For the Tesla Gen III, what 100 new features would you like to imagine or see available ?

For the Tesla Gen III, what 100 new features would you like to imagine or see available ?

Teslarians, what futuristic, hitech, game changer, ultra green, uber-cool, alto safety, mass production friendly, cost reducing, profit increasing features should Tesla's next generation, Gen III, vehicle have ? Also include Model C, S & X.

Whether large or small, simple or complex, technical or not, what are your ideas ?

To get started, here are some thoughts:

1) Put see through glass Tesla Shield  
   on hood  made of painted glass. The
   shield and letter T are left clear glass 
   and shows off the frunk by day. At 
   night a Hue light , with millions of 
   color variations can can be turn on 
   inside the frunk to light up the shield 
   and T during night driving.

2) Have detachable Household AC plug  
 battery  packs near base of seats  
 powered by solar panels on roof.

3) Anti crash system stops car from
  running into things. Qualifies for   
  insurance discount?

4) Retractable semi-opaque, tinted sun
 visors controlled by button on
 steering wheel similar to pulling down  
 a window shade electronically. It's 
 more functional because it allows the 
 driver to control visor on driver's 
 window, passenger window, and both 
 sides of the windshield. Could this be the world's best sun visor?

5) Have all wheels turn to 90 degrees,
  great for parallel parking. Have car
  capable of self parking.

6) Create @tesla/ Internet
    extension  for car related services 
    only to compliment .com sites. 

The .car extensions have voice only interface, with limited button pushing similar to a radio, no texting except through voice to text.

7) Shape the red tail lights as close
  as possible to the Tesla T Logo.
  Red led lights across bumper under
  the plate spell out Tesla Motors EV
  and highlight when brakes applied.

8) Equip Gen III with two sliding doors
  or 4 regular doors. To create
  easier access the opening door
  includes 1/3 of the roof. Also press a
  button in the door jamb to slide the
  front seats forward.

   A variation of this, have 1/3 strip of 
   roof retract toward the center of the 
   roof when you open the door.

9 ) NFD Near Field Discounts auction.
  Type in lunch etc. 5 miles distance, 
  2hrs for exa and nearby Merchants 
  continuously update bids against  
  each other on giving you    
  discounts for lunch.

10) KeyPay/CarPal digitized keychain 
      can be used to pay electronically, 
      and receits  are tagged& organized 
      into personal & business categories 
      for taxes. Syncs with smartphone 
      app and car consol to store info on the web.

11) Computerized self parking, both 
      back in and parallel .

cmadsen | 10. joulukuu 2012

12)- Heads Up Display (speed and nav)
- Infra red display (night vision)
- Heated rear seats
- Vented seats
- Voice command interface
- Black alcantra headliner
- Ability to access car via computer to turn on heaters to warm up car
-Front and rear parking sensors

teddyg | 10. joulukuu 2012

Tesla should do whatever it can to get a 200 mile range, with supercharging ability for $29,990 (after tax credits/incentives) on Gen III.
This would make Gen III a real game changer for the industry.
All other luxuries should be additional as options.
Like the idea of the colour changing Shield, Tesla should do something really unique so that people can immediately identify the brand...but it has to stay classy, not cheesy...there is a fine line there.

Timo | 10. joulukuu 2012

4WD with two or even four motors for performance. Other than that not many wishes, just a bit above average car with plenty of storage and quiet interior and 300+ mile max range at 75mph battery option.

Teslation | 10. joulukuu 2012


1) Yes definitely heads up display, how about ability to put a photo or two on bottom of windshield as well. Shouldn't obstruct the view of anything except the hood.

2) How about a "heads way up" interior roof display instead of glass, the roof interior has the new flexible screen display to create your own scenery , or a big screen TV for backseaters/kids. I think various galaxy scenes at night, or a trip to mars repeating wallpaper video would be good, for exa's.

3) Also like infrared display. In fact there are a whole range of safety technologies, like lane deviation, drowsy driver, anti-collision, anti-skid etc. I would like to see Tesla have a safety technologies package to guarantee no accidents not your fault, with a few exceptions like speeding or DWI. This could disrupt the insurance industry as we know it, and allow steep discounts with the safety package, making these technologies more affordable. Perhaps Tesla could offer the insurance, or partner with an Insurance company. Eventually the self driving car would have all these technologies and automatically qualify for the steep Insurance discount and the no accidents your fault guarantee after establishing a quantity of real world data and statistics.

ghillair | 10. joulukuu 2012

The GenIII is to be a smaller, afordable car for the average car buyer. The target price is $30,000 (after rebate). All of your ideas will delay the roll out of the GenIII and reduce the volume sold. Neither atractive to us stock holders.

Your list maybe appropriate for the Model S 2.0 and 3.0 (also X), but the priority is:
Meet the demand for the S
Build out the super charger network
Roll out the X
Develope and roll out the GenIII
Then work on enhancements.

There is only time and money to do so much.

Timo | 10. joulukuu 2012

GenIII is actually a platform which is used to produce that affordable car. It is also platform to make next generation roadster. There will be many different models with that platform.

Jolinar | 10. joulukuu 2012

Competing in it own price tag... that is only thing that matters :-)
So I would like to see features that are cheap to produce in large quantity (since Gen III is heading for mass market), so it don't have big impact on price and yet they are interesting enough for common buyer.

Teslation | 10. joulukuu 2012


I agree with the classy not trashy styling. That's the beauty of generating a lot of ideas:
1) It allows you to discuss & choose among many ideas.
2) It can allow you to find ideas that meet more than one standard or multiple criteria.

I think the taillight shaped like a Tesla T would be stylish, the flashing "Tesla EV" - probably trashy. As for the front hood glass Tesla shield, I was thinking back to the days of the TransAm hood eagle, not sure, have to see it.

