a question about falcon door

a question about falcon door

will the two doors (left and right) always be opened at the same time or can they be opened separately?
I feel two door open together may also limit many people's interesting.

XMikeX | 29. toukokuu 2013

Separate, one at a time OR both together just like any two doors. I can't imagine any reason why they would have to open together, why it would be designed that way and why anyone would think so. Is it because they open together on the web page?

jerryyang | 29. toukokuu 2013

XmikeX, thx for your info. all pictures, their website and video show the car open them together. It will be great if they can be opened separately. I feel they should put some notes in X model show case website to mention it.

Brian H | 30. toukokuu 2013

Of course they open separately.