Overall Efficiency vs. Other Electric Cars

Overall Efficiency vs. Other Electric Cars

One thing that really impressed me about the Model S is the overall efficiency. Yes, the model S is a very fast large luxury car with a long range but does not use up much more energy than a Nissan Leaf. I'm also impressed how much progress Tesla has made in the last four years. The Model S is much more efficient per pound than the Roadster.

I created this comparison table.

I have to admit, I didn't even look at the Ford Focus Electric or the Mitsubishi Electric. These low end range vehicles have a place but I'm not particularly interested in them myself.

I have seen very little discussion on this topic. I think going forward overall efficiency is relevant for both costs of electricity and the way electricity is produced. I have more than enough solar panels to support both my home usage and one electric car.

I don't think Tesla can keep pace with something like Moore's law as there is not a correlation. I'm wondering where future improvements in efficiency can come from.

mgfrechette | 18. joulukuu 2012

Future improvement for the 60KWh version could easily come from not carying in dead weight the equivalent of 25 KWh of batteries. Has it been confirmed that the 2 versions tilt the scale at 4647 lbs?

pbrulott | 18. joulukuu 2012

we have seen estimates of 100 lbs to 300lbs for the additional cells in the 85kWh. no confirmation though

toto_48313 | 18. joulukuu 2012

Did you compute another ratio:


Roadster = 11.15
Leaf = 10.04
Model S 65 = 7.53
Model S 85 = 8.17
Coda = 12.53

So the Coda is the worst one, and the Model S 65 is the most efficient one to move 1 lb