Shout out for Honolulu service center.

Shout out for Honolulu service center.

Thanks to Efren Ziegler I was able to regain the functionality of the so-called "fob". While I was parked in my MS, a message appeared on the screen that indicated that I did not have it in the car. However, it was in my pocket. After checking the manual, I waved it around the base of the passenger windshield wiper to no avail. In a panic, I called the service center...even though it was after 5PM. Thank goodness he was available.... So I told him what the problem was, he said he'd call me right back (which he did). He instructed me to walk away from my vehicle 10 feet or so and then re-approach it. I did, it worked, and I drove. But not before thanking him for his help. Just thought I'd make my experience public. And yes I did buy a new battery to keep in the glovebox...just in case.

2-Star | 10. lokakuu 2013

I keep my spare 2032 in my wallet; it's not much good in the glove box if you can't get into the car.

yoohootesla | 14. lokakuu 2013

Re. Extra batteries... I bought a 2 pack at Longs for $3.00. I keep one in the glove box and one in my over stuffed wallet. But thanks for the heads up. I know that the Tesla fob is not like the " key " to my former SUV. It had a secret key inside for just such an occurrence....