For the Tesla Gen III, what 100 new features would you like to imagine or see available ?

For the Tesla Gen III, what 100 new features would you like to imagine or see available ?

Teslarians, what futuristic, hitech, game changer, ultra green, uber-cool, alto safety, mass production friendly, cost reducing, profit increasing features should Tesla's next generation, Gen III, vehicle have ? Also include Model C, S & X.

Whether large or small, simple or complex, technical or not, what are your ideas ?

To get started, here are some thoughts:

1) Put see through glass Tesla Shield  
   on hood  made of painted glass. The
   shield and letter T are left clear glass 
   and shows off the frunk by day. At 
   night a Hue light , with millions of 
   color variations can can be turn on 
   inside the frunk to light up the shield 
   and T during night driving.

2) Have detachable Household AC plug  
 battery  packs near base of seats  
 powered by solar panels on roof.

3) Anti crash system stops car from
  running into things. Qualifies for   
  insurance discount?

4) Retractable semi-opaque, tinted sun
 visors controlled by button on
 steering wheel similar to pulling down  
 a window shade electronically. It's 
 more functional because it allows the 
 driver to control visor on driver's 
 window, passenger window, and both 
 sides of the windshield. Could this be the world's best sun visor?

5) Have all wheels turn to 90 degrees,
  great for parallel parking. Have car
  capable of self parking.

6) Create @tesla/ Internet
    extension  for car related services 
    only to compliment .com sites. 

The .car extensions have voice only interface, with limited button pushing similar to a radio, no texting except through voice to text.

7) Shape the red tail lights as close
  as possible to the Tesla T Logo.
  Red led lights across bumper under
  the plate spell out Tesla Motors EV
  and highlight when brakes applied.

8) Equip Gen III with two sliding doors
  or 4 regular doors. To create
  easier access the opening door
  includes 1/3 of the roof. Also press a
  button in the door jamb to slide the
  front seats forward.

   A variation of this, have 1/3 strip of 
   roof retract toward the center of the 
   roof when you open the door.

9 ) NFD Near Field Discounts auction.
  Type in lunch etc. 5 miles distance, 
  2hrs for exa and nearby Merchants 
  continuously update bids against  
  each other on giving you    
  discounts for lunch.

10) KeyPay/CarPal digitized keychain 
      can be used to pay electronically, 
      and receits  are tagged& organized 
      into personal & business categories 
      for taxes. Syncs with smartphone 
      app and car consol to store info on the web.

11) Computerized self parking, both 
      back in and parallel .

Tesluthian | 09. huhtikuu 2013

Above is a photo of a Roadster battery.

Two of these Roadster batteries could fit behind the front seats of a two door pickup truck. Another Roadster battery under the toolbox at the head of the cargo bed. Add to this a skateboard battery and this Tesla all electric pickup truck has 4 batteries for over 1000 miles per charge. 5 to 50 times more range than the current competitors. Plus a 4 ton towing capacity, allowing you to haul two tons 500 miles.

Great for people with medium size boats on a boat hauler, going to the lake for the weekend.

Add a 5th wheel, and now you can haul a respectable size RV. And the Tesla EV truck should also be able to provide the RV with backup shore power if needed. No need to plug the RV into an RV park, instead plug into the electric truck when you find the perfect spot to park.

On a GenIII platform to save weight, the batteries would add about 3 thousand pounds. That means this smaller truck could pull a larger truck backwards, if connected back to back. A good monster truck show exhibition spectacle to watch to demonstrate electric vehicle power.

Another neat feature for this Tesla EV truck is to have the ability to lift the cargo bed electronically like a dump truck for dumping dirt, stones etc. This would help give it commercial as well as retail appeal. Ditto for the 1000 mile range.

When the new batteries are used up, Tesla should let you lease the second set of batteries, to keep replacement cost down. All in all a real monster truck.

Brian H | 09. huhtikuu 2013

The next Roadster will have little, especially battery placement, in common with the first one. Waste of breath/typing.

tdelta1000 | 12. huhtikuu 2013

~I say go with a baseball glove brown leather seating surface on higher end models.
~I say add aluminum as one of the interior trim selections on the base models.
~I say add dark gray fabric as seating surface on the base models.
~I would like to see halogen fog lights as a base offering and LED on the higher end models.

Tesluthian | 13. huhtikuu 2013


Dark brown is a classic I also like. To the base model, I would add the full google maps. I use Gmaps a lot, think its great.

