Is Tesla Model S Homelink compatible with MyQ Garage Door Opener technology with Smartphones?

Is Tesla Model S Homelink compatible with MyQ Garage Door Opener technology with Smartphones?

I have to change my Garage Door Opener and I was thinking of getting the LiftMaster MyQ enabled unit (LiftMaster Model# 8587W).
Question: I have 2015 Model S with High Tech Package. I was wondering if the HomeLink programming will recognize the MyQ technology from the LiftMaster Garage Opener unit? Any insights into this matter would be appreciated.


trixiew | 14. tammikuu 2016

Not sure what you are asking i have MyQ for my 2 garage doors I rarely use it with my Tesla side because its easier to hit the Homelink button. But, I still can control my door with my phone if I want to.

Homelink and MyQ dont interface at all.

2015 Model S 90D | 14. tammikuu 2016

Yes! I have the new MyQ and it works with the Homelink for my Model S 90D. It recognizes the TESLA to open it as well as the SUMMON feature and also to open the garage with your iPhone as well.

pnajar | 14. tammikuu 2016

Yes. It works very well. The app can also remotely control the garage door. However you need to use the myQ app to tell you if the garage door is open or closed.

manny.singh | 14. tammikuu 2016

Thank You! Thats all I wanted to confirm if the Tesla HomeLink is compatible with myQ enabled Garage Door openers.


hector | 14. tammikuu 2016

I'll also pile on and confirm it works. I have that exact same lift master opener.

Jazzy B | 14. tammikuu 2016

I too have the MyQ and it works well but I don't have the auto open and closed enable on the summon. As I arrive to my house the command is then sent to open it but what if garage is already opened? Maybe something is in the the way of the door closing but not in the way of the sensor to detect so it will start to close and not know it.

bp | 15. tammikuu 2016

MyQ is different than Homelink.

Tesla and the handheld garage door openers use Homelink to transmit open/close commands to the garage door.

MyQ uses a gateway to connect the garage door opener to your home network - making it accessible from your smartphone - plus it adds the ability to detect if your garage doors are open or closed.

Tesla could add MyQ support as an alternative to Homelink - and if they did that, then they'd also be able to display the status of your garage door(s).

But to do that Tesla would need your MyQ account information in order to get access to the openers through the MyQ gateway.

relativityboy | 02. toukokuu 2019

Ancient discussion, but I'd love to have that (tesla support myq integration)