Tesla Model S as a backup generator

Tesla Model S as a backup generator

My apologies if this has been discussed before. I don't see a search feature on the forums to check it this has already been addressed.

After the earthquake in Japan many of the Japanese car makers have seen the benefit of having the ability to use the stored power in an electric or hybrid car to run critical functions in a house in the event of a power outage:

Will the Model S have this feature?

Even though I don't anticipate having an earthquake in Texas, tornados are a possibility and rolling blackouts can happen in the summer. I'd just like to keep my fridge running and if it is hot, keep the ceiling fans running. I'm not anticipating trying to run my AC.


Volker.Berlin | 21. heinäkuu 2011

Yeah, the search feature is infamously lacking from this forum. However, you can use Google with a search term like this: backup power source

Inconvenient yet effective. That search leads to this related topic:

Brian H | 21. heinäkuu 2011

Yes, the principle applies to any search engine, and any site. Very useful.

Timo | 21. heinäkuu 2011

At least if they have allowed Google crawlers to reach those pages. Not all places do (but most do).