To the GenIII models I would add in silver lettering on the car, or on an emblem the word "GEN III", it just sounds very cool to me, and I think would help their new technology branding with newer customers. If a GenIII emblem, perhaps shape like a battery laying horizontal in dark blue with GEN III written in silver. A small silver star and the deep blue background would refer to the code name "Blue Star" for those in the know.

In any event, Tesla does listen to requests. I see they added some new options. Two new options mentioned here & elsewhere, 1) Heated Wipers 2) Artic (Winter) upgrade package.

I haven't heard anything about coat hooks though. Looks like you might have to buy some at Home Depot and glue them on.

evpro | 13. huhtikuu 2013

AC output from the battery pack for emergency power at home (or anywhere) and ability to rescue another Tesla if ever needed. This would be pretty inexpensive to add.

Tesluthian | 13. huhtikuu 2013

This is an update on hood ornament idea. Doing a little CQI, on the coloring. I notice ornaments are silver, and once in a great while, gold. And I'd like to see a two toned Tesla Eagle ornament in these two colors. These would be for ultra luxury models of the MS, MX, G3Ms, G3Mx, MR, Truck, Van ,Convertible, etc, etc.

As posted in my previous link, generally a flowing eagle.

An eagle in two tones. The Eagles head or cap would be silver, and the eagle body gold. I like symbolism and to me a two tone silver and gold eagle has good symbolism/metaphor.

The silver head/cap denotes wisdom (silver hair), and smarts (the silver fox). This would also represent the buyer.

The gold color of the eagles body represents the value and worth of the car.

And the fact that the ornament is a type of Bald Eagle, a mythical silvery, bald, golden eagle would denote the fact it's American.

And if your in school and want a good EngLit grade try "Psychological analysis of metaphor and symbolism in plot, characters and scene".

Tesluthian | 13. huhtikuu 2013


+1 all the way !

Tesluthian | 13. huhtikuu 2013


Always enjoy your pithy comments Brian.

Tesluthian | 13. huhtikuu 2013

Logan 745 | March 30, 2013

I suspect maybe you like swapping out battery stations mostly to get the purchase price down. I think a better thing to hope for is for Elon to invent a revolutionary manufacturing idea to get the cost down to 25k, 15k for a good used Gen III. Something similar in manufacturing revolution like Ford did by inventing the assembly line technique.

Nantang | 15. huhtikuu 2013

My car for now is a Lexus GS450h, though it's only a matter of time before I make the upgrade.

The Model S for the time being is missing some luxury amenities found on other similarly priced cars. My Lexus has heated and ventilated front seats and a steering wheel warmer. (It sounds overly poshy, but I have already gotten a lot of use out of it.) It also has dynamic radar cruise control, which I've gotten used to having pretty quickly; it makes the car feel like it's driving itself at times, something that certainly fits the flavor of Tesla as the front edge of tech. I've also got a much harder to find feature, a driver alertness monitor that make sure I'm not nodding off to sleep, a great extra safety net to have when you're a physician on long commutes at five in the morning. (My commutes are typically two hours, so if I want all-electric, Tesla is the only option. Thankfully, they're a good one; their sports performance luxury car is one of the few that my GS has any reason to envy.)

Other Lexus and Mercedes offer lane keep assist and blind spot monitors. Since both have stake in Tesla, maybe they can cross-pollinate their vehicle safety R&D in exchange for the coveted battery technology.

That, and I'd like to see wood accents as an option on the steering wheel. I know, not the most futuristic, but it makes a car look and feel more luxury-minded. Perhaps another alternative could be carbon fiber accents instead, for the sports look.

Mel. | 15. huhtikuu 2013

Nantang, what company or government agency do you work for? Thanks

Brian H | 15. huhtikuu 2013

Details, details ...

Tesluthian | 16. huhtikuu 2013


If only Tesla could electrify the best of Mercedes and Toyota cars with the best of Tesla technology. Although Tesla may be behind in some tech and options, they will catch up in time, as noted in their interest in driverless cars.

Until then, I feel your extra safety features pain. Of all your suggestions, I think the driver alertness monitor would score high on a Tesla list of additions in the near future. Tesla really covets a safety reputation. That feature is interesting because they could marry it to other call features like video calling or as I suggested, driver facial recognition to prevent thefts. And as another commentator suggested, auto set custom settings for different drivers through facial recognition. In other words, more bang for the Tesla R&D buck.

