Super Charger "Golden Spike" Location Guesses?

Super Charger "Golden Spike" Location Guesses?

So where is the last supercharger that connects the east and west coast going to be? With the four that went online today, it's looking like Elon's cross country trip will be enabled very soon.

If ever there was a supercharger unveiling to attend, it would be the one connecting east and west. Anyone have any ideas as to which one that will be?

David N | 10. tammikuu 2014

I have no guess on where it might be but they are getting the superchargers up and running at a good clip in the last 4 weeks or so. The path to travel is pretty obvious.

jp158 | 10. tammikuu 2014

According to the supercharger map still need to place a few SC in PA... that is one long state over 600 miles and Summset location off route 80 woun't be enough..... I think

Nicola | 10. tammikuu 2014

According to the enhanced SC map by poster Blueshift ( it looks like the last missing link across the country is in northern Ohio. The CO/WY link might be possible now, but the mountains might suck range, depending on direction of travel.