Placed my order last weekend...getting nervous about certain posts

Placed my order last weekend...getting nervous about certain posts

Good Afternoon/Evening Fellow Tesla enthusiasts,

I am not a guy with tons of money in the bank, I simply make a good salary along with my wife and have always wanted to treat myself to a Fast, nice, luxurious car. I love cars. I have had many over the year, Toyo Priuses, BMW Z3, Nissan Maxima ect. I currently own 2 chevy volts. The itch to get a performance electric car has taken over... ;-) I am approved for financing and am realizing that this is a HUGE commitment and want to make sure I am not being someone else's beta tester. I have an order (not yet confirmed) for the 85kwh (not performance). with the tech, sound system along with dual chargers. I wanted the sunroof but have read too much chatter on here about wind noise/leakage ect. I am very concerned about this. Additionally, I have seen pictures of cars where the paint is not absolutely flawless. Elon personally was stating he wanted them to come out with "piano finishes". This seems to be a theme of cars needing to go to detail shops. Am I disillusioned about the company and car? I am am a HUGE fan of Elon and his work. I really want a Model S but for the amount of time I will be paying for it, it needs to be perfect.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone.

Christianjacques | 23. heinäkuu 2013

nothing is ferfect in this world, but tesla is close

LDC | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Well, I've had Model S 60 kwh for one week--so not a lot of experience. So far, it's been great. I don't know why you need the dual chargers--we don't drive a lot but the 220 outlet has been just fine for charging at night. I even used the 110 outlet and though slow, over the evening it charged enough too. Lack of side cameras is a bit disappointing and the backup camera lacks the lines that help get a depth perception that other cars have. The base sound system seems fine to me, but obviously I'm no stereo-phile (I'm guessing that's a completely out of date term)!. We have children in the back child's seat and I think we'll have to tint for California summers!

mikeah007 | 23. heinäkuu 2013

This forum have several comments where the service center was able to resolve the wind noise on the Pano. Growing pains.

skymaster | 23. heinäkuu 2013

We own a Volt and two Model S's. You will LOVE your Model S!! I would get the pano, and apply limo tint. Enjoy your Model S and welcome to the club...

Bighorn | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Have you had a chance to sit in one or drive one yet? If you're risking your financial future, you might consider that due diligence.

SCCRENDO | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Have my 85 with all the whistles and bells since mid april. 7500 miles. Great car. Will never switch back. Minor issues. Got a warning to service tire sensor on first day out. Was a common teething problem. Replaced my sensor and no problems since. Have a creeking pano roof. It is due to using the wrong adhesive which does melt in the sun. was gonna get it done with my 6000 mile tire rotation but decided it was too time consuming so will get it done with my first service. Basically they need to clean out the old adhesive and replace it with the good stuff. Bottom line for most of us its hassle free. Sure there are some potential risks as this is a new technology and we are pioneers. I become more and more comfortable each day and enjoy my commutes. If you can afford the car get it. you won't regret it and get the pano roof if you like sunroofs.Keeping it open will burn more electrons, but what the heck if you have the electrons to spare enjoy your car and dont drive 55 on the freeway with your sunroof closed and the A/C off.

jbunn | 23. heinäkuu 2013

We can't advise you on your finance, but the car is great, and dirt cheap to operate. | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Just got my MC Red S85 with flawless paint...O

rdalcanto | 23. heinäkuu 2013

No problems with my paint, or pano roof. Love the extra head room. Sun and heat blocking ability of the glass is impressive. I don't feel any need to tint. Can't see a need for dual charger unless you drive more than 200 miles a day and only have 6 hours to charge at night.

jjs | 23. heinäkuu 2013

If it has to be perfect, don't buy the car. Nothing is perfect. However I think that misses the point. This car is simply so much better than any other car I have owned, and many others on the forum have agreed, that I believe you are buying a different class of transportation. If it has to be perfect, don't buy. But if you're satisfied with an imperfect car that is better than any "perfect" ICE car could ever be then do your due diligence and if it fits, buy it.

shop | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Well, you always find nitpickers in forums like these. Paint isn't an issue (I'd advise not getting the protection "bra" as it is only half hood and you can see the line). Pano roof has been great and I like the extra headroom - but you need to figure out whether the headroom is worth it for you. You are unlikely to need dual chargers unless you take long road trips in areas without superchargers and even then it is only useful if you find 70A J1772 public chargers.