Tesluthian | 16. huhtikuu 2013

Here's a link to the BMW i3 concept coup, (lots of marketing fluff),supposedly coming out soon and starting at $60k from what I hear.

Maybe BMW reads this thread since BMW uses a term I previously coined in this thread about a "Life Drive" (see page 3 of this thread, Tesluthian | January 31, 2013.)

BMW is now using this term "Life Drive" in their marketing although with a totally different meaning/definition, see link above.

For that $60k price, I think Americans would prefer a full size MS 60kWh starting at about the same price. However, this BMW i3 may be designed more for Europe where some cities & city streets were designed for horses not cars. City traffic can be both tight & congested.

That's another reason I think some of the coming Tesla Gen III model designs could be multitasked and made into super Luxury models, where I define luxury as 400-500 miles per electric charge. Europe and Asia, are more comfortable with smaller cars for practical reasons. Perhaps we should call this "Electric Luxury Range" that has no range anxiety. Elon is on record as saying it is possible, just expensive. I think it's important to put a no range anxiety All Electric Vehicle on the market as soon as possible to show the masses what's possible and what's coming.

Tesluthian | 18. huhtikuu 2013

Upon further research , I see BMW has been using the term "Life Drive" for at least a couple years now. See my comment above. I guess I channeled it from the ether somewhere. So to maintain my thread integrity I'm changing my page 3 term to "Life Time Hard Drive". Penance done.

Antony | 18. huhtikuu 2013


I am a student at Southwest Baptist University and I recently did a speech on renewable energy and its applications. I came across the "Tesla car" during my research from watching a TED talk and I got very excited and interested. My thoughts and questions on the Tesla model s or future gens are 1. are they planning to make it easy for the super charge system available a large amount of people at one time considering it takes 30 min for half a charge. and 2. Has the thought come across anybody's mind of installing a type of solar panel on the roof of the car, to somehow connect it to the engine with a possible charging system while driving making it possible for longer travels without starts. or implementing multiple batteries in the engine in combination with a solar panel on the roof to maximize distance? also 3. How about possible an electric truck to give people more of an option ???

Scatterbrain | 18. huhtikuu 2013

Concas is spot on! There needs to be a third party App that will allow the entire screen to have a K.I.T.T. "wrapper" laid over it complete with William Daniel's voice! Not gonna lie, I would spend big bucks for that app if it actually was smart enough to handle all the various systems and do voice commands ("siri tech").

Mike T | 18. huhtikuu 2013

1. Since cabin heating and cooling uses a lot of power, I'd like to see an electric, heatable front windshield like the mini has.
2. Tesla styling has been very good, so I'm confident they will keep it up.
3. Interior material quality has really been lacking in most entry luxury class (eg Benz C-class, Lexus IS) I'd like to see similar quality transferred to genIII from MS

Above all though: range and price, but that has been confirmed by Mr Musk;)

ian | 19. huhtikuu 2013

@Tesluthian - OK this has been bugging me and I'm suprised Brian H. hasn't already called you out on it. There is no such place on earth called the "Artic". The "Arctic" is in the North and the "Antarctic" is in the South. ;-)

There are definitely some great ideas here. I don't have any to add that haven't already been suggested.


Brian H | 19. huhtikuu 2013

Yeah, I'd seen some reference to a commercial site that used that misspelling, and thought that was all that was happening here, but you're right; Telluthian and tdelta both refer to an "Artic" package of options. It's Arctic, of course, as you note.

TeslaRocks | 20. huhtikuu 2013

Ah, yes, although I am not familiar with how the MS does in cold weather, the experience in my Ford this winter (with a regularly frosty windshield) has convinced me that windshield defrosting in ICE cars is pathetic and should be improved on. Basically, with ICE, unless you park in garage or the sun, the only way to combat frost is to idle or drive, although driving is not a safe option until you can see enough through the frost. Either way, you waste fuel and/or compromise safety. Tesla, with massive electric power on hand, has a great opportunity to solve the problem of fog and frost in an impressive way. I'll leave it up to Tesla engineers to figure out the ideal solution, but my suggestion is invisible heating wires in the windshield to defog and even defrost in an instant, right before your eyes or before you even get to your car.

ian | 21. huhtikuu 2013

Can the defrost be turned on from the mobile app?

