas with those numbers.

Esper | 09. tammikuu 2015

Another video I came across. | 09. tammikuu 2015

Thanks, @Esper: the narrator of the video sounds like a BMW spy. Excellent shot of the rear seats showing an up/down arrow on the side of the seat, indicating the possibility of a rear seat height adjustment. Haven't noticed that before. Thinking about it. I wonder where the button is for the rear seat occupant to close the door. Maybe that is what the up/arrow button is for?

timf2001 | 09. tammikuu 2015 It's located on the B pillar. You can see it at 1:51 just before they zoom in on the front row.

vperl | 09. tammikuu 2015

That video is so old, it ought to be on 16mm.

Seats, interior are to be different and some of the exterior will obviously be different.

Sounded Russian, or whatever not German.

ian | 09. tammikuu 2015

Which is why I haven't bothered clicking on any of these videos. Nothing new will be shown on the X until the reveal or someone really spots a beta tester out in the wild.

Until then...welcome to last year. Yawn.