Recent Articles Slamming Tesla for Battery Pack Issues

Recent Articles Slamming Tesla for Battery Pack Issues

I own Tesla stock and am a Model S reservation holder. I have noticed over the years several regular of online investment bloggers that consistently disparage Tesla as a company (e.g. Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, Bloomberg). And more recently, (since the first deliveries of the S last week) I have seen several articles questioning "known" issues with the Tesla battery packs including implications that it will run down significantly after 100,000 miles and owners will need to spend $20,000 to buy a new battery, leading to a lower future resale value. The number of battery pack hit articles and the consistency of the language leads me to think that they might be coming from a Speaking Points memo. Any thoughts? Also what do you know about the battery pack charge issues? Has Tesla put out any official responses to these issues at all?

I know you guys are pretty connected and would love to get your thoughts.

Brian H | 20. tammikuu 2013

Nice, very nice! Lots of potential collaborations there.

edavis008 | 20. tammikuu 2013

I live in Texas. My garage probably gets 120+ degrees in summer. Is that going to significantly increase degradatoin?

drp | 20. tammikuu 2013

The battery will cool just fine