In regards to getting the price down, How about under $20,000 for a new car ? Let's say the the GenIII comes in at $38,000 for a new car that's bigger than a compact and and smaller than the model S, and they keep the all aluminum body, and you get a new battery guarantee at 10k average or less. Say after 3 years, your needs, taste or desires change and you want something new. What's wrong with selling half a new car ? Take the highly modular shell off, and put on a completely new style shell on top of the old platform for about half the price, $19,000 dollars. Change a hatchback to a jeep/beach car/, minivan, mini pickup, mini suv etc. or as they develope new cars they are not only platform compatible, and modular; but, transformable. The old shell traded in for scrap. In essence, you swap the car's shell instead of the battery.

This could possibly be done at service centers eventually creating new jobs and distributed manufacturing.

Since a new battery is not produced, the vehicle life cycle emissions are greatly reduced. And I would introduce a new term/concept "emissions during the owners life cycle". Or assume the typical owner buys ten New cars in a lifetime, but only 3 new cars and 7 half new cars, that eliminates manufacturing 2/3rds of the batteries, greatly reducing the emissions over the owners life purchasing cycle.

Teslation | 10. joulukuu 2012


Yes I agree, come up with ideas to keep the Gen III cost down and/ or speed up manufacturing. Perhaps we can rate ideas 1-10 (best) for getting cost down. 1-10 for increasing manufacturing efficiency. 1-10 for unique and very necessary for inexpensive practicality. Eventually usefull ideas may pop up that meet several criteria. When we get to hundred ideas, we can rate the ten best for various categories. Rejected ideas may be good for other categories/models/platforms if the Tesla.

For exa, number 8 on my first/original post. I have a hard time getting into a Buick , let alone a small car, my head & or shoulders catch on the roof. So I would rate getting in and out of the car comfortably in the 7 -10 in practicality. I guess our brains think in terms of corners, but why does the car door have to articulate at the corner/edge of the roof, unless your trying to cause pain to some older drivers getting in and out, or don't want taller drivers buying the car ? For a smaller car, getting in/out without aggravation can be a problem, and I believe solutions need not be expensive.

I look forward to getting in/out easier without scraping my torso on the edge of the roof.

Full disclosure, I'm always long Tesla shares, sold some covered calls once or twice.

Teslation | 10. joulukuu 2012


A motor for every wheel would make the Gen III good for drag racing, lol.

Teslation | 10. joulukuu 2012


I also agree with your criteria:

1) Inexpensive to buy
2) Easy to mass market
3) Attracive/Interesting features to the common buyer

We should give that some more priority, and get some revolutionary manufacturing ideas to get the costs down for the mass market appeal in the hundreds of thousands of sales per year which helps both buyers and shareholders, if Tesla can maintain profit margins.

I have no doubt Elon Musk and his team can keep building the most innovative and appealing cars in the world.

FLsportscarenth... | 10. joulukuu 2012

Whether or not you are a shareholder if you are active on this forum you want to see Tesla succeed and thrive as a company, so my thoughts are to some extent similar to ghillair...

The first order of business is satisfying demand for the Model S and building out the Supercharging network to support and bolster sales, taking care of reservation holders and getting the time from ordering to delivery down to two months or less will take till around 3rd quarter 2013 in my guestimation.

After the queue of 'bespoke' cars lessens I think it wise to go after fleet sales (police cars, higher end taxis and rental cars and cars for government and corporate fleets). The economies of scale built by getting through the ~16,000 bespoke cars can translate to being able to turn a profit and still be able to offer fleet discounts. This volume (without a lot of complications of customisation) sold to larger customers is VERY important to stablising Tesla's financial outlook after 'burning though' its accumulated reservation holders. Thereafter building a small number of 'cars for the lot' (~5 - 10% of pre-sold production should be safe and practical) will satisfy impulse buyers and people that like the car but do not want to wait or see the need for a customised one.

With the Model S line moving smoothly in later 2013 focus should be shifted to readying the Model X production line, as it shares a lot with S this will likely be less stressing for TM than the Model S rollout. I am not a huge fan of the Model X itself but it will satisfy a different niche and add variety to the Tesla lineup and I think it will be a profitable product and worth doing even if they sell only 12,000 a year (the usual sequence, bespoke customers, fleets, then 5 to 10% more for the lot). In 2014 with S's readily available and the X line cranking though the bespoke queue the Gen III should be close to making history for Tesla and the EV world...

The time, lessons learned and economy of scale will make a model C, 'cheap' or 'compact' however you want to call it, possible. It can use mature Tesla technology to keep development costs down and a sticker price of 29.9k for the base model (200 mile range) would really be a game changer and cement TM's establishment as major automaker for everyone... A Model C should not have any of the new features mentioned by other posters, just what works and does not cost too much per car, no 'bells and whistles' but quality maintained... Sure is entry level, but will not tarnish Tesla's name with shoddy product. Model C should maintain what Tesla is about: quality, sporty, and electric but every man can have it, and start saving for a Model S or Model R (new roadster). For body style I think a Gen I type Ford Probe would make a good starting point (was the lowest drag co-efficient of its time, carries 5 people and still looks sleek) or a Dodge Daytona (not so expensive to produce but cool looking. Sleek body style is VERY important, Model C should NOT be a ugly duckling like a Leaf or a featureless blob like the Prius, it is a entry car to whet the public's appetite for higher end Models, Entry level does not have to mean ugly.

AFTER the Model C is up and running, (late 2014?) and proven that TM can make a successful mass market car, it is time to go back to Testa's roots and bring back the roadster... The Model R could have all the cool toys the others mention and be better than the original with the same price (due to better design, batteries advances and economy of scale). The Model R would be to the Model C as the Corvette is to the Camaro. From the Model R would spring the Super R - Same shape but packed with batteries and an over-sized electric motor - to be a Veyron killer - The fastest car on earth and pure electric... Likely can do a run of 500 Super Rs and charge 900k for it (Veyrons sold over 300 for 1.4 million, move over Bugatti, Tesla is taking the top spot!

Brian H | 10. joulukuu 2012

Interesting idea, swapping shells. Not sure it would be practicable, but imagine changing your family sedan into a GenIII Roadster when the nest empties ...

Vawlkus | 12. joulukuu 2012

A more common tire size would be nice.

