Revised White House Petition Opposing Franchised Dealership Laws

Revised White House Petition Opposing Franchised Dealership Laws

I’ve created a new petition to the White House asking them to prevent states from forcing a manufacturer to sell and service through franchised dealerships. A similar petition has been in existence for over eight months and reached the goal of 100,000 signatures over seven months ago. The White House has not responded. I suspect that the specific mention of Tesla Motors is the reason for reluctance. My new petition avoids that problem.

My new petition will not be viewable to those not knowing the URL link until 150 signatures are received. Here is the URL link:

Please sign the petition, and ask your friends to do the same. Social media could be helpful in this effort.

DarrellH | 08. helmikuu 2014

We both signed. Let's get this one done! | 09. helmikuu 2014

Curt Renz -- "... I suspect that the specific mention of Tesla Motors is the reason for reluctance..."


President Osama is a spineless politician.


Bubba2000 | 09. helmikuu 2014

I do not think the auto dealers will be able to stop the Tsunami of technology created by Tesla. The nationwide network of SCs will cover 80% of the population in the US and Western Europe will also be covered. Model S will be continued to be improved and Model X will be a significant improvement with AWD, etc. Costs me $7-8/Week to run my 85P, versus $70/week for a comparable Audi, BMW or Mercedes. Not to mention the waste of time for the trip to the gas station, routine maintenance like oil changes, mechanical problems, etc.

With the gigafactory making batteries using improved chemistries, the cost/KW-hr will drop 30-40% to may be $100-150/KW-hr. A model E battery pack with 50 KW-hr could cost $5,000-7,500. The cost of the power electronics will drop even faster. Electric motors are cheap to manufacture. It will be possible to manufacture a BEV with 200 mile range for $20,000 and ASP=$25,000 and still make 25% profit margins. Option extras like a larger battery pack, SC option, etc as needed.

I do not think Wall Street, the ICE manufacturers, let alone the dealers are seeing the tidal wave technology in BEV coming down. Otherwise they would be coming with lame i3, Leaf and other such golf carts. Heck, I think the market is underestimating the demand of Model S, X as the SC networks are completed. It is the network effect... just like the internet drove the demand for PCs starting in 1995.

Benz | 09. helmikuu 2014



32no | 09. helmikuu 2014

Signed. One successful petition obviously is not enough. Let's make this top priority!

Brian H | 09. helmikuu 2014

"they would be coming" == would not be coming

Petitioning this WH is evidently a waste of time.

kenj | 09. helmikuu 2014

The White House responds automatically when the threshold for petitions is met.

It was President Obama's 2010 Department of Energy program foster development of advanced-technology vehicles which Tesla paid off 9 years early. The repayment was touted as a success in the program. So let's not try to change the story.

The issue is regarding the rights of states to enact laws regarding business conducted in their state. Most of the laws were created to prevent behemoth companies from running over the local franchisees.

The way I see it, this is a state by state battle. I do not see Congress enacting a law to expand federal power over their local communities. I had a friend who happens to be a State Senator ask me a little about my Tesla. I advised that I purchased in the mall, after a test drive (OK, two test drives). There is a local service center, that I prepaid for service. I advised in the financing on delivery all of state protections were in place as far as cancellations etc.

Right now, it is also a problem for a single company - Tesla. All the other models have a dealership model.

I think the right approach in this is to talk about the reduction in carbon footprint, limit with all EVs and say let the buyer beware. Tesla is just like any other company that does not franchise competing with a business that does franchise. Think Radio Shack vs an Apple Retail store.

