Tesla and CHAdeMo ?

Tesla and CHAdeMo ?


is Tesla compatible with the CHAdeMO standard, that will be used in europa?

This is the only standard that will be used in austria/europa for the moment.

The carding station can have 1x50KW or 2x50KW.

kind regards from austria


update: Elon Musk say in this Video, that CHAdeMO will work with every car deliverd in europa:

stevenmaifert | 18. lokakuu 2012

Unfortunately no. Tesla has their own proprietary Level 3 DC quick charging standard and to date, they have said nothing about working on any sort of adaptor.

Brian H | 18. lokakuu 2012

Don't worry. TM will be installing its own SuperCharger system, at 3x the charge rate, with free charging for Model S owners.

DHrivnak | 18. lokakuu 2012

The problem is the build out will takes years and even longer in Europe. At least here in Tennessee we have many CHAdeMo on line now. While not as fast as the Tesla super chargers they are FAR faster than the 6kw J1772 that one sees all over the state. So I think Tesla would at least want to sell an adapter.

Brian H | 18. lokakuu 2012

Seriously incompatible, so difficult to "adapt".

Biricon | 20. lokakuu 2012

In Austria you don't have a Tesla Supercharger and i thing in the next year nowone will make this solution in my country. We have only a private phone number for a telsa import company, but no offical tesla shop or real dealer.

So we need a CHAdeMo, this is the only way to charge quicker then the normaly 230Volt 16A.

Otherwise its not possible to seel the cars here in austria.

Timo | 20. lokakuu 2012

We will get three-phase charging in Europe, so any of the common 400V@32-100A plugs will do. That's something that has been promised, not sure if it actually realizes though.

Jolinar | 20. lokakuu 2012

My fate it Tesla faded significantly after unveiling warranty policy and if CHAdeMO won't be supported in Europe I'll be more than angry...

Brian H | 20. lokakuu 2012

CHAdeMO is an inferior Japanese system, suitable for Leaf. Very incompatible with TM's system, hard to "adapt".

TM will begin installation of SuperChargers in EU later this year.

Jolinar | 21. lokakuu 2012

Yes, CHAdeMO is inferior in compare to Tesla SC, but I am not from Germany or Netherland or other prospective EV markets, where Tesla is planing to expand. I live in Czech Republic (next to Germany) and there are only about 300 registered EVs in whole country (including our Leaf, excluding our Model S reservation :-) ), but we already have several CHAdeMO chargers. I really doubt there will at least one Tesla SC anytime soon. Maybe I am wrong (I hope I am wrong and we'll see some Tesla SCs in Czech Republic and Slovakia too), but having the possibility to use inferior CHAdeMO is still much faster than using 3-phase charging or even 240V/16-32A.

Brian H | 21. lokakuu 2012

There's also the SAE standard to figure in, which may or may not create some outlets there. Not that that's much improvement.

Timo | 22. lokakuu 2012

I see a potential problem with SC positioning in Europe. Unlike US Europe is collection of mainly small (geographically small) countries. For example Netherlands is tiny, one SC would serve entire country. OTOH something like Norway is very long and you need many to get it covered all the way. At the same time neighboring country Sweden would need its own even that those in Norway could serve it if there were no borders (or vice versa).

Do Tesla put SC in every country? One in Vatican and one in Rome because people in Rome can't use the one in Vatican? One in Luxemburg, with one in France next to it? Doesn't make much sense, but might be necessary anyway. Putting one in middle of Netherlands does no mean that you don't need to put one in Belgium too even that it would not be over 150 miles away from Netherland SC.

Or do you just ignore the country lines and just put them in major routes that go from one country to another?

Volker.Berlin | 22. lokakuu 2012

As long as you stay in Austria (32,377 sq mi area/general speed limit 80 mph) you shouldn't have much trouble getting everywhere you want with a fully-charged 85 kWh Model S. There's no need for high-speed chargers of any kind when you can simply charge over night at your destination. Of course that's totally different with the typical ranges of pre-"Model S era" EVs.

Brian H | 22. lokakuu 2012

Planning SC locations in EU will indeed be an amusing exercise. As for the Vatican, there is no long-distance travel to accommodate there, and the purpose of the SCs is not to just provide a handy-dandy fast free chargeup spot for daily use.

Jolinar | 22. lokakuu 2012

As Timo mentioned I think Tesla should ignore borders when planning locations for SCs in EU. We can cross borders no problem and since SCs should serve long distance traveling, it's logical step.

