Shiny nose

Shiny nose

I attended the display of the 4 Model S's this weekend and really enjoyed getting inside and really being able to give the car a good looking. One thing I noticed was the front nose. It looks great, but I saw that this is a polished plastic dome (from what I could tell). My worry is that this will be the first thing scratched, dinged, etc. I would think that something in this location should have a texture or at least a protective covering.



Schlermie | 19. maaliskuu 2012

I'm not sure they've thought out the whole nose situation yet. For example, there's no way to mount a front license plate, but legally, they're going to need to accomodate one somehow.

dborn | 19. maaliskuu 2012

I have been planning to put carbon fibre wrap film in that area as well as on the black area on the B pillars. But, as schlermie says, most places around the world require a front license plate....... Perhaps it will be a metallic bracket add- type thing, but they are going to have to provide something by law in most jurisdictions.

brianman | 20. maaliskuu 2012

"Tesla will have a front license plate solution for Model S. Aerodynamic impacts of a front license plate should be minimal."

I'm still waiting to see the full details though.

vouteb | 20. maaliskuu 2012

Finally someone picked up on the ugliest part of the design!

gjunky | 20. maaliskuu 2012

This is certainly not the first time the nose cone was mentioned. There was an older thread on it. I think it would be better if we could at least get it painted in the body color but a redesign of the front would be better which I doubt will happen at this point. The car is stunning from all other sides.

steven.maes | 20. maaliskuu 2012

When I first saw the nose, it made me think of a sophisticated radar system or so. That sort of equipment is mostly behind these black shieldings...

ManuVince | 20. maaliskuu 2012

... a steel/boron bumper

olanmills | 20. maaliskuu 2012

I've also been worried about it because I think it will quickly get that "sandblasted" look for those of us that drive on the freeway with any regularity.

Volker.Berlin | 20. maaliskuu 2012

Maybe that "cheap plastic" isn't so bad after all. First, there are many kinds of plastic, and some of them are quite resistant and sturdy. Second, if that cone gets damaged, here's hoping that it can be replaced relatively cheaply and easily.

Brian H | 20. maaliskuu 2012

And don't forget the dents from all the pedestrians and cats and moose who don't hear you coming! OTOH, maybe it's a giant black airbag ...


John56 | 20. maaliskuu 2012

I'd like to see that black nose cone just go away and be replaced with full mesh grille.

adstein | 20. maaliskuu 2012


Crow | 20. maaliskuu 2012

It would look better but it has to be there for aero reasons, right?

Volker.Berlin | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I'd like to see that black nose cone just go away and be replaced with full mesh grille. (John56)

I don't want to drive a Jag. That mesh grille design is en vogue today which means it is out of style tomorrow.

Have you seen the car in person? The car is huge and the nose is comparatively small. I can't find it ugly, and it's certainly distinctive -- a front that cannot be mistaken for another brand, and that communicates "EV".

I did not like some of the intermediate forms Tesla was showing at the Alpha stage, but since the "T"esla logo is again moved from the hood into the nose, and the chrome line is back that gives it a hint of a grille, I actually like it very much.

adstein | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I think the nose is quite a personal choice and don't expect wide agreement on the best design. Assuming that it is set as is I have been contemplating a group buy for a chrome mesh replacement ala the alpha design. Any takers?

Peter Spirgel | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I'd consider that

Thumper | 21. maaliskuu 2012

It seems some posters have arrived at the party later than others. The nose treatment was hashed out last summer. Tesla showed at least three versions. Someone may have them cached. IMHO the mesh version was the least attractive. The current version was the best. This also was the consensus among posters and is an example of TM listening to us.

Volker.Berlin | 21. maaliskuu 2012

The nose treatment was hashed out last summer. [...] The current version was the best. This also was the consensus among posters and is an example of TM listening to us. (Thumper)

True. Here is one of those classic threads, with links to four others that discuss the shiny nose:

dborn | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I quite like it, but will probably modify it it slightly with carbon fibre look film wrap which is very realistic.

stephen.kamichik | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I like the grill. Except for the exterior, we have criticized everything about the model S. Are we trying to do a "committee design" like all the other manufacturers? I hope not.

BYT | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I really like that mesh grill on that link down near the bottom of your post Volker, especially on the Black Model S, looks stunning I think.

olanmills | 21. maaliskuu 2012

^Really? I think it looks gaudy.

I'm not worried about the styling, I'm worried about how it will look after two years of driving.

BYT | 21. maaliskuu 2012

Well, it should help lower the mosquito population a bit?

ThomasN | 21. maaliskuu 2012

Impact will certainly kill the Mosquitos, but why not turn it into a bug zapper anyway. It would make a great visual effect!

BYT | 21. maaliskuu 2012

That might hurt the range, I would rather smash into them but the visual effect would be cool, especially at night and then get a little flash whenever one hits the grill! ZZZZZhap!

Slindell | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I prefer the nose of the Tesla Roadster. Get rid of the annoying "Here I Am" chrome and move the T-badge to the front of the hood. Now there is space for a license plate without covering the air-intake.

BYT | 21. maaliskuu 2012

Does it need an air intake? I thought the batteries are sealed and liquid cooled? The electric motor is way back in the rear so unless it needs the air intake to help cool that liquid then I don't think it's necessary?

Teoatawki | 21. maaliskuu 2012

Yes, it needs airflow for the 3 cooling systems. Battery pack, motor, and cockpit.

adstein | 21. maaliskuu 2012

To clarify, I do not want to reopen the discussion of which nose was best but rather to see if interest exists in trying to get a group buy for a chrome mesh grill.
Also, anyone know of any fabrication shops that could quote the job?

dborn | 21. maaliskuu 2012

The mesh looks awful. I like the current design. The question does arise though where to put the license plate. My guess would be that the central bar should either have a depression moulded into it so that the plate fits flush, or, like my current Merc, there is an added moulded and contoured colour matched "pedestal" which attaches to the front of the central bar so levelling it and allowing for the plate. The pedestal is only a half inch or so longer/wider than the plate. This solution has the added advantage that for those areas NOT requiring a front plate, there is no modification to the existing dies required. It does not delay delivery. Different jurisdictions have different plate sizes, and a range of "pedestals" could be easily moulded to cope with that at minimal expense.
As I have said before, if the shiny plastic does become dulled, an easy and cheap fix that looks good would be exterior wrap film applied to the area, whether it be black, carbon fibre, or anything else your heart desires. These films are easy to swap out and can be replaced as needed.
Personally, i could do without the additional chrome, but I don't feel strongly about it, and it may be required for aesthetic reasons to hide the junction of grille to body. (screw heads or the like). Mind you, the strip could also have been either body colour or grille colour and achieve the same thing.

DarrellH | 21. maaliskuu 2012

I saw the original mesh grill on one of the early prototypes. It looked much worse in the "flesh" than the photos show. I was praying the model they rolled out didn't have it and was VERY thrilled when the car drove into the crowd.

We saw the cars last weekend and will be very happy with what comes out. They are beautiful on every side and every angle. Tesla hit a homerun.

Incidentally, the only thing that truly looks worse than the mesh grill is Fiskar's Alfred E. Neuman grill. "What, me worry?"