Great car, and if there are fit or finish issues (unlikely by now), Tesla will fix it.

Dripps | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Pano roof gives you extra headroom. We had some creaking when we first received the car (back in September 2012) and the ranger came to our home and did something...completely fixed the issue. No creaking at all. Car has been great for all 14,000 miles and now I've placed an order for another, with the pano roof. I also ordered the twin chargers, more for possible future use, but that's the only part of the order I have second thoughts about. The Model S we already own is damn near perfect -- and there hasn't been another car I would have ever said that about.

mmkell | 23. heinäkuu 2013

My car was delivered with a paint issue and a wind noise issue. I am pleased to report that Tesla picked up the car and sent it back with both of these problems corrected.

JAFIC | 23. heinäkuu 2013

for the paint part, someone suggested a vinyl wrap. Might work for you. Your mileage may vary.

AmpedRealtor | 23. heinäkuu 2013


My best advice to you would be to keep your expectations grounded. You say you want a perfect car, but the Model S is not perfect. Not only is this Tesla's 2nd vehicle ever, but it's also the first iteration of their 2nd ever vehicle. It's never been done before, let alone on this scale. As a manufacturer, you do the best that you can. At some point you have to release it into the wild and roll with the punches.

What really impresses me is Tesla's responsiveness. Their executives address issues personally when needed; the feedback loop on design and manufacturing issues is short and many of the issues you read about in these forums have already been addressed on the assembly line. The folks at Tesla really do care - I doubt working there is "just a job" for the majority of employees. These people all have an incredible passion for their products. If issues do pop up, Tesla seems willing to do what it takes to make it right.

Tesla is barely 10 years old and by the end of this year will have shipped fewer than 30,000 vehicles in sum total during its entire 10 year existence. Tesla employs approximately 2,900 employees and occupies only about 25% of its one single plant in Fremont (NUMMI). Compare that to GM, which has over 200,000 employees, has been around for more than 100 years, has shipped countless millions of vehicles in 37 different countries, and owns 150 manufacturing plants. Tesla has a tiny fraction of GM's resources with which to design, build and sell a car that is a first of its kind technology and to build an infrastructure to support it. Ponder those numbers for a moment and imagine the odds against Tesla. Yet just last week, GM formed a special committee to study Tesla and why they are successful.

So yes, you may have to deal with some issues. No product is perfect. But you'll be taken care of while surfing along the bleeding edge of automotive technology. If you are generally a risk averse person, I would recommend waiting a year. I tend to jump in with both feet! :)

Tâm | 23. heinäkuu 2013

1) "Someone else's beta tester:"

There's a percentage of imperfections that happen with all ICE, not just Tesla. Even GM Volt & Fisker Karma caught fire, but not Tesla. Tesla survives accidents as if it's a tank:

I wouldn't call it "beta". This car went through alpha, beta testing and has been running in real life by ordinary drivers like you and me since June 2012. It spent through one bitter winter and survived all critics.

I portrait it as "evolving". If you have access to the password to the 17" screen display, you can see the features that are not offered but you can read them all there:

Blind Spot Detection
Adaptive Cruise
Lane Departure Warning

When I brought home my Model S, it did not have a security alarm, but within a week, I woke up one morning, suddenly, it is as if someone worked overnight and installed the alarm system in my car. It upgraded the features itself through wireless updates.

The same thing with voice commands, critics were complaining that why would you want to buy a car without voice commands! But voila! One morning, suddenly, Yep! I have been using voice commands to play particular songs and look up addresses, business for navigation.


That's my odometer: 18,319 miles for the past 7 months trouble-free and with great annual check service. You paid once and then it's dirt cheap! I have not bought one single drop of oil for the past 7 months. I sold my ICE away immediately and stop flying. I would not call that "beta".

2) "Sunroof:" I did not buy that option , but I did experience it with a loaner while waiting for my annual service and it worked fine and quiet all day that I drove.

By the way, you'd better pay up for active air suspension because I do see the difference: much smoother and quieter.