Super charger access for DAMNED sure. Even if its an optional extra.

Heated steering wheel is a "nice to have" but expendable.

Don't need Model S stats, but better than ICE performance off the line would be awesome.

A way to power your house from it would exceptionally awesome, even if it leads to people having to choose between mobility or powered shelter.

Definitely needs a spare tire though. Model S can get away with not having one, but Gen III will need it for sure. My suggestion is dedicate the frunk for spare tire and easy access tools. You could still use it for storage as well, but maybe not to put the groceries in (use the trunk for that).

Rear USB, power hookups and cup holders would be nice too :)
Rear climate control as well.

up north | 12. joulukuu 2012

300 mile range, super charger, very good looking, safe, comfortable, fast, and every goodie you can get on a high end auto.

FLsportscarenth... | 12. joulukuu 2012

Model C would be a strip down, so everyone can start driving a Tesla, no flashy expensive stuff but but cool styling comes standard so you will not be embarrassed to drive it but affordable (the 29.9k base model that could go 200 miles would be a doable goal) you could charge extra for anything else. Model R, S 2.0 and high trim X could have all the amenities like that heated steering wheel - sounds a bit odd to me but I guess some will like it (is it a spa or is it a car? Do you want the seats to give massages too? I want a holigram of a pretty geisha girl to whisper sweet nothings in my ear while I get my massage driving down I-95!!!). Super R would have all that yuppie stuff out the window to save on weight and be a pure electric speed machine - its mission to kill the prestige of the polluting noisy Veyron and prove to all, even gearheads, that ICE cars are history...

The supercharger option should be available on every model but to hit the 29.9k price target you may have charge a significant amount more for it. That way you can say Supercharging is a 'Telsa thing' and aspirant C drivers can chat with R drivers who have made it up the product ladder waiting at the chargers...

Wow Model S does not have a spare? BIG mistake! Potholes and nails are on roads EVERYWHERE... Even when I lived in mild climate CA I had blowouts and had to change the tyre. A Tesla may be superior in all other things but a tyre is a tyre and flats are a part of life... Are you going to need a tow every time you get a flat... SUPER DUMB!

Vawlkus | 13. joulukuu 2012

I've had one flat tire in twenty years of driving. You just gotta know the roads :P

FLsportscarenth... | 13. joulukuu 2012

I drive on average 35k miles a year (would go up if I had a Tesla), I drive hard and love driving. I drive more freeway miles but live in an urban areas and on rare occasion drive on turf, dirt, beach and gravel roads. I sometimes drive up to pothole ridden NY and through industrial areas. I get flats/blowouts about once every 1.5 to 2 years on the car I happen to be driving (I own several). A spare is a must, better if they offer normally in stock type tyres - my Delorean uses oddball size tyres and it is very annoying...

A car is for exploring and not just for going in familiar places, so yeah I would not intentionally go down rocky dirt tracks with it but it has to be durable as a normal sedan...

Teslation | 16. joulukuu 2012


I like the idea about using the Tesla battery as a backup electric generator for the house, nice wow factor, no ice car can do that, 7-10.

A couple of detachable/ carry-able regular wall plug packs, also with USB ports, rechargeable from the car also would be nice for portable heaters, electronics, or camping supplies. Also compliments cigarette plug electronics.

As for the spare tire, I think this is also a 7-10. I can see the company is trying to save space & cut cost; but, I agree with others one should be included for the price.

Perhaps Tesla should give you a choice:
1) A spare tire mounted as you

2)  4 self fixing tires you can drive
   20 to 40 miles after flat to get    
  fixed at a tire repair shop. This
  allows you the extra storage

3) Both so you can drive home & fix
    or change the flat yourself, if close
    enough, & keep the spare in the

In addition, Tesla might consider creating, or partnering with with a triple
AAA type service with training/expertise in Tesla/electric car type issues, flats, towing, maybe even bring a super charger with them for road service cars,   $ 20/mo ? The extra revenue might pay for the tire.

Instead of heated steering wheel I much rather have heated wiper blades that keeps snow and ice from building up on the wipers. If you have ever needed heated wipers, you will really appreciate them.

Also how about a simulated, on screen, voice activated CB that allows Tesla owners to communicate online. Tesla's regular public  CB channel, 11.

This Tesla CB would not be citizen band; but,  a digital VOIP system ,( TB TeslaZens Band ?), and therefore not range bound to a couple miles. It could even be world wide. Instead of 40 channels, they could be unlimited for private groups.

Remember silicon valley software & electronics is in Tesla's power wheelhouse, their cars are stuffed with electronics like fighter jets, things like this might not be that difficult for them, while putting them head and shoulders above the rest and create a lot of future possibilities yet unimagined.

Like a TB/CB permission button, your location is plotted on a map with other participants on public TSLA TB/CB channels. You could ask other Teslazens how's the weather there, how busy is that super charger station, or just listen to conversations.

Then there could be the Tesla Salesman option package. This includes :
1) A combination bar printer/scanner
   mounted in the dash.
2) CarFax $ 10/mo ?
3) A credit card swipe attached to
 * This is for incoming biz payments,
 carpal/carpay mentioned previously
 , is for outgoing payments, biz &   

 Smartphone apps that take check
  payments already exist, But it could   
 also be in the Tesla CarApp store
 done by a third party, similar to     
 Apples App store setup. You
 wouldn't have to buy apps, unless
 you want them, and they would be
  a revenue generator for Tesla.
  Things like an app store. Would bring    
  lots of value to the car without cost to
  the buyer or Tesla who makes
  money taking a cut of third party app

I was reading an analyst piece on Tesla who thinks it's possible for Tesla to get to 400,000 cars a year. To do that, I think the Gen III cars will have to have exceptional appeal to get the volume up and the cost down. It's kind of a chicken or the egg type thing, which comes first ?

In reference to comments by @Genhill & @FLsportscarenth.. about wanting Tesla to succeed; and delaying the roll out of gen III and to clear up any confusio;, I meant this as a fun creative brainstorming for generating maybe a handful of ideas that Tesla and customers may be interested in for the short/medium/long term.