Brian H | 22. lokakuu 2012

Yeah, borders don't matter in the EU. Until the next European War starts! <8-0 (When Italy invades Denmark, or SLT.)

Timo | 23. lokakuu 2012

Crossing borders is just an agreement between countries and isn't even set by EU rules (AFAIK). There are rules that set that you can get a job in another country and live there etc. but as far as I know there are no rules that determine that you can cross the border without toll checks etc. just to visit the neighboring country.

This can change anytime, and with current problems in the EU I wouldn't bet that situation stays the same in next ten years. EU isn't a country, but a coalition of countries, so rules in EU are not quite as fixed as in US for example. I hope moving freely between countries stays there, but it is no way guaranteed.

Volker.Berlin | 23. lokakuu 2012

As Timo mentioned I think Tesla should ignore borders when planning locations for SCs in EU. (Jolinar)

+1 Absolutely! IMO, for example, there should be a super charger in Austria, but its primary purpose won't be to serve Austrians traveling within their own country, it will be to serve international travel between Germany and Italy. Likewise, any super chargers in Germany should focus on the international routes that are going across Germany, rather than on national traffic (which will certainly profit from the network once it is in place, but should not drive the decisions for geographic placement of the super chargers).

I created a dedicated thread for super chargers in Europe:

Timo | 23. lokakuu 2012


I created a dedicated thread for super chargers in Europe:

I get Access Denied. Did you put that as private forum for reservation holders?

Volker.Berlin | 23. lokakuu 2012

Yes I did. Made it public now. However, I'm not sure if non-reservation-holders have access to the Enthusiasts > Forums > Europe section at all.

Timo | 23. lokakuu 2012

Looks like that. Still access denied.

eikrokei | 01. marraskuu 2012

This is interesting, I am a norwegian reservation holder and up until now I didn't even know that there was a Europe section in the forum. And just to be clear, yes, I get Access Denied as well.

Alex K | 01. marraskuu 2012

@eikrokei | NOVEMBER 1, 2012: This is interesting, I am a norwegian reservation holder and up until now I didn't even know that there was a Europe section in the forum. And just to be clear, yes, I get Access Denied as well.

You will need to email Tesla and ask to have access to the private sections. This is what I had to do.

Epley | 12. joulukuu 2012

Why is CHAdeMO inferior if it's a faster charging rate?

Brian H | 12. joulukuu 2012

Faster than what?

Jolinar | 12. joulukuu 2012

epley probably thought single (5x) or twin charger (2,5x).
Supercharger is of course even faster than CHAdeMO, although there are not so many SCs than CHAdeMO stations.

kalikgod | 14. joulukuu 2012

Just FYI, I asked back in Oct when I was at Santana Row if they would ever make a CHAdeMO adapter and they said it is in the works.

I originally thought it wasn't possible, but maybe they found a way to do it. Just because a store rep said it does not mean that it will happen though. With 15+ in Houston, it would make the 60 kWh Model S or future Gen III a perfect (long) commuter car for this city.

Brian H | 14. joulukuu 2012

Right now, with Nissan so much larger than Tesla, CHAdeMO is being rolled out much faster. But MS and the rest of Tesla's line will outsell Leaf, and be vastly more suitable for long distance travel. So the situation may reverse.

FLsportscarenth... | 17. joulukuu 2012

I do not think offering an adapter would hurt... If technically practical... The more choices you have out in the field the better.

Jolinar | 18. joulukuu 2012

I don't think it is imposible to make inteligent adapter from CHAdeMO to Tesla plug. CHAdeMO offer voltage up to 500V DC which is enough for Model S and if Model S does not use some kind of pulse charging there is no reason why it can not be made. It would not be as easy as make classic adapters like Roadster -> Model S, J1772 -> Model S, 14-50 -> Model S and so on, because it needs more communication between car and station, but it can be done by "inteligent" adapter.

SLeser | 21. joulukuu 2012

@Jolinar: Some Tesla reps confirmed to members of the tesla motors club forum that there will be a CHAdeMO adapter in the future. You can find one of these posts here:

As far as I know, there is nothing official on the website or from one of the Tesla execs on this.

Jolinar | 21. joulukuu 2012

yea, this is very poor confirmation if it's not on the web...

pbrulott | 22. joulukuu 2012

Thanks to VB for his search capabilty which I bookmarked and use to find this thread. prevented another thread to start.

Happy to see that somebody from the ownership experience team acknoldeges that this will be possible.

I wwanted to future proof my car and chose the SC option. However, I don't believe the SC network will hit Canada soon. So this is technically possible, isn't it?

