Now I am glad that my reservation number is P4173

Now I am glad that my reservation number is P4173

Although I am not complaining, I invite those sensitive to criticism of Tesla Motors to skip this thread:

I didn't place my reservation until 4/2011. The way things are looking now, I am almost certain to get a car in 2013. At first this seemed like an impossibly long time to wait. I really want this car!

I have voiced my concerns about the interior along with many others, so there is no need to do that again. George B has indicated that there is a solution coming "down the road". It doesn't seem likely that we will know anything about it until it is nearly complete, but I am willing to suspend my distrust about the company's willingness to listen to customer feedback.

That said, I expect that we will get a solution that we can live with for the interior. If not, I would infer that Tesla didn't think that customers like me are important and I would buy a different car.

Many people on this forum like to point out that other car companies are not so open with their development process and I agree. I assert however that Tesla doesn't do this because they are cool or they like us more than other companies. They did it because they needed investment. I am not saying that is bad. If fact it is a great model. I just hope that the followthrough leaves early investors and customers feeling appreciated.

David M. | 19. maaliskuu 2012

Designtime - Your post reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend years ago (in my teens). We were each debating what would constitute the perfect companion. We talked about good looks, smarts, wit, etc. At times, we were very specific. But after reflecting for about 15 minutes (bc guys conversations don't last long), we realized that it was all about the Total Package.

The Total Package - take a step back, and realize that the Model S will have some small flaws (in your judgement, mine too), however, as a Total Package, nothing else comes close.
- Performance (0 - 60)
- Fuel Economy (>100 mpge)
- Passenger comfort
- Infotainment software
- Storage
- Lower cost to maintain
- etc., etc.

Just remember, the most popular girl at the party will always be High Maintenance! Take a step back. It's all about the Total Package :)

gagliardilou | 19. maaliskuu 2012

+1 DM

I would not want a high P number either. I feel having the original outweighs any small flaws.

Designtime | 19. maaliskuu 2012

I don't completely disagree, but I am not a purist. I am excited that a car that I want is electric, but that is not the number one factor like a lot of people on this forum.

At the 60-100k price range, thare are some outstanding cars out there. I can get the same acceleration and great exterior look in an ICE vehicle. I don't feel guilty saying that I still like those. If the comparison in overall package is close enough I will choose Tesla everytime.

Crow | 19. maaliskuu 2012

You and I reserved around the same time. The difference is that after the October event, I was impressed enough to upgrade to a Sig reservation. I am glad I did to this day for the reasons stated above by David M. Maybe the asthetics of the interior aren't as important to me as to others, maybe the spartan look suits my taste, or maybe I just don't have as much stuff to carry around in my car. I dunno, but I am happy with my choice to move up. I have voiced my concerns about some things to my rep and they have either been addressed or are going to be addressed, according to George. That is pretty comforting to me.

I do understand those that would choose to defer, though. Buying this car entails taking on more risk than buying one off the dealer lot. Deferring is a way to mitigate the risk and that's OK.

dborn | 19. maaliskuu 2012

Deferring is automatic for Europe and right hand drive customers. Not a bad thing after reviewing all the threads!!! Also, by the time we have to configure, we should know if Tesla is going to be a viable company.......

jhw1009 | 19. maaliskuu 2012

I agree with you Designtime. I made the reservation about the same time you did and if the center console (option or whatever) is not available in time for my car delivery, I will cancel or delay my reservation. To spend around $85K for a car with no storage in the center and door pockets are something I cannot live with (saw the Santana Row event pictures, disappointing). Before I reserved the Model S, I was going to purchase the 528i which costs me under $60K MSRP. The $25K delta can buy me a lot gasoline and maintenance cost. Don't get me wrong, I still like Tesla technology, help out the environment and reduce the dependency of foreign oil, but I find it very difficult to drive the car everyday and look at something next to me that is so annoying, IMO. I never understand what Tesla is trying to prove here, negative space! open design! lots of fancy words. Just give customers what they want before they start cancel their reservations.