Perhaps some people could post creativity, critical reasoning, and/or brainstorming technique links. I believe most people can pick these techniques up on there own with a little reading. I see this approach very worthwhile & enjoyable.

As Professor S. James Gates quoted in one of his YouTube videos:
"Einstein Said, 'Imagination is more
 important than knowledge'."

To that I would add a desire for truth , and the common good.

To clarify for everyone, I never intended for these ideas to all be short term and all 100 implemented at once.

A few simple, fast, low cost, no cost ideas for Gen III, etc to start, a few other ideas for later.

But to get those few ideas, it may be necessary to generate a lot to choose from.

And I wouldn't underestimate Tesla engineers, they they seem to have plenty of both imagination/creativity and lots of knowledge to make it happen. Great innovators need great ideas to implement. And I'm sure anyone who ever did any great innovation, had a lot of people telling them it couldn't be done.

I think we are at about 25 suggestions and ideas or so. Remember this is for all kind of ideas, simple or complex; maybe just a desired feature, like a great navigation system, (Tesla's tight with google); or suggest  partnerships to cut cost like NFR (Near Field Reverse Ebay auctions) for food, hotels, whatever your buying, or tourist activities, (remember Elon sold PayPal to EBay & made them a lot of money they could be a partner for that).

And for fun, futuristic, ideas, after pointing out potential problems, let Tesla decide if they can be done, or are worthwhile and/or can be fit in the schedule. I see even Mr Elon Musk has said in many interviews, he really likes feedback,  positive or negative; but, I myself am sticking to positive.

If your worried about the cost of Gen III , suggest ideas to cut cost, like maybe a computer screen just a little bit smaller, could you live with a screen 12 inches by 12 inches ? If not, maybe have a larger computer screen as an option. If you want something for nothing I think the the Tesla app store is the way to go, it even generates revenue for Tesla, is that a negative cost?

I think it's fun coming up with ideas, a good skill to have, and should be applied to the common good. I believe Tesla inspires imagination and desire for truth, as well as future innovation & improvements, I'm all for their success, I think they are a great role model and inspiration.

ArieK | 17. joulukuu 2012

In order to keep track of all suggestions and to plot them according to importance in different categories it might be an idea for someone to create a sheet in Google docs like Timdorr has done (in a fabulous way) for keeping track of reservations.
Example included:

up north | 17. joulukuu 2012

to keep everyone happy have an option for a spare in the frunk.

Timo | 17. joulukuu 2012

@Tesluthian, TL;DR, but did pay attention to this:

"If your worried about the cost of Gen III , suggest ideas to cut cost, like maybe a computer screen just a little bit smaller, could you live with a screen 12 inches by 12 inches ? "

I don't think you could actually save anything with smaller screen. These touch-screens are actually very cheap, and saves the money by giving single point of access to many features. Also it needs to be rather big to give useful enough UI that you can hit the right button when driving without too much distraction. Maybe 15 inch instead of 17, but I would put limit to that.

Cost savings need to come from interior and structural materials, interior options (not so fancy seats for example) and maybe from cheaper battery, PEM and motor.

tweklak | 17. joulukuu 2012

from my topic post:
tweklak | DECEMBER 17, 2012

I just read a lot about the material Graphene, a high-quality derivative of graphite that is revolutionizing a slew of products. What caught my eye especially and regarding electric cars in general was this quote:

"Engineers at Northwest University found that specially crafted graphene electrodes could allow a lithium-ion battery – like those found in your smartphone or Chevy Volt – to charge 10 times faster and hold 10 times more power."
I'd love to hear from Tesla on this....they make an extraordinary car and this improvement could give it a quantum leap forward in my opinion to help overcome gas/combustion dominance.

San Diego

frmercado | 17. joulukuu 2012

Either start direct R&D on graphene thechnology for application on next generation batteries, or start working with companies that have gained experience in the development and manufacture of new graphene batteries. I think this technology, in conjuction with a nation wide supercharger network, would allow Tesla to finally put to rest for good the range issue "stigma" that electric cars have.

Brian H | 17. joulukuu 2012

Keep in mind feeding that much power into the battery that fast requires special sources and connectors. Doubt if it could be adapted for home use.

Maiky Nisute | 18. joulukuu 2012

Induction Charging.Or induction charging ready

Maiky Nisute | 18. joulukuu 2012

Hmm and 4 wheel drive (electric motor in the wheels)

Teslation | 18. joulukuu 2012


Actually I agree about screen size, it's now become a Tesla brand signature item:
   BT, (Before Tesla), 7" GPS gigantic.
   AT, (After Tesla), 12" is too small.

 I also believe huge digital screens with lots of electronics, innovative software, & unique connectivity are key for  long term profit from a Gen III series & model C to make them viable to produce inexpensively in the millions. 

That would be through superior ancillary services & monthly subscription fees to provide extreme value to the middle class , (Buick & Honda buyers), again through lots of these huge screens, electronics, software, & connectivity.

Now these services conceivably will be at the same price, or even save money for the car buyer providing continuing income to Tesla.

I've already mentioned a few ideas: a Tesla car app store, reverse auction request, tesla searchable Internet ads etc. Other possibilities exist in the area of streaming video for backseat passengers...

 In short, as Elon says, "reasoning from 1st principals", e.g. what all is the middle class spending now on monthly fees & certain services that Tesla could provide ? 

Not counting new services not yet invented,  first principles says the money is there just from current spending by car buyers on various services, and, possibly a lot of that is up for grabs, if Tesla can provide the service & make it a compelling value. It's definitely doable and can be worth the effort, for example.

         Example Number One

Let's project out a little bit, say the Tesla cars average $1000 dollars profit yearly for reoccurring ancillary services and there are 50,000 Tesla cars on the road. Thats 50 million dollars reocurring yearly profit for services.

And Tesla now manufactures 50,000 cars a year that average 10,000 dollars a car profit, (because of lower price models), that comes to 500 million dollars yearly profit from manufacturing.

