That the Model X will have two motors for on demand all wheel drive.

The battery pack will be substantialky beefier than the Model S 85 kwh. After all it will be a year or two before it starts production so the batteries should have improved.

We will know in 26 hours!

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phb | 08. helmikuu 2012

I know, I'm pretty excited. I'll probably reserve, you?

bodaddy | 22. tammikuu 2014

I have searched high and low for the answer if a Model X will be able to use the supercharging locations for free, as the Model S does? Is there an answer out there?

ian | 22. tammikuu 2014

Nope. I'm assuming that it will also, but you know the old saying about assuming.

sjoshuaj | 22. tammikuu 2014

Of course it will. Think about it. None of the supercharging locations have any form of payment option installed. Any vehicle that has supercharging enabled will be able to charge there. Now the price of the Model X is roughly equal to or slightly more than the Model S so on can assume with absolute certainty that if the feature is offered on the Model S then it will be offered on the Model X. They aren't spending millions upon millions installing all of these stations just for the benefit of only one of their models. But to correct you it's technically not free the business model they went with is prepay. It costs the buyer 2,000 to enable supercharging with their Model S purchase.

Brian H | 23. tammikuu 2014

Elon has answered this in the affirmative in public, I believe. All Tesla owners (of equipped cars) have free lifetime access.

ian | 24. tammikuu 2014

Elon has also said that all cars can charge at 120kWh at Superchargers but that's not exactly true now is it Brian? ;-)

Just trying to point out that it's a good idea to take what Elon says with a grain of salt once in a while and UNTIL specifications are released perhaps it would be best NOT to speculate.


cloroxbb | 24. tammikuu 2014

Did no one notice that this thread was necroposted to, from 2 years ago?

Koz | 25. tammikuu 2014

Model. X will absolutely have Supercharging capability. That is a no-brainer. Whether all buyers will have it enabled without an addition charge is the question. Tesla isn't investing all of the time and money into Superchargers to not take advantage of them. They are Tesla's best selling tool beyond the cars themselves.

Koz | 25. tammikuu 2014

...but if you don't believe what they and logic says then there isn't much point to discussing it untill you can actually configure an X.