Volker.Berlin | 20. maaliskuu 2012

Just give customers what they want before they start cancel their reservations. (jhw1009)

Customers don't know what they want. Who would have thought anybody in their right mind would go for a telephone with just a single button (or two, to be precise)?

I said that before but I will say it again: I will keep my reservation until I see the final interior and have had a chance to try it for real. The benefit of the doubt belongs to Tesla, they have a track record of not disappointing their customers. "Unfortunately" I already have P#3 (in Europe), so I won't benefit from others canceling their reservations... ;-)

jhw1009 | 20. maaliskuu 2012

Oh yea, Volker. I waited for a year now, missed all the good BMW sales, frustrated ah, and certainly like to see the final product before I take any action, no doubt. We are in March now and doubt Tesla can do anything to change the design to make the start-of-production unless they've already have it done and don't want to show to the public until final. I live in North Carolina and will take another long trip to Washington DC in June/July? to see it. Hopefully they have the design center ready along with test drive the production car. I also know that my 528i is waiting for me as well.

MandL | 20. maaliskuu 2012

I find the frequent suggestions in this and so many other threads that someone with a Model S reservation would drop it and get a BMW or a Mercedes or a Fiat or whatever rather amazing, and at least a little disingenuous. Seriously, you put a multi-thousand dollar deposit on a car you've never seen or at least never driven because you feel strongly about going 0-60 in under 5 seconds with your kids in a jump seat, or saving whales, or being the first kid on your block to have one, and now because you don't like the color of the seats you're going to just buy a BMW you could have bought at any time anyway? There is something I hate about the interior design of every car I have owned. American car companies are especially bad at overall ergonomics, the Germans have no clue about cup holders, and don't even get me started on the French and their insistence on doing things like putting the turn signal on the wrong side of the steering column.
I'm going to buy a Model S because I have too much range anxiety to buy a Leaf. I like to think I am doing it for the planet and society, but I am probably really doing because I want OTHERS to think I care that much about the planet and society. I am buying a Model S because the guy in the S class can sneer at me as he passes my Leaf, but I can sneer at him as I silently dust him in my Model S. I could give a crap what the console eventually looks like. I'm going to beg, borrow, and steal so I can buy it anyway and I'm going to love it until everyone else has one. Hopefully by then mine will be paid off and I'll be able to afford something else cool no one else has.

Crow | 20. maaliskuu 2012

Price of stuff stored in your car........$5.20
Never going to a gas station again......priceless.

gagliardilou | 20. maaliskuu 2012

Designtime, are you saying you want a model s just because you saw it and thought it looked beautiful? The fact that it is electric is not your number one choice for buying it???

If you're number one concerns are not about helping the environment, ushering in a new technology, and saving money on gas and getting us off oil, then you definitely should not buy the car. There are too many risks -although I feel comfortable purchasing- which is why I also upgraded to a sig (and now there is a waiting line). There are plenty of good looking cars out there that have been around much longer.

I currently have a BMW 545i. Its a beautiful car but I have also sat in a sig, pearl white with blk leather and lacewood, and I feel it was nicer than my BMW - not to mention it had sooo much more to offer in space( and yes that includes storage space even inside the car without the center console), connectivity, and much less costly to operate.

I just thought most people's approach was:
1)I want an electric car
2)I want an electric car that looks good

1)I want a good looking car
2)It doesn't matter if it is electric or an ICE

Volker.Berlin | 20. maaliskuu 2012

I like to think I am doing it for the planet and society, but I am probably really doing because I want OTHERS to think I care that much about the planet and society. I am buying a Model S because the guy in the S class can sneer at me as he passes my Leaf, but I can sneer at him as I silently dust him in my Model S. I could give a crap what the console eventually looks like. (MandL)

Well-put, I feel very much the same! :-)

Kroneal, LOL!

Liz G | 20. maaliskuu 2012

I want it, I want it, I want it.

For all of the reasons stated above. Some more than others.