Summary:   Services-- 50 million profit
           Manufacturing--500 million profit

So services is a significant amount, say 10% but wait, let's project out a little more.

       Example Number Two

Let's say Tesla now manufactures 500,000 cars a year, averaging 8,000 dollars a car profit or 4 billion a year in total manufacturing profit. (The profit margin came down because of the Model C's lower price, $25,000).

Next services, say Tesla has now put 5 million cars on the road, each on average, still producing  $1000 dollars  a car profit  in monthly services, that now generates 5 billion a year of profit from these non-manufacturing services.

Now more money comes in from services than manufacturing as more cars are produced!

Summary: services-- 5 billion profit   
        manufacturing---4 billion profit

And that's why I agree a lot of big screens, electronics, software & connectivity are great thing for Tesla to have, and over the long term will help to keep prices down for their Gen III cars and model C, as well as help keep down price increases.

That's long term of course, but the process and profits would start slowly now & accelerate more and more as cars on the road are increased and accumulate. 

Teslation | 22. joulukuu 2012

Thanks for all the great response everyone. Sorry I haven't replied to everyone yet .

Haven't run into a heated steering wheel yet, if someone cares to enlighten me.

If I was going for a creature comfort, nothing beats a sharper image roller massage driver seat, cylindrical and/or spherical rollers roll up and done your spine in different patterns, pure heaven. Years ago, it use to be an actual chiropractic device, but that might not have a lot of appeal, is bulky to store as opposed to heated wipers, create more inventory items, not be an optimal item for ramping as fast as possible, be bad news in a crash, etc.

More critical for Gen III is get the e/mpg over 100, with a range over 300 miles for 65 kwh pack, due to less weight mostly.

Also I'm all for Tesla's idea of replacing side mirrors with video screens inside the car, perhaps the side mirror screens could be bottom left and right of the inside windshield. Tesla said this saves 5% on drag.

For a 2018 subcompact platform and Tesla model, which I'll code name the "Neutrino", 125-150 e/mpg and 400 miles per charge. Keep the 17" sreen for all models for less inventory items.

I also think one of the Gen III models and the Nuetrino subcompact could have the exact same sliding door I mentioned in #8 at the top. Say it gives 50 % more entry space than a single door, easy head/shoulder clearance, faster to install than four doors, cuts down door stamping & inventory 50% over a four door, yet easier to get in.

To stimulate more suggestions, here's a web page I like, "The Critical Thinking Community".

Sorry I cannot comment more frequently; but I do enjoy the comments.

bsimoes | 27. joulukuu 2012

I would like the pano roof to be more transparent most of the time. VolkerBerlin posted about Mercedes' magic sky technology and it seems very doable for Tesla.

Brian H | 27. joulukuu 2012

"Engineers at Northwest University found that specially crafted graphene electrodes could allow a lithium-ion battery – like those found in your smartphone or Chevy Volt – to charge 10 times faster and hold 10 times more power."
I'd love to hear from Tesla on this....they make an extraordinary car and this improvement could give it a quantum leap forward in my opinion to help overcome gas/combustion dominance.
San Diego

Also, it would be nice if this cost less than 10X current batteries; i.e., $/kWh the same or less. Weight reduction is also a benefit, of course, and would enhance range all on its own...

Did they mention recharge cyles? The battery has to live long enough to justify its existence!

Aside from the quibbles, the prospect of a 2000-mile pack is enticing! But if you ran such a battery down, it would take all night on a SuperCharger to refill!!

Teslation | 30. joulukuu 2012


Magic Sky glass car dome roof sounds great, need some info if the shade setting helps cool the car in summer which would help save a/c use and thus electricity in hot climes like Desert Springs, or Dallas etc. Mecedes is a Tesla partner & board member, so it might cost nothing to acquire.

Wonder if they could combine that with see through flexible solar on roof. Maybe they could partner with a University to keep research costs down on that.

Now to get these research goodies from partners like Daimler and Toyota I propose they do the following:
1) Arrange ahead of time to sell top line cars to Daimler/Toyota dealerships outside the U.S. where franchise
laws do not interfere. Let's say 20,000 cars each, six per dealership, Roadsters, Model S & Model X.
2) The catch is Daimler/Toyota only get cars when orders are slow. This keeps the Tesla factory humming at
full speed, maybe even allowing for expansion of the line.
A) In addition, they pay in advance to help cash flow.
B) In addition, they take the cars with the options Tesla wants to give them, to clear out Tesla's inventory,
like the plaid tweed seats sitting around for a year.
C). Another catch, the Daimler/Toyota dealers cannot take orders, just sell these few cars as is, for
impulse buys. If the buyer wants customized options and colors, they have to order online thru Tesla.
D) Car availability solely at the discretion of Tesla, and only in certain markets that Tesla specifies.
E). For the privilege of having a few of the best electric cars in the world sitting on their lots drawing in
customers Daimler/Toyota both pony up 250 million in advance, and give Tesla acces to new
technology like the magic sky dome glass roof.

Now it's a win/win situation. Tesla gets tremendous advertising from cars sitting on Daimler/Toyota dealerships around the world; but only outside the U.S. Tesla keeps their factories humming even if orders start slowing, they get cash infusions, the cars are not discounted to maintain Tesla's profit margins, so they will cost more, the only advantage is you can buy it the same day instead of ordering online and waiting. But if you do order online, the price is less and it's customizable; but you have to wait for delivery. For Daimler/Toyota they get the prestige of selling the hottest, most popular EV's in the world, but only as a same day impulse buy.

Notice I'm trying to pay for a my suggestions now, so it costs Tesla little or nothing; and in the best case Tesla even makes money in advance. I'll endeavor to keep doing that, to help cash flow and the ramping process at this critical expansion time. Expanding and creating profits is a tremoundously hard thing to do. Great comments Tesla Enthusists Design Team.

Teslation | 31. joulukuu 2012

Brian H

"2000 mile would take all might on a supercharger to refill !!"

It sounds great, charge the car once a month!

