Rev 4.2 Software and The Download Process

Rev 4.2 Software and The Download Process

I was in the Menlo Park Service center for a slow leak (nail) yesterday. What was said about 4.2 was that:

1. Only going out to those with issues
2. New production

The interesting thing wasn't who/what got the release, it was that the system can only push out to 50 cars a day. That volume is not sustainable as the number of cars exceeds capacity. more importantly, if one car doesn't take the full update, it hangs the next set of queues.

Interesting problem right?

PaceyWhitter | 22. tammikuu 2013

They couldn't upload it yo you directly when you were having the car serviced?

Seems like that would be a simple procedure and would reduce the number of cars needing an OTA update.

rwang | 22. tammikuu 2013

Nope. they put you on the list and queue. =(

stevenmaifert | 22. tammikuu 2013

Hard to imagine that Tesla would design such a technologically advanced car, and not provide for a manual software update by a Service Center. Maybe they just don't do it as a matter of policy. I'm hoping I don't get 4.2. No pano roof, and I'm not having any significant issues because of the "sleep mode". Would prefer not to lose 8 miles of range per day while TM sorts things out, so if I do get it, I may just choose not to install it.

noel.smyth | 22. tammikuu 2013

ive got a software update scheduled to install at 2 am tonight. are you saying that I should defer this? I am at 4.0 now.

rwang | 22. tammikuu 2013

i'd take it while you can!

nickjhowe | 22. tammikuu 2013

@noel.smyth - no need to defer. I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.2 and everything is fine (unless you want to keep the 'sleep mode'). I'd rather have the bug fixes.

Theresa | 22. tammikuu 2013

stevenmaifert, I think that you have that backwards. 4.0 and earlier is the install that drains battery at 8/day. 4.1 dropped it to 4/day and I think 4.2 put it back to 4.0 level by not turning things to sleep mode. Please correct me if I am understanding incorrectly. I have not had an update since I got my car Nov 28 so I am at 4.0.

stevenmaifert | 22. tammikuu 2013

@Theresa - Maybe I could have said it better. I had 4.0 when I took delivery December 23. It did not have "sleep mode" so the vampire load was draining ~8 miles per day of charge as you have said. After installing 4.1, I now have sleep mode and there is less of a drain from the vampire load. Some folks have reported problems/glitches with the car since installing the 4.1 update that have been attributed to the sleep mode. 4.2 is a maintenance release that fixes some problems not associated with the sleep mode and also removes the sleep mode while TM sorts out if it did cause problems. My MS is not having any problems that 4.2 is designed to fix or that I can't live with, so I would rather not install it and keep the power saving sleep mode rather that lose that 8 miles per day until the sleep mode is reinstated.

GLO | 22. tammikuu 2013

Are there release notes for 4.2 update? I've got 4.1 still and no update notice yet.

stevenmaifert | 22. tammikuu 2013
GLO | 22. tammikuu 2013

Good to know, thanks. We've not had ours long enough to see these bugs but probably will soon enough...

olanmills | 22. tammikuu 2013

There could be all kinds of reasons for the way the update system both implemented and operated, and the reasons may not necessarily be things that are good to share with everyone.

I can think of reasonable explanations for why they would only update a maximum of 50 cars a day for example, or why they don't allow the service centers to update the cars directly (or even maybe they do allow it, but they don't want to advertise the capability to customers).

iholtzman | 22. tammikuu 2013

Thanks I had to turn off my sleep mode as my screen would not boot up. I still have version 4.1.

jat | 22. tammikuu 2013

Sounds like someone needs to tell Tesla about digital fountains and multicast if they can only push to 50 cars a day. DF allows a receiver to reconstruct a file by receiving any n blocks from a transmission, and multicast allows that to be done with minimal bandwidth -- each car can subscribe to the multicast channel when it wants to pick up the update, and after listening long enough (even if interrupted) it can reconstruct the original file. No back traffic to the server to request missed blocks.

bobgriswold | 22. tammikuu 2013

So, no scheduled charging times in the 4.2 release?

Brian H | 22. tammikuu 2013

The downloads happen during the day, btw, "silently". They install later when you approve them.

jemartin | 23. tammikuu 2013

jat: I can assure you that OTAs are much more complicated than that when it comes to a 4,700 lbs device that moves at 70mph on a normal day. I'm in a similar technical field that involves OTA-ing critical equipment and 'scary' is the word that comes to mind when I have to deploy an update. This being said, for TM, as with a similar hardware-savvy organizations, backend infrastructure is probably more of an afterthought than anything else and they could surely do better. I have 4.0 and so far it's been pretty problem free. I reset both screens once when I thought regen wasn't working. Turns out it was the low temperature battery regen safety kicking in...

noel.smyth | 23. tammikuu 2013

4.2 installed as scheduled overnight - no issues to report. I will note that there was an enhancement in that on cold mornings (it was 11F today), it now displays a warning message on the dash that regen is disabled. It did not display this in 4.0.

Brian H | 23. tammikuu 2013

Set the car to charge at 5 or 10 amps and you will have regen in the morning!

Vawlkus | 23. tammikuu 2013

ever think that Tesla is only updating to 50 cars per day because they WANT to? To me, this is a limited release strategy designed to ensure that the number of people inconvieneinced by unanticipated bugs is kept to a minimum.

As a former IT tech, I could wish Windows had done similar things with their software patches.

Theresa | 23. tammikuu 2013

noel, Incorrect about 4.0 as that is what I have and I get the no regen warning almost daily (I live in the cold Midwest).

jemartin | 23. tammikuu 2013

I have 4.0 (1.17.52) and I have an option under Settings, Vehicle, to turn on or off the option to power off both displays when the car is idle. By default it's on. Is this a different "sleep" setting than the one that saves 8 miles a day when it's turned on, or was blamed for recurring software glitches, and removed in 4.2?