Personal Delivery Optional?

Personal Delivery Optional?

In the June 22 event Press Release, it says, "When it comes to delivery, all customers have the option to upgrade to a "Tesla Personal Delivery.”" And later, "Customers may choose to take delivery of their vehicle at Tesla’s Fremont factory where they may also receive a tour to see where their vehicle was born." I'm not sure if the "option" makes a difference in the Delivery Charge -- does it vanish if you pick up at Fremont? Previously, the answer was "no", but perhaps that's changing.

Steve841 | 26. kesäkuu 2012

Same price no matter where the car gets delivered ... they made that clear.

Why anyone would want to pick up at the factory is beyond me ...especially when they will drop that beauty off in your driveway.

Timo | 26. kesäkuu 2012

If they give a tour in a factory I would take that option just to see the factory.

BYT | 26. kesäkuu 2012

Being that I am 20 minutes drive, I would also opt for factory pickup! :)

MandL | 26. kesäkuu 2012

I would like both, like some do with European delivery. Let me pick it up at the factory and spin up and down the left coast for a few days. Then drop it back off and have it meet me at home in Baltimore a week later.

stevenmaifert | 26. kesäkuu 2012

It would be helpful if TM would clarify if the 'option to upgrade' to a "Tesla Personal Delivery" involves additional delivery charges. So far it hasn't, but now I'm not so sure. Options and upgrades are usually things you pay extra for.

Timo - I took the factory tour last October. For a non-industrial type like me, it was absolutely fascinating (as well as informative). Well worth the airfare and overnight accommodation. If the Supercharger network is in place between the factory and where you live when you take delivery, I would recommend the factory delivery. Absent that, getting the car home will take some time :)

EdG | 26. kesäkuu 2012

It will be a long, long time before the supercharger network reaches Finland.

dborn | 26. kesäkuu 2012

I flew in from Australia for the October event. Well worthwhile! Also took in Yosemite park. Would have been good to have done that little road trip in the S instead of the Camry I rented!!!

Steve841 | 26. kesäkuu 2012

The fee is included no matter what .. there is no option to upgrade.

And since I've been to the factory, no need for visit #2 .. It was very cool though. If you get a chance, do it.

Have a look (if I did this right):

Steve841 | 26. kesäkuu 2012

Sorry ... typo'd link

Brian H | 26. kesäkuu 2012

That's what I'd gathered and assumed. But as stevenm. notes, the wording "upgrade to personal delivery" is pretty suggestive.

Brian H | 26. kesäkuu 2012

Correction: "option to upgrade". Even more explicit.

stevenmaifert | 26. kesäkuu 2012

StevenR - Thanks for sharing. When you did the configuration, were you asked for delivery location? Seems like the one price fits all would have those who take delivery at the factory subsidizing deliveries to South Florida. I wonder if the $990 is a special consideration for Sigs or if it will hold for non-Sig deliveries too? We'll find out soon enough.

Steve841 | 26. kesäkuu 2012

Tesla said where ever I wanted it delivered but suggested my house. They did point out that this would be up to me once the vehicle is ready to ship and final payment made.

Always feel more comfortable driving off from my house than a dealership.

DeDe | 26. kesäkuu 2012

My Owner Experience Advocate indicated that I would get my car sooner if I opted to take factory delivery...Since we're only 20 minutes away, we may take them up on this depending on the timing...