But to charge the car quickly, it's time for the crayro-supercharger. They already move electrons ten times faster with high temperature super conductors , see electric cables produced by American Superconductor in link below.
(Ticker symbol is AMSC).

A Cyro supercharger could do the same, I know this is way out there , but as an imaginative possibility, an enclosed chamber around the electric car's battery could be gravity filled by the cyro-charger with liquid nitrogen to super cool the battery, then electrical resistance is greatly reduced, and the electrons can travel ten times faster into the battery. After charging, the liquid nitrogen is drained out the bottom and back into the cryro-charger. However it may all be for not if the lithium cannot absorb the electrons 10 times faster in a super cooled state. Good basic research question.

Again, perhaps to save money, partner with a University, to conserve research funds.

Teslation | 04. tammikuu 2013

Looks like we need some ideas here, how about these:

1). Weather navigation , paid for by google maps research. Great for retired travelers 2 week car vacationers.
Basically the weather overlays your google maps trip. You can then run your trip forward at any given start
time and see how the weather affects the trip.

2). Model S Golfers' Edition & video. Show how the Model S can seat a Golfers' foursome, plus 4 really large
golf bags. Also included on the Dash screen:
A). Golfers app, shows all golf courses within range or along your trip, pointing out those with charging for
EV's. The app also allows you to send email requests for EV charging at your favorite golf courses that
dont have EV charging. Now stop and play 9 holes of golf in the middle of the day and still drive 400-
500 miles a day. Hotel charging at night.
B). Golfers' reverse auction app function. Golf app shows golf courses within range, you specify a date,
then the reverse auction golf app holds a continouse reverse auction between the golf courses for your
business. Golf courses are allowed to rebid lower/better offers as they see the other bids. Possible
funds for this provided by Google, EBay , or a startup or developer.

4). Here's a hard one to visualize, a special model S tailgate and roof version that slides up then down into the
car behind the front seats, this leaves half the curved tailgate up in the air acting like a giant airfoil. What this
does is create an airtight open air cargo bed sidewalls and the rear seats fold down to create an airtight cargo
bed floor.

This could create a cargo bed capable of hauling two motorbikes, or one ATV, a washer, etc with an air
foil in front of the cargo to cut down on air drag while driving with cargo. I believe this would be a totally
unique feature and could allow the model S to compete with suburbans, vans, even small pickup trucks. To
finance, partner with another company to developed this feature.

Brian H | 04. tammikuu 2013

Not tea bags! Not sure about the Transformer Pickup, but who knows? And with the demographic Baby Boom Bulge now hitting retirement age, the Golfer focus sounds like a winner.

danielccc | 05. tammikuu 2013

I'd like it to be simple, safe, reliable, fast, quiet, with great range, and exceptional looks.

I don't want fancy electronics (if it was up to me the dash would be analog), certainly no fancier than the Model S.

Having said that, advanced safety features are always welcome, as are energy savers such as vented seats.

I would also like to see, for all of Tesla, detailed material life-cycle information and tracking, starting with major components and eventually the whole car. That is, the company should gradually migrate to a cradle to cradle, closed cycle manufacturing model.

This would be truly advanced, gizmos are just sugar coating we all get tired of after the first few thousand miles.

danielccc | 05. tammikuu 2013

And one more thing...

I think the center panel screen should swivel slightly. On the Model S it is tilted towards the driver some 10 degrees, but I think it should be possible for the screen to be tilted in the other direction as well, to facilitate use by the passenger.

So the driver can focus on driving while the passenger uses the Web or whatever to find a movie or restaurant or simply browse.

It would have three stops: driver, center, and passenger.

Teslation | 05. tammikuu 2013

Brian H

We'll call number 4 the " Air Foil Cargo Bay Hatch". Car designers, I assume are always looking for ideas, this would make a good concept car prototype for Toyota/Daimler, who can pay the development costs. To help visualize more, the hatch/tailgate slides up while 2/3 rds of the roof rotates down into the car. Think of a reverse "r" , now rotate it a quarter turn to the left, now raise the flap for the air foil. Actually as I visualize it, it wouldn't look anything like a pickup, and the air foil in front of the cargo sticking up above rooftop height might actually look pretty cool.

As for golfers, I believe there are 300 golf courses in the Phoenix, Az area alone enough golfers to buy an entire years production of Model S's, enough said.

Teslation | 05. tammikuu 2013


Hey Daniel, like the suggestion on the tilting screen. And the life cycle Information and tracking would be a great way for Tesla to address in a formal way, peoples' concerns and deceptive criticism from non-sincere people with hidden agendas.

holidayday | 06. tammikuu 2013

From my perspective the GenIII/ Bluestar/ "people car" is what the original Saturn should have been. (or rather, what I was expecting in a "different kind of company/different kind of car").

a) It should have lots of cup holders. (because people like to put a drink down.)
b) It should communicate like a 21st century automobile. It should talk to your house (wifi) and it should talk to your phone (bluetooth), but with subtle but effective advances. (such as options to display weather, news, social networking updates when you get in the car)
c) Head up display / Infrared vision / auto-drive type modes. These have been mentioned before and should be options for a 21st century vehicle. (and auto-drive is the adaptable cruise control, or even self-drive technology coming)
d) "borrow" electricity reducing technology, (as mentioned before) heated/cooled seats, Mercedes' SkyActive roof, Solar Panel roof to run climate controls, AirScarf tech for convertible.
e) (and getting more out there) - seats that turn for easy in/out. for a two-door coupe, add the third (and fourth?) mini swing doors, or just have full gull-wing.
f) Aim for 5 star safety, and add multiple exterior cameras to prevent crashes / parking guides/ replace review mirrors.
g) include screens on the rearview mirror area/build review camera screens into top of cockpit area / sun visor.
h) Use a type of window tinting technology on the windshield combined with driver observation to dim the setting sun. This would dim exactly the area of the windshield where the driver sees the sun. (driver observation similar to the technology that senses driver sleepiness by blinks and head nods)
i) Car personality. Yep, talking cars. They talk for GPS, so why not a conversational way to set windows, radio, climate, or to just ask the car how it's doing. (Think Jarvis from the Ironman movies, or even Siri on Apple).
j) Massaging chairs. Sure sure, you can buy an after-market one, but I want this car to take good care of me, be the ultimate driving machine, pride of the fleet.
i) adjusting colors on the outside. Start with the two-tones that you see (viewed as purple straight ahead, or green if the sun hits it right), or the color changes with brightness (gold in the day, black at night), or full on full spectrum color with tiny fiberoptics covering the car (or other method). Sure, it would the fiberoptics would be an energy drain, but each future enhancement would have challenges to overcome.