I hope they add a steering wheel heater. My wife's BMW has one and it's awesome.

Tesluthian | 21. huhtikuu 2013


Always open to improvement, good spelling equals good culture, especially in these arctically trying times for us all, if you allow the adverb usage ?

Tesluthian | 21. huhtikuu 2013


Great idea about targeting defrost, it does take awhile to heat them up, and I haven't heard anyone solve that problem yet, great opportunity for Tesla engineers.


I missed an i in your name in that last post.

Your idea to include defrost in the app also an awesome idea.

Tesluthian | 21. huhtikuu 2013


It's in the top 100 misspelled words, your work has only just begun.

Tesluthian | 21. huhtikuu 2013

Maybe clear solar panels on roof connected to windshield defrost system would be a perfect small electrical use for it. It would be on all the time. Many people seem to want that, but don't realize the low amount of electricity a solar roof would generate. Just as much for show as function, a solar roof does seem to generate excitement.

Mike T | 22. huhtikuu 2013

"Tesluthian | APRIL 21, 2013 NEW

Great idea about targeting defrost, it does take awhile to heat them up, and I haven't heard anyone solve that problem yet, great opportunity for Tesla engineers."

The electric front window defroster has actually been solved by Mini already! See my previous comment. It's only a $200 option on the mini here in Canada.

Tesluthian | 24. huhtikuu 2013

A couple photos of a luxury Cadillac pickup truck:

I'm sure Tesla could improve on this luxury truck.

The problems I see:

1) The cargo bed is too small, expand the cargo bed and eliminate the rear doors. A bigger cargo bed would allow third party development of sleeper cabin attachments on the cargo bed. And leave some room for a 5th wheel in bumper area. This way you can have both : a RV 5th wheel and a cargo bed sleeper.

And of course Tesla could do something else unique, besides a frunk and 17" dash screen , how about cargo bed sidewalls that fold down from the side of the cargo bed instead of just the back tailgate, a side gate ability ? This would give storage area while hauling an RV. Or, side entrance to a sleeper bed while hitched to a flatbed trailer, horse trailer, boat trailer etc. This allows sleeping in the Tesla truck while hauling a trailer.

If used for business's, A Tesla truck would qualify for business deductions, making lease financing more affordable. If the business needs the fifth wheel, cargo bed sidewalls that lower like a tailgate, gives better storage access when hooked to a 5th wheel.

All we need is a battery system that hauls 2-4 tons 500 miles per charge. Any battery designers out there ?

2) The Caddy truck doesnt have dumptruck abilities. A Tesla truck should also have an electric dump truck

3) The Cadillac truck looks like two different vehicles welded together. It should look more like a truck, not a
limo with a cargo bed welded onto it.

Tesluthian | 26. huhtikuu 2013

Good documentary film on Tesla's life. Ironic none of the engineers who worked on his design of the Niagra Power plant thought it would work. Only Tesla himself was sure it would work. Sounds exactly the same as some of Tesla's other unproven ideas he promoted. If only Tesla could have just flipped a switch and proved his ideas work, like he did at the Niagra power plant.

And I think a working miniature Tesla Coil should be made into a hood ornament for the 500 mile battery TM cars which Elon hinted at today, and may be doable soon. Would look cool at night shooting out little lightning bolts.

Inside the car, why not a miniature Tesla Coil mounted on top of the dash. Fine wires embedded in the windshield are heated up wirelessly from mini lightning bolts shooting out from the Tesla coil that heat the wires and defrost the windshield. Amaze your friends like Tesla use to do.

This works when the car is stationary, when the car is moving, the wires are switched over to a conventional wire heating system.

Maiky Nisute | 27. huhtikuu 2013

If you buy an Tesla car get a solar roof on your house for free!?!

11forin | 27. huhtikuu 2013

"A solar roof on your house for free" has been available for a while now. (You sign a lease and only pay bills for cheaper electricity - quite straightforward)

SolarCity makes it possible for you to switch to solar power without incurring the high upfront cost. In fact, SolarCity will install your solar system for free! You simply pay for your solar power by the month—just like your utility bill—only lower.

Tesluthian | 28. huhtikuu 2013


+1 Can't beat that.

11forin | 28. huhtikuu 2013

Narrow side windows look good in car design.
Maybe connect side windows with the back window to increasing visibility.

11forin | 28. huhtikuu 2013

Rethink car seats, maybe adjustable to a more lying position (for sports model/adjustable), different angle.
It feels like car seating haven't changed, been rethought in years.

