Pano Roof Rattling when open?

Pano Roof Rattling when open?

Just got my Model S yesterday, and it's incredible! Still learning all of its idiosyncrasies though, and wanted to see if any other owners have experienced this:

Today we were driving on the freeway (~65mph) and opened the sunroof all the way (with windows closed). I immediately noticed an audible rattling/vibrating of the sunroof from the wind buffeting it. When I closed the pano roof to about 50%, that reduced the rattling.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Would be a bummer if we weren't able to have the sunroof fully open on the freeway.

Is this something I should call Tesla Service about (i.e. it's not supposed to rattle)?

Brian H | 28. tammikuu 2013

Service call. Should be silent. There's a deflector in front to prevent buffeting.

Carefree | 28. tammikuu 2013

Others have remarked that there is significant noise when the sunroof is 100% open (which is also the case in my existing ICE car) but that it is significantly reduced when opening to 80% only instead.

David Trushin | 28. tammikuu 2013

This is why I opted out of the Pano roof. Every car I've ever had has had a rattle coming from the moon roof at some point or another. Modern technology has not evolved to the point where they can find and fix these problems.