Tesla Model C

Tesla Model C


I'm very interested in the future model of Tesla motors called model c, a compact electric car for the masses.

I open this post to talk about that.

Here are some pics that i found.

manucc1 | 22. kesäkuu 2013

Do you think that the pics are real from Tesla?

WormtownKris | 22. kesäkuu 2013

@manucc1, Pics are not from Tesla. Theoplilus Chin is a talented artist and apparently a Tesla enthusiast. He periodically comes up with well drawn, realistic design derivatives off the Model S design, such as the sportswagon. Basically higher tech PhotoShop manipulations. But he is not affiliated with TM.

manucc1 | 22. kesäkuu 2013


And when real pics from Tesla?

ghillair | 22. kesäkuu 2013

If you study information on Tesla I think you will find they have never used the term Model C. Their future car is the Bluestar project also referred to as GenIII. The guide line is it will be available in 2016-17, so don't expect much before maybe 2015.

In addition to improving the Model S they are currently working on the Model X (SUV on the MS skateboard). It is due for delivery starting in late 2014.

Vulpine | 22. kesäkuu 2013

Cutesy, but would prefer a compact pickup truck instead.

cloroxbb | 22. kesäkuu 2013

I love hatchback design. Looks a little small in the storage department though, but of course there would be a frunk as well. :)

TeslaRocks | 22. kesäkuu 2013

The picture I see from the link looks like a model X.

TeslaRocks | 22. kesäkuu 2013

A less aerodynamic model X.