It's funny though. If I couldnt get the S, I wouldn't get any of those cars (BMW,Mercedes,Audi,etc) mainly because I'm too practical and could not see spending that much on a car. I usually only have to go 40 miles a day. Plus I have 2 large dogs, who will never see the inside of the S.

But this isn't just about a car, it's about being part of history. And helping make the future. It's something to tell your grandkids about, even if it doesn't make it (though I think it will). And yeah, it's about the sheer novelty of it.

So though it may still have rough edges, I still want it and If I have to duct tape a basket into that open console for storage I will.

andrewmfallon | 20. maaliskuu 2012

@Liz G - hope your trip back was more peaceful than your ordeal over the mountains! Your son must have loved the entire trip. Good for you!

We are getting the Model S because of our two Golden Retrievers! They travel everywhere with us. My wife and I drive across the country rather than fly because of those two critters. Soon we will be able to leave them in the car with the a/c running silently with the windows up and a note telling all the do good ears to chill - the dogs are fine! Can't wait!

BYT | 20. maaliskuu 2012

I'm buying the Model S because it's an electric, and I would NEVER consider buying an ICE after that!! My wife has been telling me to purchased a car, it's my turn, my car was too old and I sold it late last year and took the money to buy TSLA. To say I am also "all in" on the Model S like Elon is with Tesla Motors is accurate in my case. Well, almost all in. I need the EV's to succeed because driving an ICE just makes me sick to my stomach! I hate myself for driving it! I'm DONE with oil.

I think threatening to buy another car to make a point isn't necessary, the passion you feel is evident by the fact you are even here, taking the time to voice how you feel about the interior, exterior, features of the car. I know a bunch here may roll their eyes every time someone makes that comment and maybe I'm a cup half full kind of guy and so it's easier for me to see past it. If you really feel that you have missed other good opportunities to purchase an ICE based car and don't really feel what we do about an EV, then maybe folks here are right and the Model S isn't the car for you. But if buying an ICE feels like you are burning your money and gags you as it does me, then you should by all means voice how you feel to make the Model S a better car and try, TRY, to be patient in the mean time.

I also understand that beating a dead horse in most circumstances is unnecessary and a waste of effort. In this case however, I feel that every time a post about the center console is reiterated, it's like a vote or signing a petition. You want to make sure you are heard by TM and you want to make sure they are aware how passionate you are about your convictions with the car. I have a feeling they are feeling that and after speaking to them, they are aware of it. I'm waiting for an update from George on it to see what comes out of it eventually and am still a cup half full kind of guy... :)

Designtime | 20. maaliskuu 2012


I do appreciate you taking the time to tell me what criteria I SHOULD use to choose a Tesla, I am easily confused ;-).

My first criteria is to have a great car, period. I would love for that car to be electric. The Model S has the potential to be truly great.

I don't aspire to having environmental street cred. I also don't apologize for still liking ICE cars. I am also comfortable with what I do to make the environment better in all aspects of my life. I am guessing people on this forum try to be environmentally aware for how they live their entire lifestyle, and not just in the car they drive.

petero | 20. maaliskuu 2012

To the best of my knowledge, you only live once. I am buying an “S” because I think it is the coolest, new car I have ever seen. If the “S” is half as exhilarating as the Roadster, I will be very happy.

The only time I have second thoughts about buying an “S” is when I see an Aston Martin Rapide, Bentley Continental GT, or a Karma on a tow truck! Just kidding about the Karma. The only car I really loved was my 1964 Porsche 356. It wasn’t fast or quiet, had a small glove box, no center console, no air condition, a hilarious floor heater, and no defrosting skills. However, it was beautiful to behold and fun to drive. Sure miss it, my old Alfa Spider is fun but not as special as the 356.

I was always of the opinion, German, auto designers felt driving was an art, driving fast was an inalienable right, and why design cup holders when there is a perfectly wonderful beer garden only 200 kilometers down the autobahn! Cup holders, good grief! Next you will want a center console, arm rests that are comfortable (come on girly boy), and automatic transmission! Good grief … what is this world coming to?

