Rubber Floor Mats -- Recommendations?

Rubber Floor Mats -- Recommendations?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if current owners have ordered rubber floor mats for their Model S's and what manufacturers/models they have tried. Do you like them? Why did you choose this brand? Is there anything you don't like about them? Thanks! Will be getting my car this Sunday, 3/24/13.
Also, can I assume my black leather interior will have black floors? (as opposed to grey)

iholtzman | 19. maaliskuu 2013

Black interior will have black floors. I do not think custom matts are out yet. I bought black rubber matts at Costco for $14 until the custom ones are available.

HiddenGems99 | 19. maaliskuu 2013

+1 on the Costco mats especially for the winter. Still looking for the correct floor mats. Requested some samples / remnants for a company that has a design / color similar to the Obeche Wood. The pattern looks to hide dirt well.

Brian H | 19. maaliskuu 2013

Matt is a name (short for Matthew). Mat is a carpet.

Robert22 | 19. maaliskuu 2013

....which reminds me of a joke series. Extra points to anyone that can read my mind.

isom | 20. maaliskuu 2013

It's too mean a joke if someone has a spinal cord injury. I think I read your mind. I thought of the same thing.

shaheerri | 01. toukokuu 2013

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2050project | 04. toukokuu 2013

Not rubber mats, but plush thick floor mats by Lloyds are available and look good too:

breading | 04. toukokuu 2013

Lloyd's has all weather rubber mats for the Tesla Model S as well. I got a full set of the grey mats for my P85 with grey interior and I am happy with them. They are darker than the light grey leather but not as dark as the black carpet so dirt doesn't show as much. They did stink for a while when I first got them and the edges are just cut with no trim; but, not too noticeable when in place. I bought them on auto anything.

rodhoffman | 04. toukokuu 2013

I have the rubber mats in the frunk and rear. I also purchased the thicker mats for the main cabin. I am happy with all of them! They fit fabulous and like the look. I had a similar rubber mat in the rear of my Benz for better part of a decade and it saved the trunk carpet numerous times from spills, dirty shoes, and other soiled loads. Just pull it out and hose it off!

This is also good for wet golf clubs and similar outdoor gear.

I am not terribly price sensitive and like the Tesla logos.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

VinceA | 04. toukokuu 2013

Breading + 1

I purchased the black set and really like them. I do wish they had a lip similar to weather tech and husky mats though. And yes the smell was kind of intense initially. Left the windows open overnight for about a week for it to disappate.

AlMc | 04. toukokuu 2013

Breading+2: I purchased these mats even though I won't have the car for another 3 weeks. I heard they have an odor..they do...airing them out on the porch....

Like others have stated, I wish Weathertech made a set to fit.