Tesluthian | 28. huhtikuu 2013

Sure seats that released back like a recliner, with a place for your feet if you had to take a quick nap on a long trip, would be much more comfortable.

11forin | 28. huhtikuu 2013

Christmas-tree decoration style-stop lights in Bentley GT always look cheap (and silly) when I see them on the road at night. (maybe on Nissan it's ok:/)

I haven't seen Model S in real life, but in photos it seems to have a similar light - make it better, maybe bigger or something but not just a line of small dots...

The back lights otherwise are very important - they make car look good and instantly recognisable. Some manufacturers were completely ignoring this. Look up the first generation Mercedes M Class. This is a newer generation still not much better:,_Facelift)_–_Heckansicht,_20._Juni_2011,_Velbert.jpg

Old Maserati 3200 GT was quite distinct:

and then something gone wrong in the design department and it went for a common Jaguar look:

These days it's better again:

The lights have to be distinctive. Something like this:

Model S back lights are not bad, apart of Christmas lights bit... Leave that to Bentley toy

Tesluthian | 28. huhtikuu 2013


I see what you mean about the Xmas tree look at night with led lights.

Tesluthian | 28. huhtikuu 2013

Ok here's a link to wrap around glass window treatment on a car that 11forin may have been talking about:

If you look closely , the thin metal roof supports are hidden by overlaying the window on top of the steel parts.
I believe 11forin would like a car styled with this glass going all the way around the car. And maybe have the glass a little more narrow for a better look. I agree it could be quite stylish if done right. 11forin suggests the metal parts be as thin as practical for the best panoramic view.

Possibly would look better on a sports car like the Roadster.

Tesluthian | 28. huhtikuu 2013

For a truly unobstructed panoramic view, you might get away with complete glass bubble top on a smaller car like the Roadster. The whole top would flip open, and then you open the door to get in, all automatic by fob key. Nice easy access. Like driving with the top down all the time, even while raining. And if done right could be very sporty, say a tear drop shaped.

I would guess the glass or clear material would need good thickness to pass safety tests, like rollover test etc with a 5 star safety rating.

Tesluthian | 28. huhtikuu 2013

Here's something new I have not heard before about an advancement in Electric All Wheel Drive that Tesla is developing for their Model X that is not possible in Ice vehicles' all wheel drive. Elon definitely must of been listening to the winter drivers' desire for cold weather performance. I know I mentioned the ability of the Tesla car's computer should have the ability to put the car in neutral in the event of an acceleration skid. But it looks like Elon has come up with something even better. I did not think this was possible.

He describes it here in this video right around 3 min, 35 seconds.

In the event you hit an ice patch/black ice/slippery slow etc, Elon says his Electric All Wheel Drive will have the abilility to shift torque from all wheel drive to the front or back wheel drive instantly wherever the traction is. This will help tremendously with acceleration skids, especially if the system can also shift the wheels to neutral instantly , and/or slow down wheel slippage type spin instantly until traction is gained. The best part is Elon says Ice cars will not be able to do this because their mechanical non-electric motors are too slow. This is something Elon lives for, demonstrating the superiority of all electric motors and cars.

Some examples of correcting acceleration skids with this migrating torque, electric, all wheel drive:

1) Your driving up a snowy hill at 35 mph and start fish tailing and losing traction. The electric all wheel drive MX will shift torque to the front wheels or back wheels, wherever the best traction is.

And if I'm right, the system can also slow the wheel spin down until you gain more traction, say it slows you down almost instantly from 35 mph and no traction to 10 mph and good traction.

2) Your driving in your Tesla Model X at 55ph and hit a patch of ice in electric all wheel drive. The front wheels hit the ice first and lose traction. Instantly the torque is cut from the front wheels and shifted to the back wheels. When the back wheels hit the ice and start slipping, torque is shifted back to the front wheels if they cleared the ice and have traction. If all four wheels are on ice and slipping , the system goes into freewheeling mode (neutral) where neither acceleration or braking is advised.

3) The freewheeling , neutral mode may be good when approaching a bridge on a cold rainy day and just the bridge is frozen with a long patch of ice on the overpass.

Any of this sound familiar to the Europeans up by the arctic circle ?