BYT | 20. maaliskuu 2012

LOL@petero, I needed the laugh on a Tuesday morning... :)

jhw1009 | 20. maaliskuu 2012

"My first criteria is to have a great car, period. I would love for that car to be electric. The Model S has the potential to be truly great."

Designtime, we are in the same boat. Electric car is great but is secondary to me. After all, I have to keep watching my gauge when I travel to determine when should I go to the charging station. This is inconvenient and is something I need to get used to. I appreciate some "enthusiasts" said about the center console along with door pockets are not so important to them but they are real to me. I am an organized person and hate to put my "stuff" on the floor like I sat in my Dad's car with bench seats in the 60's. All premium cars like Lexus, BMW and MB (Elon claimed Model S is competing with these car companies) have beautiful center console for people to admire and use so why not Model S which demands for $70K-$100K price tag. I still don't understand their logic other than they want to cut cost.

Brian H | 20. maaliskuu 2012

Maybe the designers just weren't/aren't natural pack rats! Too pure to defile their creation with random user-selected junk, even in their imaginations.

gagliardilou | 21. maaliskuu 2012


Thats what is truly great about Tesla. The fact that ordinary people like yourself and I, for reasons of it being electric or wanting a really nice car, Tesla has attracted. They have truly accomplished their goal - to make the best car period - and by the way, its also electric. I hope you end up purchasing yours for your own reasons for wanting it!:)

petero | 22. maaliskuu 2012

Perhaps this is not relevant. Two weeks ago, 60 Minutes interviewed Elon Musk, mostly about SpaceX. While touring Fremont they noticed Elon’s desk, only a laptop, no papers, no clutter, neat and organized.

Perhaps a new type of car, new type of car company, new attitudes. Just because Big ICE has designed and built cars a certain way for the last 100+ years doesn’t mean they will always be that way. Perhaps, as Bob Dylan said, “the times they are a changing!” I’m sure we can all get by quite nicely with less clutter in our lives. Besides, now you don’t need a place to keep your gasoline receipts.

Volker.Berlin | 22. maaliskuu 2012

While touring Fremont they noticed Elon’s desk, only a laptop, no papers, no clutter, neat and organized. (petero)

Funny that you mention this. I noticed the same. Clean desk, clean car. This may explain why Elon sees the Model S betas that were presented as kind of his "ideal" sedan -- clutter free. On the other hand, Elon is certainly aware that he does not exactly represent the Model S' target group. So I am still confident that Tesla will have some closed storage next to the driver in the final version, even if it makes Elon cringe. Maybe a clutter-free car can be available as a paid option... ;-)

JohhnyS | 22. maaliskuu 2012

Petero: I can relate--I have had 7 Porsches. It is all about the driving experience, not the cupholders. My Boxster has very little interior space (Roadster owners can relate). I put everything in the rear trunk. The model S has a ftrunk--that is where you stuff goes, not the center counsel. This is not a Lincoln Navigator.

jkirkebo | 22. maaliskuu 2012

For me it's the electric part that is important. I wouldn't be interested at all if it had any kind of ICE.

And secondary, range.

External looks I don't care much about one way or another, but I like a functional interior with storage for the neccessary stuff.

I do have a Leaf and think it is a very good car, but the range could be better. If Nissan announces a 2015 Leaf with a 44kWh battery I might be very tempted to get that instead...

discoducky | 22. maaliskuu 2012

If I take off my environmental hat for a second...

IMO...Model S is a better looking car than anything else on the road. Put them side by side and it's no contest. The Silver paint job looked sick in Engle's pic's! Can't wait to see it in person.

I used to like Audi's but they all look alike to me now. I used to like the 5 series, but it looks to similar to other sedans. You could say this about the Jag XF, but c'mon, it's a Jag. The only cars that can hold a candle to Model S are concepts that most likely won't look anything like their concept distant cousins.

Jason S | 22. maaliskuu 2012

I sometimes see a Jag XF-R on my drive to/from work and it looks a lot like the Model S. Very nice looking imho.