What SHOULD cars be in 20 years? in 50 years? It may not be doable today, but thank you for this forum which can bring the future thoughts to fruition sooner than later.
(and yes, I borrowed other companies' taglines, copyrighted and/or branded items in this post)

Brian H | 06. tammikuu 2013

Keep in mind the GenIII is to be a cheaper family car. Cutting-edge tech is not cheap to develop or implement.

Forget the Solar Roof. For its cost, you could add many kWh battery capacity. Very poor value per dollar.

TV | 07. tammikuu 2013

A Supersport AWD Version of the Model S. Dual Motors? 125 kWh battery for 0-60 in under 3 seconds and a top speed of 160 MPH.
400 Mile Range. I'll trade "top-end" for Distance without thinking twice. You don't need to beat Bugatti. Who cares about Bugatti? Just make a Model S that carries everyone comfortably and is faster, quicker, and handles better than a 2014 Corvette. (handling better than a Corvette? Well...the center of gravity is real low...but maybe that's a bit of a reach? But certainly an AWD "Model SS" (Supersport) that is under 3 seconds is very possible. As for 160 MPH? Well, I'd rather have 200 Mph, but I know there are tradeoffs, and I REALLY want a 400 Mile Range. Oh...and "something" (?wheels?) that tells the viewer that this is an SS. Badging? Badging is always fun...

Model SS "Sport Tuned Suspension", with "Regular", "Sport", "Track" and "Velcro" settings.

From Tesla Gear:
The "Go-Juicer"
A "portable" (carry in your trunk) Ultra Heavy Duty Device that splits into two parts:
Part "A" plugs into the female part of the car, and has a wireless receiver that synchronizes to (remote) Part "B".
Part "b' plugs into either a 110 or a 220 Volt outlet, and then, you just "Sync" the two, to transmit wirelessly for charging. (Welcome to the 21st Century version of "Gas Siphoning"!)

I like the $6000 Handling kit on the Roadster....Tesla should offer something similar for the regular Model S. The Model S handles GREAT, but seriously, let's tune it for the that idea has "legs".

All vehicles plumbed for Laser Detectors and Jammers. Now, I know that Jammers are just plumb the cars for it, and "under the table" refer us to the right place. (yep)

Tesla Branded Luggage > I suggest getting it from Saddleback Leather Company. They have the absolute BEST Leather Luggage in the world. Their motto is "They'll fight over it when you are dead". I do not work there, but I am a very loyal customer. Their stuff is AWESOME, and has a 100 Year Warranty. The stuff is indestructable.

You have the best car, but your shirts need work. Think "high-end" golf shirts. Tesla "unlimited power"

Just a random thought: You know those Highway Patrol electric guns that they fire onto some cars in some states to immediately short-circuit speeding cars so they just go dead and roll to a stop? I hope you have figured out that IF they fire one of those gizmos onto a tesla, it won't permanently fry the car.

A box with a plug. Owners keep plugged in it at home, or store it in the trunk. It is actually a portable 10 kWh Battery setup. If you are on the road and in the middle of "nowhere", you can just plug it into the main battery and your Tesla will go for another 35 miles?

You know the tesla coil that shoots out the purple sparks at night like an electrical storm gone crazy? When a Tesla owner drives by a gas station: It would be kind of fun to be able to push a button and it sends a few sparks to piss off the guys at the pump who are tired of paying $4 a gallon (ok, that may be stupid...I'm getting tired, goodnight.)

keithz | 07. tammikuu 2013

Honestly, rather than a bazillion options, I'd just like more standard equipment.

In the price category of the BlueStar, things like keyless entry and a moonroof are standard. As such, I hope that Tesla eventually makes the the Pano roof and the Tech Package as standard on all their vehicles.

Add to that, by 2015, I'd like to see them drop the 40KWh battery pack and go to 50, 75 and 100 as standard. The 75KWh and 100KWh battery packs would yield EPA rated ranges of 250 and 300miles respectively. The 50KWh and 75KWh battery packs would yield 200 miles and 300 miles of EPA rated range, respectively, on the Bluestar.

Beyond that, options I'd like to see:

1) Heads up display/augmented reality display. Helps to not take eyes off the road.

2) Driver assist technologies (lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, park assist)

3) Memory for seats

4) Ability for car to access WiFi on the go so it can run on a smartphone's hotspot.

Teslation | 18. tammikuu 2013

See we got some more really good comments from the project team here on this thread, I encourage all ideas, no matter your perspective. Some love rich simplicity matched with awesome design work, others have classy option & cool tech desires, yet others creatie imaginative ideas. And let's not forget those who crave efficiency and cost savings, like the model S skateboard battery platform which gave the car many unique, previously unimagined benefits for EV's.

But at the same time, lets not hold back those ideas that swing for the fences, shoot for the moon, stars, and whatevever else is out there, even if these ideas are a little pricey, a cost/benefit analysis and cost re-invention can be done later. The skateboard platform was not cheap, but it led to many improvements/efficiencies/ & benefits. And to paraphrase Tesla Invester Larry Page of Google: " You should come up wirh some crazy ideas and try to develope them." I guess ideas like Chrome, free forever stored & searchable GoogleMail, Android free operating system, self driving cars, or even the platform battery, may have been considered crazy at some point by someone.

I'm sure Tesla and enthusiasts can appreciate all the ideas/feedback & response.
Feel free to repost ideas with connecting cross links from here for more in depth discussion/development elsewhere.