Mel. | 09. helmikuu 2014

The Loan Gurantee Program was given to the Deptartment of Energy in 2005 for pollution free purposes

Redfern | 09. helmikuu 2014

I signed the petition today and will keep signing any new ones that appear about this matter. I was there for the first one and I hope we can spread the word to get the signatures it needs before the deadline.
In regards to this being a state by state issue vs. something that can be changed on the federal level, it is clear this is not going to be easy in either case, but as it was brilliantly illustrated in this thread, the wave that is coming of tech and cars and Tesla is something the old guard is not ready for nor are most people truly understanding what is happening.
Using the example given in this thread of home computers, the advent of EV's and a change in how everything gets done is going to leave people breathless and I believe it will be in the best way possible.
Imagine, one day people will wonder why they fought so hard to keep the inefficient, frustrating, costly, dirty and all too often, corrupt way of buying, servicing and owning a car when they could just do...
We're typing emails on our cellphones, we send emails through our connected televisions and who hasn't had at least a few home computers before their 20th birthday? We take it for granted now as we will one day enjoy buying a car while on our couch.

Captain_Zap | 09. helmikuu 2014

@ Redfern

HA! I bought my Model S almost two a years ago while sitting right here on the couch! My spouse was next to me on a different laptop in his recliner.

We discussed it as we both looked at the options.
Then came the "Should I... Should I... well, it is re-fundable", (insert research), then BAM! I got the privilege of hitting the "ORDER" button!

kenj | 09. helmikuu 2014

@mel see below, it's from Fox ...

"The Palo Alto, Calif., company said it wired in a $451.8 million payment to the government on Wednesday. The money, coupled with two prior payments, paid off a $465 million loan Tesla got from the Department of Energy loan in 2010 to foster development of advanced-technology vehicles."

Brian H | 09. helmikuu 2014

"Responds automatically"?? With what, a boiler-plate PR letter? Not with any visible action. Unless you have some real-world example(s)?

Timo | 10. helmikuu 2014

I read from somewhere that they are obligated to respond if certain threshold is met. Quality of the respond is another matter altogether.

Check this one:

Timo | 10. helmikuu 2014

Seems that I read it from that site:

Obviously. Need more coffee, Civ IV is again murdering my night sleep.

Mel. | 10. helmikuu 2014

kenj, I see where you went wrong. Easy to understand.

Obama did not have a 2010 energy program. Tesla receives monies from the government in 2010 from the program .. The government moves slower than you think .

Now I think there was 34 billion to dole out. What happened to the rest of the money.

Fox News likes to blame all clean energy government monies on Obama. However , I think others were in power in 2005.

NumberOne | 10. helmikuu 2014

Part of the problem is that this is a 'state' issue and not a 'federal' one. I signed the prior petition also, even though I was not entirely sure it would make a difference. It makes a point, but that is about it. It may be more productive for citizen of states experiencing problems had petitions for their governor and state assemblies.

Timo | 10. helmikuu 2014

@Mel, $32B is entire budget to all DOE loan programs.

Entire ATVM is about 8 billion which went to Ford, Nissan, Fisker, Tesla Motors and something called "Vehicle Production Group", most of it to Ford to upgrade its factories for 13 more energy efficient models. Tesla loan was actually second smallest of them, that VPG got only 50 million.

Rest are 1703 program which is clean(er) energy production and 1705 which is renewable energy production.

Looks like 1705 is biggest of those. Lots of solar there.

You have to also remember that these are loans. Money that moves from US people to US people. Wast majority of it is not lost, and in grand scheme of things it probably turns money flow into the country instead of out of the country making all of you a bit richer.

NumberOne | 11. helmikuu 2014

Well, I must have been asleep when I wrote my prior comment, but what can you do... The last sentence should have read: It may be more productive if citizen of states with these outdated rules signed petitions aimed at their governors and state assemblies.

Mel. | 11. helmikuu 2014

Timo, thanks for breaking down the numbers
I always hear complaints about Tesla receiving the loan, but never Ford or Nissan.

I liked the program especially compared to the farm program or we'll you know.

Homebrook | 11. helmikuu 2014

The last thing we should want is the Federal Government telling states what to do. Let states make ill conceived, misguided laws protecting dealerships. Its OK. Competition will eventually force their hand. I appreciate that protecting dealerships is a bad idea, but asking the Federal Government to force them to conform is a bad idea. We need states competing with each other to show which policies work and which do not, otherwise we eliminate choice and freedom.