New battery type can be integrated into existing Model S

New battery type can be integrated into existing Model S

Do you want your model S to have extra range? Say 350+ miles in total?

Here's how:

All it needs is an exchange of patent licenses between Tesla and Volvo and a retrofit of some body panels.

Enjoy, Geert

Brian H | 20. lokakuu 2013

The mountains have labored, and brought forth a mouse.

130 km range? Yawn.

Dramsey | 20. lokakuu 2013

It's interesting how many people read of some laboratory proof-of-concept or patent, then assume it's mass production ready and want to know what Tesla doesn't immediately incorporate it into their vehicles...

ghillair | 20. lokakuu 2013

They say nothing about price. Carbon Fiber is very expensive, even before you try and embed nano batteries.

Joshua Burstyn | 20. lokakuu 2013

I think it's an interesting technology but I'd like to see how market ready it is and to hear about the safety aspect as well.

Jolinar | 21. lokakuu 2013

Just some retrofitting of body panels? Are you serious? :-D

Geert.Snijders | 21. lokakuu 2013

@Jolinar: am I ever serious? ;D

aaquino22 | 21. lokakuu 2013

I hear ORNL, funded by the Department of Energy, have discovered a battery with an energy density equivalent to hold 4 times the amount of KWh of the most advance lithium battery to date. It's less flammable because it's solid instead of liquid translating to more safety. The battery is also less expensive to produce because its made of sulfur. They call it lithium polysulfidophospate. Can't wait for this to go mass market. This would be a good buy for Tesla to invest in if it ever comes in fruition. I can see it now, a Tesla Model S that has a range of 1200 miles before it's next charge. By by to the ICE and kiss my behind oil corporations.