Brian H | 28. huhtikuu 2013

At around the 8:00 mark he also confirms the Euro Superchargers will be 120kW, able to fully charge an 85 from 0 in ½ hr. Didn't answer the SC deployment "when and where" question.

Tesluthian | 28. huhtikuu 2013

Yep those lucky Europeans will never see our slow 90 kW SC's. Elon is promising more SC details and media announcement in a week or two.

ekim308 | 14. toukokuu 2013

how about a Tesla pickup?

Tesluthian | 14. toukokuu 2013

Yep, definitely going to need a pickup, especially for Tesla early investors to haul around all that cash they made in the stock. Elon too, he bought a million shares at about $28.00 at the last secondary offering, made a quick $50 million in about 8 months. In hundred dollar bills, that might fit in the bed of a pickup.

Anyway, pickups are definitely on Elon's "To Do" list. He's mentioned making pickups numerous times.

dmartin7652 | 21. toukokuu 2013

1)I would like to see a holographic screen appear in the full rear window when the gen 3 is put into reverse. The screen will show a three dimensional reverse view of any and all objects behind the car complete with measurements and distance until impact. If the camera detects infare red heat which is most likely a person or animal the brakes on the gen 3 will apply automatically.
2)I'd like to see GPS screen display seamlessly incorporated into the front window but only the street name,approximate time, and distance to reach the next turn.
3)Complete panoramic sunroof from the front glass until the start of the trunk.
4)Built in Radar detector x, k, and whatever new.If the car goes 0-60 in 4secs give us a chance.
5)The ability to turn the front storage compartment into a frigerator/freezer, sometimes you want to buy Meat/Ice cream but don't want to head straight home.

ajamison | 21. toukokuu 2013

If the law gets passed requiring electric cars to make noise when going 18 mph or slower add the option for that noise to be the scanner sweep noise from the original Knight Rider!

Tesluthian | 22. toukokuu 2013


Like all those out of the box ideas.

Campers/hikers might really appreciate the fridged frunk, also nice for picknics. Perhaps a third party install, then Tesla need only supply several plug outlets with enough amps to power fridge, microwave , electric barbecue , etc.

There's lots of space in the frunk to work with. A third party might install a complete multi-part system in there.

The fridge of course. And a nice big separate fridge battery to run it in the back of the frunk, (which is hard to reach anyway). This frunk battery charges when you charge the vehicle, so I imagine Tesla would provide a port to charge this fridge backup battery. Now the Tesla main car battery backs up the fridge battery.

Besides the third party system of a large fridge battery & custom shaped fridge, a third energy source of this system could be a solar panel on the car roof. It would charge the fridge battery and keep it charged while driving. Again Tesla would just provide a port for the solar system to receive and track the solar energy, and give the energy to the fridge battery. (The solar roof panel is popular , and I feel is a great aesthetic on a EV).

Hopefully the fridge battery & solar electricity will be enough to keep the fridge cold without using any energy from the main battery, just use the main car battery for backup.

To make the system even more popular, have the fridge battery detachable and removable for portable electricity (beach use, camping use etc), or as emergency electricity. So let's say parts of the fridge battery fit in a backpack.

All in all lots of potential for your idea dmartin, all Tesla need do is supply some plugs and ports, or do it all themselves.

Tesluthian | 22. toukokuu 2013


Good idea ajamison for taking a negative and making it into a possitive. I'd like lots of options for sounds, so people could get something cool, bad*ss, unique or whatever they wanted.

I just wonder if the sound has to be approved by a GOV't agency and what conditions it must meet ?

Anyhow yeah the car should have a bunch of sound options for that. Perhaps if Tesla gets their car OS set up for third party apps, like an approved Tesla app store. Then it would be third party apps to the rescue for unlimited sounds.

Just download one of many Tesla third party sound apps to your smartphone, and choose your coolest sound for you car, and it's automatically transferred to your car. Sounds like the roar of TRex in Jurrasic Park, the scream of a jet fighter in Star Wars, etc.

How about a rotating sound app?

Brian H | 22. toukokuu 2013

Owner-selectable external sounds will never by authorized, for exactly the reasons you describe; the cacophony would be G-awful.

And solar roof panels on a car are Fisker-level goofy and pointless, for reasons discussed extensively on the forums. Tesla is far smarter than that.

ajamison | 22. toukokuu 2013

Brian H Elon did say when they find a way to make Solar panels into the paint of a car which he thinks will someday be a reality then the entire car would be one huge solar panel on wheels