3) "Paint is not absolutely flawless:" If you watch enough Fedex videos, you would understand that some deliveries got scratches. Tesla would fix it for you, or like many people, you might want to fly in and pick yours up from Fremont, CA factory.

4)" It needs to be perfect:" People still don't appreciate that this is a very small company, very new company, so there are growing pains that you might have to go in the process. You just need to work with it!

thatsamiam | 23. heinäkuu 2013

i got mine in july 2013. i have had zero issues. so far all expectations met or exceeded. no doubt it is the best car i have ever owned. my last car was was nice, but model s is so much better in every way.

carlk | 23. heinäkuu 2013

To me it's all about the cool factor. It can not be the ultimate toy without the pano... and the 21". YMMV.

JeterL | 23. heinäkuu 2013

I got my p85 May 1. No issues. Absolutely love it! You will too.

Mark Z | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Tesla Motors has fixed or replaced what was not perfect on my 11,000 mile Sig. Examine the Model S at the Tesla Store. Check everything. Those vehicles are available for sale, so they are production quality. Test drive the 19" wheels and the 21" ones. Test drive the 85 and P85 if you can. Enjoy the search for your favorite Model S.

CalDreamin | 23. heinäkuu 2013

I took delivery of my MS85 4 weeks ago, have 2K miles on it, and I've had absolutely no problems. This is by far the best car I've ever owned.

I get the sense from the TM and TMC forums that, as one would expect, there are fewer problems with the MS recently than in the early months of production. But, I went into this purchase expecting that I would have more glitches than I would with an automaker that's been around for decades. From what I've read on the forums, Tesla has been very good about correcting problems, both in terms of taking care of its existing customers and tweaking the manufacture of new cars to make improvements.

My understanding is that it's been almost 90 years since a start-up automaker was successful in the United States. Many people take for granted that modern cars are pretty reliable despite their increasing complexity. I'm old enough to remember when cars were far less reliable.

It's a difficult challenge to get there, and I don't expect Tesla's cars to be as trouble free as those from established automakers so early in their existence as a volume producer. But I'm confident that Tesla has a team that is moving toward being among the best for car reliability. I'm willing to put up with some growing pains to both help Tesla succeed AND so I can drive the world's best car TODAY, rather than waiting any longer.

GeekEV | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Don't let forum posts or online reviews get to you. There are typically only two kinds of people who participate regularly or post online reviews - those who love it and those who hate it (whether they own it or not). The middle group of perfectly satisfied owners tend not to get involved. But even those who love it tend to be overly critical because we want it to be the absolute best it can be. As a result, what you read tends to be skewed towards the negative. But those criticisms in no way diminish what a great car this is.

fuellss | 23. heinäkuu 2013

From a car guy -> by far the best car we have every had. I have had Lexus, MBs, etc and this MS is a leap ahead in multiple different aspects.
Only one month of ownership and nearly 3k miles - no problems unlike my previous experence with new cars.
Like other MS owners ->will never go back to an ICE car.
You will NOT be disappointed.
IMO - the best car on the market.

Etographer | 23. heinäkuu 2013

You really need to ask yourself about the aforementioned issues. While I do not own a Model S yet, I pay attention to what others are saying. There aren't any reasons out there that should prevent you from moving forward. This car is so new, so exciting that people are hyper focusing, making every attempt to dig up an issue. The bottom line is that the issues are hang nails at best. What you should really concentrate on is the effort that Elon Musk has put into the integrity of the company. If you do have an issue, they will fix it. If you can't be satisfied by Tesla, then there is something wrong with you.

This car is absolutely a game changer. Get in and enjoy the ride.

mbcaffe | 23. heinäkuu 2013

today is my 6 month anniversay on my S60. I experienced the pano creak issue and the service fixed about two months ago. perfect since then. The only major complaint I have is the vampire loss of range. If you money is an issue, I would skip the twin chargers or get the 60 KwH battery. Just a suggestion unless you have a real need on range and quicker charging. You will not regret getting a Tesla regardless of configuration.

