Tenessee driver blog

Tenessee driver blog

Captain_Zap | 09. marraskuu 2013

This is in the Model S forum too.

I wonder if this doctor is going to start writing prescriptions for his patients for a Model S. The car performed spectacularly again. I'm happier and more comfortable than ever.

elephant in a bottle | 09. marraskuu 2013

This seems a dup.. further discussions on this can go to:

Curt Renz | 09. marraskuu 2013

The driver will undoubtedly be providing quite favorable testimony to the NHTSA. Their interest is personal safety and not vehicle damage.

Curt Renz | 10. marraskuu 2013

The NHTSA recently dubbed the Model S as being at least as safe if not safer than any other car. Having to rescind that would be an embarrassment to NHTSA officials. My expectation is that Tesla Motors will announce adjustments before any NHTSA investigation is complete, and the NHTSA will quietly nod that it is pleased.

paulfgoode | 10. marraskuu 2013

Coworkers who know I own a Model S couldn't wait to share the news about this fire with me. Along with links to burnt to the ground BMW's and Benz I gave them the link below to the USFA's analysis of vehicle fires. Summary: of 194,000 average per year between 08 and 10, 86% were passenger vehicles. Thats 457 events PER DAY in the 50 US states. Electrical arcs cause a fair percentage. Probably the cause in these impact related Model S fires. Car still SAFER than others on the road. Even the tank like Hummers who crush their occupants when they roll over. As do the military ones. Drive on MS owners, Drive on.