reservation #'s, Model X, and more news link

reservation #'s, Model X, and more news link

According to the following link the Model X will be released third quarter 2013. Also it states that they have taken 4600 reservations for the Model S so far. That is close to the sum of the U.S. reservation numbers posted as monitored by michiganmodels.

discoducky | 02. kesäkuu 2011

Can't wait to put my reservation in for a Model X and would love to do that with the 3G access from my Model S!

msiano17 | 02. kesäkuu 2011

I heard a rumor ... which at this point would almost need to be necessary ... it wont be 3G instead it will be 4G ... specially since that will be among almost all systems by that point most likely

Brian H | 02. kesäkuu 2011

Bah! If TM was really cutting edge, they'd equip all Model S with standard 5G!!


Nicu | 03. kesäkuu 2011

@ masterjrm
they were already announcing 4600 in April. It's not the current number as they do not want to reveal sensitive information in a disordered way.

sjoshuaj | 06. kesäkuu 2011

wonder if the model x will look something like this...

msiano17 | 12. kesäkuu 2011

i would say you need to stretch out the roof more... it looks unproportional

Straight Shooter | 14. kesäkuu 2011

I doubt the Model X will look anything like the Model S. Why? Do that, and you've committed a crime like GM or Ford or Chrysler. Who have most of our vehicles that look alike?

I have little doubt that the Model X will use the same sub-frame, and they'll probably share a lot of components, but the exterior styling will be vastly different.

Telsa needs a vehicle that looks like a cross between a mini-van and an SUV. The picture posted above looks a Model S Stationwagon.

Expect it to look like a really cool mini-van, but on the tough side with minimal off-road capabilities. It will probably have an option for a 2nd set of doors (ala SUV) or dual side sliding doors (ala mini-van).

Most importantly, it will have a trailer hitch with a rated capacity of about 3000lbs, which will make it useful. It will be interesting to see how they manage to keep the motor and batteries cool under that kind of stress load.

sjoshuaj | 16. kesäkuu 2011

lol.. you probably think that this looks like a station wagon too.

I can almost guarantee it won't look like a mini-van. It will however resemble something similar to the Porsche Cayenne, but with Tesla's own distinctive design language.

msiano17 | 16. kesäkuu 2011

I agree the Porsche does not look like a station wagon, but the modified picture of the S you did up actually kind of does because the roof was not extended higher.

I do hope they do a full new design for the X. I know it will be build off the same frame as the S but hopefully the rest is different.

sjoshuaj | 18. kesäkuu 2011

I did not extend it higher because I wanted it to resemble the general proportions of the concept drawing Tesla had previously released to the public.

msiano17 | 19. kesäkuu 2011

I can see where you are coming from, I am hoping they redesign it from the concept photos. The van looks horrible, CUV is not too bad tho.

Brian H | 19. kesäkuu 2011

The van is streamlined, not horrible. Very different.