Brian H | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Perfection is unattainable. But it's fun trying.

jonlivesay | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Just do it! Very good experience, every time I get in the car I smile. Perfect? No, but closer than anything else I've driven. Makes ICE cars seem obsolete .

michael1800 | 23. heinäkuu 2013

I got the pano roof and the twin chargers. I've had no issues with the roof at all--it's awesome. As it turns out, the dual chargers were a waste though. Volkerize.

Don't expect perfection. The car would have been a disaster if they attempted to make it be the perfect car for everyone. We're too diverse as a people and our privileged expectations these days are off the hook, imo. Test drive and press forward as you see fit.

stimeygee | 23. heinäkuu 2013

Its great. You'll love it.

lammersc | 23. heinäkuu 2013

I had some initial noise issues with the pano roof, but after opening and closing several times, the noise has vanished by itself. It may have just seated itself better.

I took delivery of the vehicle in January, and I had a few initial mechanical problems, but these problems were resolved by the service center, and I have been very happy with the car since. It has been problem free for the last 4-months. I look forward to driving the vehicle every day.

hfcolvin | 23. heinäkuu 2013

If you expect perfection - with anything - you will always be disappointed. The Model S is damn close. I love mine and have zero regrets for the more than twice as much $$ as I've ever spent on any other car.

mvannah | 24. heinäkuu 2013

I would never have dreamed of buying a vehicle in this price range before the MS was available. The all electric and supercharger features were the lure, but the power, beauty, upgradeability, tech, and space have me hooked. I have had no problems with the panoramic roof and it really adds to the car. The second charger is unnecessary, but I got it just because I plan on keeping this car a long time and driving it a lot. The first time I found a charger over 40A that I had to wait for, I would have regretted not having it. Turns out I will be using it on the SunCountry Highway in Canada this summer! I will also be using it to get to Canada on the I-5 Roadster HPC network, but I expect that use to be obsolete by the end of the year. A hotel I stayed at in Montecito this summer also had a HPWC, but it was only set at 60A (48A continuous), I wasn't competing with other MSs for time at the charger, and we were staying there long enough that time wasn't an issue.

campsalvage | 24. heinäkuu 2013

I went through the same trials and tribulations you are going through. It is all covered on my site click on ditching gas, my tesla story.

LMB | 24. heinäkuu 2013

I won't repeat what others have said, all true, but I would just try to sum up:

1) Nothing is perfect, but the S comes closer than any ICE that anyone here has had.

2) If it's not perfect, Tesla will fix it.

3) If money is an issue, question your twin chargers. They are part of Tesla's campaign to remove every possible objection to electric cars, but at this point, they don't really appear needed to most of us. Think carefully about where and whether you would need them before buying. I always charge at home, and on trips, superchargers are faster and will soon be easier to find on the road than arrangements for using twin chargers. For most days, if you can get a full tank overnight, why would you need to charge faster?

Anyway, remember that this forum is going to turn up every bump in the road and make it public. After three months, the one thing that was wrong on my car, Tesla made right. What more can we ask?

Koz | 24. heinäkuu 2013

I've had aVolt since late 2012 and got my Model S in late May 2013. They are both fantastic but neither are perfect. I am not a car aficionado nor a performance geek, so both cost much more than I had ever spent on a vehicle before. I do feel both cars are great value for their prices, as long as you consider TCO. The more you drive, the better the value for electrics as you know.

I have the panoramic roof, 40kwh,studio sound. I'm happy with all, even with the pano in south Florida. It is warmer than a hard roof and has only slightly more wind noise. Both, very acceptable tradeoffs IMO. Paint is beautiful.

The minor glitches I've had have been handled quickly and the experience is infinitely better than going to a dealership. The Volt has had very little trouble but it had a couple of glitches too. With the Volt and almost all other cars, you basically only get what you drive off the lot, I.e. no Hold mode for 2012 and earlier. Tesla keeps improving the software and functionality and will start significantly better than your Volts in nearly every respect except less the range extender. The Tesla will keep getting better, including range extension via expanding charging infrastructure.

