Recommendations on Electrical Contractor in Bay Area

Recommendations on Electrical Contractor in Bay Area

I'm picking up my Model S at factory on Saturday and haven't gotten 220V outlet in garage yet. I'm on the list for Solar City, but they are quoting 3-4 weeks out and obviously don't want to wait that long. Has anyone used an independent electrician in Bay Area?


Steve (@ProfessorVC)

andresk | 23. tammikuu 2013

If you are on the peninsula, I used Peter Green at Green Electric. 650-533-3496,

He's done several projects for us and I've been very happy. I was out of town when he installed the 14-50, and it was just as I wanted it.

sidney_wang | 23. tammikuu 2013

SolarCity just completed the installation of 14-50 yesterday. Originally they were in no hurry to setup an appt for me, knowing that I didn't have a clear delivery date for the car yet. But once I informed him of the firm delivery date, they were able to come out within 3-4 days to complete the job. Have you informed them of your delivery date?

ronovan_mcnabb | 23. tammikuu 2013

If you live on the coastside I'd recommend Ingraham Electric, 650-728-2262, I had them come out to have a look and give me an estimate on Monday, and they finished installing the 14-50 outlet in my garage in less than 2 hours this morning. Cost me about $650 which wasn't too bad considering that they had to move a few breakers around in my pantry and then run the wire in my crawl space to my garage.

sbennet | 23. tammikuu 2013

andresk - thanks, I'll try Peter

sidney - yes, I gave them delivery date

ronovan - I'm in Palo Alto, but will try Ingraham also. My job should be pretty easy as Solar City quoted their minimum of $450

joshwetzel | 23. tammikuu 2013

I used Solarcity, originally they quoted a month but ended up making it in 2 weeks...quoted $650 but ended up doing a bunch of custom work (such as installing new breakers, moving the charge location about 2x the distance as originally expected), and the final price ended being the same.

So can't complain.