People don't understand Tesla

People don't understand Tesla

It's a car company a tech company, an automotive disruptor, a battery maker, and energy storage disrupter. In conjunction with solar city it will bring solar energy to the homes and businesses of the future. The stock is definitely undervalued. Get in while the getting is good.

Brian H | 14. lokakuu 2014

Stock followers and owners generally assume the goal of the company is to maximize share price, year to year and quarter to quarter. Very secondary for Tesla.

the bonnie | 14. lokakuu 2014

I love the assumption that no one else understands Tesla. Cute. :)

Red Sage ca us | 14. lokakuu 2014

I think they understand the goals of Tesla Motors just fine. They just don't believe it.

It's an issue of misinterpretation rather than misunderstanding for many. They hear what Elon Musk says, presume he couldn't actually have meant it, and then paraphrase to the meaning that fits their perspective. They never figure out there's nothing to read between the lines, there is no ulterior motive, there's nothing to interpret -- t all. Elon is very sincere and absolutely literal.

For others, it is outright malignant misinformation masquerading as wisdom steeped in good old fashioned common sense and delivered with outright malice of forethought wrought from the depths of a dark heart. They know full well what Tesla Motors is trying to do and cringe at every success while cheering every setback. They have the utmost fear that despite their drudgery of FUD, Tesla will go on to be a rousing success anyway... Leaving them defeated and useless in that wake.

vandacca | 14. lokakuu 2014

Elon Musk must have offered @Red Sage some colourful, fruit-flavoured drink popular in the 1950s. ;)

ian | 14. lokakuu 2014

Exactly Red. Well said.

Red Sage ca us | 14. lokakuu 2014

No... But I'm certain I could be trusted NOT to reveal how October 2015 will feature the announcement of Mr. Fusion compatibility. DOH!

ian | 14. lokakuu 2014

Just as long as they also include a hover mode retrofit! | 15. lokakuu 2014

+1 Dan

This is really an interesting thread. If anyone ever saw the Alec Guinness movie "The Man in the White Suit", they will be on the road to understanding Tesla. In that funny film, Guinness plays a wacky chemist who discovers a material that can be made into thread that is impervious to wear and stains. In fact it can't take dye. Hence the white suit. When the public gets wind of it, they go crazy. Union members fear for their jobs. Clothing producers fear for their businesses. The guy thought he was a hero and had to go into hiding.

Let's see now 1. An iPad on wheels that gets software upgrades forever. 2. A car that fills up with electrons for free. 3. A body made of Aluminum that never rusts out 4. A battery pack that be replaced in 90 seconds with the latest model at any time in the future. 4. An EV that is environmentally friendly and drives itself further and further on a charge as time goes by. 5. The "Roadrunner" of cars that leaves everything else in the dust. 6. A car that is whisper quiet except for the wind rushing by. Once the ominous " they" really get it all you know what will break loose.

Run for your lives!

evpro | 21. lokakuu 2014

Agreed. Once the masses really get the Tesla advantages there will be a stampede of demand.

And that's just the personal advantages, the environmental and political advantages are even more attractive. Eliminating oil demand for personal transportation and reserving the balance for the many petrochemicals needed for modern life will improve the chances for global peace and stability. Reducing the amount of this precious resource that is simply burnt and transformed into CO2 will aid in fighting Climate Change. | 22. lokakuu 2014

To be sure the Tesla is a friend of the environment but in such puny numbers that you could get more benefits feeding Beano to cows.:-)). It's going to take millions of Teslas to really make a difference but it's a start.

Earl and Nagin ... | 23. lokakuu 2014

Sure, the MS doesn't have much near-term impact, however, the vector that Tesla is on clearly has the potential to get to the millions that are required. None of the other EV manufacturers are clearly on such a path.

jjs | 23. lokakuu 2014

+1 Earl and Nagin...
Exactly. We have the rare privilege to see (actually drive) the future.

Brian H | 23. lokakuu 2014

Rewording of your final sentence? "Clearly none of the other EV manufacturers are on such a path."

Boukman | 28. lokakuu 2014

I do not agree that the MS "does not have much near=term impact". On the environment ok, but the MS has certainly rattled the car industry enough that most major car manufacturers are making or planning to make a fully electric vehicle or again has stepped up their work in hybrids. I seriously think that w/o the MS or had the MS fallen on its face it would be business as usual...No Mas... Also the advent of the MS has spurred a flurry of research in batteries. Hardly a few days go by w/o hearing some researcher claiming a battery breakthrough somewhere in the world. I have no doubt that the MS, if not the direct cause of what I have just mentioned, is at least a major factor... and the other shoe has yet to drop...

vandacca | 28. lokakuu 2014

Up until a month ago, I thought Tesla was advancing very slowly due to the lack of resources of a small start-up company. Therefore, I assumed that the other automotive companies really didn't see Tesla as a threat, since their "luxury" cars certainly couldn't compete due to lacking many standard features like:
- decent seats
- assistive features (like auto-park, lane departure warning, back-up camera assist lines, etc.)

However, Tesla hasn't been sitting idly and very recently has been addressing and surpassing each of these limitations, while most automotive companies have barely budged on the EV front. It almost seems like these automotive companies are frozen with shock and disbelief.

Tesla appears to be pulling away without any real reaction by the other companies. Sure BMW and Mercedes (and Volvo & Audi a bit) have made significant announcements, but they appear to be cautious side-projects, not meant to affect their main production ICE lines.

Maybe they feel that Tesla is still too small to be a serious threat? Or maybe they feel that consumers would feel more comfortable with Hybrids? Or maybe they just realized the threat and they're scrambling to come up with a plan as I write this post...