Bottom line. if you are happy with your Volts, you will be very, very happy with your Tesla.

andrigtmiller | 24. heinäkuu 2013

I took delivery of my Model S on February 20th of this year. We are getting close to 5,000 miles on the car, and we have had only one issue, which was a warning about the tire pressure system, which went away. Tesla actually called me, they downloaded the logs from the car, and determined that there was actually only a communication interruption, and that it was functioning fine. They suggested if it happened again, they would send a ranger to replace the antenna, but thought we should wait to see if it happens again. Very responsive so, far, and no issues. No wind noise issues with the Pano roof either. The only time I have had noise issues, I always found a window or the roof was slightly open, and I just closed it (window or roof). I think this is the least amount of fuss I have ever had with a car in the first months of owning it. We also love not having to go to the gas station anymore, and not scheduling those oil and filter changes too.

jat | 24. heinäkuu 2013

Just try and find anyone who regrets purchasing their Model S.

blisSfullee | 24. heinäkuu 2013

I took delivery June 22. Have had none of the problems mentioned in some posts. It may be that earlier issues have been resolved. I was nervous too because of the cost but love my model s more every time I drive it. Like others I would say you might be able to skip the twin chargers. The pano roof was a necessity for us because of roof height.

NKYTA | 24. heinäkuu 2013

@ Triscb82
If you can afford it, buy the MS. If you can't, don't.
Is it perfect? No. But is close enough not to matter, IMO.
I'd love to get a second one for my wife, but we can't afford it.
Alas, she'll have to wait for GenIII and steal driving time from me.

AmpedRealtor | 24. heinäkuu 2013

@ Triscb82, someone mentioned that the Fremont, CA service center is slammed and has a 1 month backlog of appointments. Fremont is where the cars are produced, and likely most sales have been to that area (Silicon Valley, lots of wealthy folks there). I would contact the Fremont service center and ask them why they are slammed, how many cars have come in for service, and what are the types of issues they are dealing with.

I believe the number of vehicles needing a visit to the service center should give you a more accurate picture and another data point with which to make your decision.

JPPTM | 24. heinäkuu 2013

AmpedRealtor--the 1 month out @ Fremont SC was my choice due to my schedule, not their demand.

Brian H | 24. heinäkuu 2013

Life without problems would be deadly boring. If necessary, people make them up, and/or won't solve (end) them.

nvjx | 24. heinäkuu 2013

I had a Volt and a Prius prior to that. All I can say is they are not in the same league as Model S. I have had several BMWs and a MBZ roadster. None of them can match the performance of Model S. I got my P 85 in Nov and had a few minor issues which were resolved. I have a loaded car including Pano Roof which has had no problems. I did not get the dual chargers - you don't need them. The car is incredible!

Brian H | 24. heinäkuu 2013

Animal experiments with white mice prove riding in a Tesla daily extends your lifespan by 37.4%. Give or take.

negarholger | 25. heinäkuu 2013

Brian, I think you are on to something here...
The other night I had a dream... driving my MS and it behaved like the Benz: delayed response, barking firedragon in the front, shaking, etc - short it was really a nightmare. Clearly my emptions in the dream were frustrated, impactient and slightly agressive. Same I observe with my wife... she is in a much calmer state of mind when she drives the MS then her Benz.
Depressed ? Ask your doctor for a MS prescription.

negarholger | 25. heinäkuu 2013

should read - emotions and impatient.

Brian H | 25. heinäkuu 2013

Do you remember this post last Feb by nav66?
4. I have a theory about the lack of a rumbling ICE during long distance trips. My wife and I have noticed that we are less fatigued after a lengthy excursion. This has been consistent since we took delivery. The most dramatic example was the first day of our Christmas trip to Southern California. In spite of inching traffic on the 5, rain, and delays at the Harris Ranch Super Charger (they only have one port, and we experienced the first-ever waiting line with six other Model S's), we arrived in Anaheim ready to drive some more. It was strange. And now that we have driven the car more and more, with over 2500 miles on the odometer, I can say that this effect is consistent. I think the evidence supports the notion that the lack of a gasoline engine contributes to a decrease in fatigue. Not having low frequency vibration keeps you fresh and alert. Think about airlines - the big factors are dry air, white noise, and low frequency vibration. We have none of those in the Model S. We arrive at our destination...rested? Is that fair to say? Maybe. It is definitely true that we arrive at our destinations with more energy than I can ever remember.

Driving the MS is apparently good for your brain.

negarholger | 25. heinäkuu 2013

yes, I do remember... and matches our experience precisely.