Alike the J1772, 14-50, TMS charger plug


Brian H | 22. joulukuu 2012

There are due to be 3 SCs in Canada within a year, and several more within 2 years after that.

pbrulott | 22. joulukuu 2012

Just got a call from TM, Cameron from the "buildmyModelS" team and he said it is a pure gamble for me to go with the SC option. They have no information on future adapter for any other L3 standards. Now, he said that TM is normally really receptive to make the life of their customers easier and if an adapter to ChadeMo or else would exist then they likely make it available.

BrianH, they might put 3 in Canada and then a couple of others but if they are not well positioned for me i.e. not in the Quebec City - Montreal corridor or if they only put one SC between Montreal and Toronto (545 km) then this $2500 tax in option is useless.

DHrivnak | 22. joulukuu 2012

In Tennesse we have 14 CHAdeMO charging station in operation and not even a hint of a Tesla Supercharger. It would open many possibilities if Tesla offered an adapter. While not as fast as the Tesla brand it would be FAR better than nothing or the 6kw J-1772 options that are available.

pbrulott | 22. joulukuu 2012

Dhrivnak, exactly my point, I believe non-Telsa level 3 chargers have more chances of bieng rolled out at convenient places for me than Tesla's SC.

Hence my hesitation of going Supercharger option if TM don't plan to have adapter.

Now, Apple which has more propriotary gizmos than anybody else, ends up with zillions of adapters to match their standard to the worl standard.

I can't believe TM can't do it


likeitgreen | 23. joulukuu 2012

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DouglasR | 23. joulukuu 2012

I have been driving my 85 kWh Model S over various routes in the state of Washington, trying to scope out how easy or hard it will be to take road trips. I can tell you that a CHAdeMO adapter would make a MAJOR difference to the usability of the Model S for travel beyond its home base. This is true because of both the ubiquity of CHAdeMO charge stations and the time it will take to deploy the supercharger network. On several occasions, I have wanted to extend my drive or take an alternate route, but have been unable to do so because I didn't have the range and didn't want to wait several hours to add 50 or 75 miles at a standard Level 2 charge station. Yet in each case, there was an available CHAdeMO station that would have satisfied this need. The SC network won't be operational in Washington for a year or two, but even when it is, it will probably not cover the state the way CHAdeMO stations do now. I would happily pay $1,000 or more for a CHAdeMO adapter.

Brian H | 24. joulukuu 2012

I assume you mean "charging"? "Loading" in English does not mean that; it refers only to solid objects, not electricity.

Vawlkus | 27. joulukuu 2012

What's the stats on CHAdeMo for current & voltage? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was very low power output compared to other types, but I can't remember that well.

Jolinar | 27. joulukuu 2012

Vawlkus, CHAdeMO is usually 50kW power source, however theoretically it can go up to 62.5kW with currently used standard.
Voltage is up to 500V and current is up to 125A.

stevenmaifert | 11. tammikuu 2013
Brian H | 11. tammikuu 2013

FYI, the audio podcast in the link above is just the soundtracks of the 2 videos below it, stitched together.

DarrellH | 11. tammikuu 2013

I hope we will be able to get a CHAdeMO adapter to increase our charging flexibility.

Brian H | 12. tammikuu 2013

DC/DC Voltage changes are messy.

Alex K | 12. tammikuu 2013

@Brian H | JANUARY 12, 2013: DC/DC Voltage changes are messy.

The CHAdeMO protocol communicates the max voltage and current that is required via CAN bus. Luckily, there is no need to do DC to DC voltage conversion. See

Brian H | 12. tammikuu 2013

Sorry, I misunderstood a previous comment! What time would it take a CH charger to match the ~50% charge in ½ hr a S/C provides? About 1 hr?

Alex K | 12. tammikuu 2013

@ Brian H | JANUARY 12, 2013: What time would it take a CH charger to match the ~50% charge in ½ hr a S/C provides? About 1 hr?

A typical CHAdeMO station is 50KW. A Supercharger is 90KW - so under 1 hr would be about right. The CHAdeMO connector can handle 200A at 500V, so it could theoretically deliver 100KW. But that would dependent on battery voltage.

Jolinar | 13. tammikuu 2013

@Alex K

Connector maybe can handle 200A, however communication protocol supports only 125A. That's why it is teoretically ony 62.5kW (500V*125A). Maybe some newer version of CHAdeMO is solved this, I don't know about any.

Brian H | 13. tammikuu 2013

So that means in effect CHAdeMO takes about 3X as long to deliver an equivalent charge vs Superchargers? And about 50% more than an 80A AC feed using dual chargers?