New CCI X2

New CCI X2

I just received my Gray with Obeche gloss custom CCI from Tesla Accessories and was pleasantly surprised to find a little something extra in there...the rumored second cupholder. It fits perfectly into the open space, while leaving enough room behind it for storage. Like the CCI itself, the build quality is outstanding. If you were waiting for the Tesla center console, don't. Jump in with the CCI (in any of its forms). I'm extremely impressed.

Here is a quick gallery of the CCI and the X2. If you have any questions or want to see more, let me know.

NomoDinos | 05. lokakuu 2013

Very nice! Unless Tesla comes out with something better and cheaper, I'll definitely be going with soflauthor's CCI when my MS comes.

2050project | 10. lokakuu 2013
Neal.slafsky | 10. lokakuu 2013

I have had my CCI for two weeks now. Not sure how I lived without it. Fits like a glove, second cup holder is perfect. These guys know what they are doing.

2050project | 12. lokakuu 2013

@Neal, agree... and looks like Tony Hawk just bought a grey/carbon fiber CCI for his Model S, just saw it in their blog:

jeffpoel | 12. lokakuu 2013

The accessory store says it isn't available yet. How did you get it?

bart.holtzman | 14. lokakuu 2013

My Model S is scheduled for delivery in 5 weeks and I really want a CCI. Doesn't sound like Tesla is introducing one anytime soon, so I'm leaning toward the Tesla Accessory one for $1158. Think it's worth the price, or better to wait for the factory? Does anyone know why it would take Tesla so long to develop something so simple and evidently in high demand??

Robert22 | 14. lokakuu 2013

Because it needs to be at least of the same quality and high end styling of the third party offering at a price point that won't make owners choke. Not so easy when you lose first mover advantage.