Newbie question - Does the Model X have storage capabilities?

Newbie question - Does the Model X have storage capabilities?

I'm seriously considering a Model X, mostly for the AWD and increased carrying capacity (both people and things). I've seen the Model X intro vid, and looked at the website. Is it the general consensus that you can fold the seats down and carry things other than people?

philiparnason | 12. joulukuu 2013

Yes. But we haven't heard anything about the X for so long as Tesla Inc. has been busy with the Model S. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some surprises when they release another beta model closer to mass production.

ian | 12. joulukuu 2013

In the prototype X we HAVE seen both the second and third row seats folded flat.

NumberOne | 12. joulukuu 2013

Since it is practically a standard feature on most if not all SUVs, the likelihood of the actual production model to have it is pretty good. The prototype had AWD, so the frunk space should be the same. The extra cavity in the frunk of the Model S will not be present with the X, but there will be more room in the back, especially with some or all of the seats folded.

ian | 13. joulukuu 2013

What frunk space there is should be taller (deeper?) though as the hood will be higher.

Brian H | 13. joulukuu 2013

The only space loss is the "microwave" box. The frunk won't otherwise shrink.