Now for an update, I'd guesstimate we now have 75 ideas more less, almost there. Feel free to develope any ideas here further with your response comments, few ideas are born full blown adults in their prime., super ideas, love the wireless chargers, that would also be great for condo and apartment dwellers.

Also the fluctuating paint color that changes from different viewpoints or reflections from green to purple. The GM Aurora had an iridescent white pearl paint that was also very nice. These colors work for signature/performance upgrades or more expensive models.

I also love the idea of the swivable chair for easy entry and exit. If I may add on, maybe this chair could electrically slide out of the car a little making it even easier.

Lastly, your Tesla Coil would be cool, maybe Westinghouse would pay the bill for it if their name was displayed on it. Or a variation, purple lightening bolts also appear as a heads up display on the side windows with the Westinghouse name also in purple. This would light up every time you activated the brakes or regen. And don't forget the NHTSA desired artificial noise, say thunder bolts and sizzling electricity when braking. When you hit the accelerator, the screaming sound of the Star Wars death star fighter jet.

Brian H | 18. tammikuu 2013

Particularly like the chair ideas.

Edit: You're clearly obsessed with E-lectricity. The "E's" are trying to take over:
"Invester Larry Page of Google: " You should come up wirh [with] some crazy ideas and try to develope them"


Superliner | 19. tammikuu 2013

Simple; The range capabilities of the 85kw Model S at a Max. 30K price point with a reasonable compliment of "standard equipment" for comparable class ICE's around the same price point of 30K TOPS!

Brian H | 19. tammikuu 2013

I believe the GenIII will be $30K like the MS is $60K: before options. Expect a loaded GenIII to reach $50K. It is the next larger tier of the marketplace, but is not "economy", though a style analysis of TCO would likely put it in competition with some, over 5-10 years.

Maybe there will be a GenIV, also with 200-400 mile range. And maybe the majors will have clued in by then.

Teslation | 20. tammikuu 2013

Brian H

Dang, if I didn't forget to run spell check after my final additions/insertions, apologies , my bad.

As for electricity obsession, maybe that Nikola Tesla movie I just watched had some affect.

& Superliner,
I agree Gen III needs simplicity, less options, etc, in order to manufacture them faster and maintain the same profit percentage.

That's  because to maintain the same profit per hour on a $30k car manufacturing line as a $90k car line, the $30 k cars have to come off the assembly line three times faster. So to make the same yearly profit of 20,000 model S cars, the plant needs to manufacture 60,000 Gen III's in the same time frame with similar overhead.

Ideas to keep cost down and desire ravenous:

1) The majority of parts should also be the same as the model S, so it will look a lot like the model S, just as the model X does.

2) Make Gen III supercharger ready AND get sponsors for the supercharger stations to finance a second wave buildout to 1600 supercharger stations as researched here:

A hundred or so sponsors like banks, utilities, supermarket chains etc should do it. A specific supercharger station sponsor example is FedEx. They get their name on supercharger stations under Tesla's. FedEx can put a FedEx mailbox there if they want. FedEx can post an EV friendly quote like, " FedEx saves 75% on local deliveries with our EV trucks."

3) No one is currently selling 60k mid range priced EV's a year because it is a weaker market right now for EV's.  So the Gen III needs fab features for exa: A convertible top option, is always a show stopper and shows off the interior of the car to bystanders

4) One good thing the model R and Model S did was to put to rest performance anxiety. Actually Tesla destroyed performance anxiety and miraculously turned it into performance euphoria, not even harsh critics question MS road performance. Now thats the way to solve a problem !

Tesla needs to do the same thing with range anxiety in their Gen III models. My opinion, range anxiety is similarly destroyed at 1000 miles per charge. This is currently not technically possible, but the first Gen III models need to take a step in that direction.

Here's one way. Elon is on record as saying a 500 mile battery is  feasible, just expensive. So Gen III should only have two battery sizes, 500 mile (80-100k), and 300 mile battery (40k).

The 300 mile battery version:
  a)  Comes standard with no option extras except the convertible option which is extra.
  b) The 17" screen is standard for appeal & parts compatibility with model S & X & other benefits.
  c). Includes 4 yr maintenance contract (1 free visit per yr).
  d). To reduce computer obsolescence anxiety, in the 4th year of the maintenance contract, you get free computer chips/processors upgrades installed.
  e)  There are only 4 color choices.
   f).  Supercharging included.

 The 500 mile battery version:
  a). Convertible option is extra.
  b). Lots of options, many same as model S & X & are shared inventory items.
  c)   More color options are available.
  d) Has Signature & performance versions.

Superliner, I did not include other possible costs such as taxes, delivery and paperwork charges, extra charging cords/accessories costs. In 8 yrs after a 2015 Gen III purchase, figure you save $20k in fuel & maintenance costs. A new battery, probably costs $10k in 2023 for a net gain/savings of $10k. I also didn't figure in any federal or state tax credits.

This doesn't eliminate price anxiety but it's a small step in that direction and a big step on the road to eliminating range anxiety. To get to 1000 miles a charge battery will require some breakthroughs.

Finally, in the link I posted above, the author mentions Tesla getting to 5 million cars a year, to get there Tesla will have to build at least ten more factories, keep their cars insanely desirable, two & three times better than the competition, and do this across all price points while continuing to work on various  EV associated anxieties.

Brian H | 20. tammikuu 2013

The current Supercharger business model does not use sponsors, or require them. Chargers are cheap, having hit the "economy of scale) threshold Elon speaks of, and Solar City handles the electricty swaps with the utilities. Further, the analysis showed that 100-200 stations made most long range routes available. The Seeking Alpha analysis covered every major highway in the country, which is unnecessary.

The additional market available with an expensive 100K car would not justify the use of expensive batteries. But their are developments in the pipeline which could achieve that, at reduced cost. It should be known in 3-5 yrs if they be feasible for mass manufacture; some may even be available, as they do not require new plant or chemistry. (The "banding" design, e.g.)

Brian H | 20. tammikuu 2013

typo: "economies of scale" threshold ...