Tesla officially safest car ever tested.

Tesla officially safest car ever tested.

mrspaghetti | 19. elokuu 2013

My man crush on Elon has morphed into true love.

RedShift | 19. elokuu 2013

Man, the hits keep coming. (to the TSLA shorts, that is)

I am happy, but this also means TSLA will go up, most likely. WHen am I going to buy, now.

carlk | 19. elokuu 2013

Mercedes has always been using safety of its cars as a selling point to justify the high price. Well I don't see a single reason to buy a Mercedes now.

Joe H. | 19. elokuu 2013

I went to a volvo dealership a few weeks ago and that is all they talked about to justify what I consider unattractive cars.

carlk | 19. elokuu 2013

Imagine how many more cars Tesla will sell because of this. Honey I know it's an expensive car but I'm only doing this for our kids' safety.

mdemetri | 19. elokuu 2013

"While the Model S is a sedan, it also exceeded the safety score of all SUVs and minivans."


shop | 19. elokuu 2013

The results are almost unbelievable. This goes beyond the advantages of the inherent safety of no ICE engine. Hats off to Elon and company that went the extra mile and then some to build an amazing car. All the vaunted experience in the other car manufacturers and they get taken to the woodshed. Amazing.

carlk | 19. elokuu 2013

This proves again Elon is not only a great visionary but also a perfectionist. After Job's passing there is only one such person in the whole world.

archibaldcrane | 19. elokuu 2013

@carik I'm pretty sure Job passed away around 5,000 years ago, sadly.

negarholger | 19. elokuu 2013

Wasn't that Elons real secret master plan? Next step in the plan is the MX to top that... what soccer mom doesn't want to haul the kids in a MX?
How do I get my wife out of her unsafe Mercedes? I have to count the pennies again...

archibaldcrane | 19. elokuu 2013

Also, I was a bit surprised - no one has ever died in a Roadster crash? I know there's not that many of them and there's probably been more miles logged in Model Ss than Roadsters by now, but I figured some speed demon would've bit the dust in a Roadster at some point in the last 5 years? Pretty cool that it hasn't happened.

defmonk | 19. elokuu 2013

Well, now my wife's protestations have ethical proportions. How can I continue to drive my Model S, leaving her and the kids in cars of inferior safety? I'll be posting in the Model X forum by the end of the week, guaranteed.

AlMc | 19. elokuu 2013

+1 defmonk.....I have headed to the road less traveled Model X forum....Maybe it will be rated 5.5 in the safety tests and I can get to use the S again

J.T. | 19. elokuu 2013

Kind of takes the bite out of the lack of rear cup holders.

RanjitC | 19. elokuu 2013

What happened?

ORWA | 19. elokuu 2013

This will clinch it for many soccer moms...

Jamon | 19. elokuu 2013

Wow! We've seen this coming for a year now, but still I'm speechless. Here are my favorite quotes:

"Tesla achieved this outcome by nesting multiple deep aluminum extrusions in the side rail of the car that absorb the impact energy (a similar approach was used by the Apollo Lunar Lander) and transfer load to the rest of the vehicle."

"the Model S refused to turn over via the normal methods and special means were needed to induce the car to roll"

"Tesla then analyzed the Model S to determine the weakest points in the car and retested at those locations until the car achieved 5 stars no matter how the test equipment was configured."

"Tesla is unaware of any Model S or Roadster occupant fatalities in any car ever."

Cattledog | 19. elokuu 2013

This is so incredible it's ridiculous. For their first ground-up car to hit this, are you kidding me? Seriously! At Teslive I said this during my panel presentation,

"... NO Way has Tesla kicked sand in the face of 100 years of auto-making..."


noel.smyth | 19. elokuu 2013

I once dreamed what it would be like if our best and brightest scientists and engineers were to solve the problems here on earth. Well they are, and they all seem to work for Tesla/SpaceX. Dream come true. Thanks Elon!

nickjhowe | 19. elokuu 2013

How can you possibly question ANYTHING that Elon says after this. How long ago was it when he said the Model S was going to be the safest car ever? And sure enough...

The guy is a genius. And maybe an alien. Anyone remember "The man who fell to earth"?

bradslee | 19. elokuu 2013

Elon has always made us feel celestial bliss on our Model S: the car of the year, highest rating ever from Consumer Reports on cars, and now the safest automobile out in the market.

Here is the advise to all shorts on TSLA: don't bet against the iron man and you will be crashed badly while Model S enjoys its 5 star safety rating.

mrspaghetti | 19. elokuu 2013

Would it be appropriate to dub him 'Aluminum Man'?

Gen3Joe | 19. elokuu 2013

It broke the roof crush testing machine! Ha ha I love it!

snowmass4 | 19. elokuu 2013

In board rooms in Detroit, Tokyo, Stuttgart, Munich, and Ingolstadt upper level auto executives are again having one of those "Oh Sh-t" moments.

I guess they are going to have to buy another fleet of Model S's to crash and try to reverse engineer.

Seriously, an incredible achievement. Thank you Elon and Tesla.

GeekEV | 19. elokuu 2013

Who says money can't buy happiness? Or, satisfaction at any rate...

GeekEV | 19. elokuu 2013

Oh, and let's not forget the unofficial telephone pole crash test:

How many others cars can snap a telephone pole in half and emerge in such great shape?

Mark K | 19. elokuu 2013

As predicted ... earned through brilliant architecture, and meticulous execution.

Safer by a country mile. Not just 5 stars, but way ahead of the nearest competitor.

Tesla and Elon are the existence proof that defining the problem right and honestly doing the work are unstoppable.

GB needs to leverage this to the hilt to increase traction. Elon will want to step up those talks with Panasonic about that extra battery plant too.

Get that signage up in the stores:

"The World's Safest Car".

Train the reps on the consumer decision logic talking points:

"Buying any other car puts you at greater risk of injury or death".

This is a big deal.

Nick - Yes, and just like David Bowie's character in that film, Elon is building a spaceship too. Elon is reaching for the stars, and he will get there.

PorfirioR | 19. elokuu 2013

Congratulations. All credit should go to the entire Tesla team for a job well done.

dubaty | 19. elokuu 2013

Truly remarkable. I do have one question about the roof test, though. Was that only done with a solid roof? What are the results for the pano?

GeekEV | 19. elokuu 2013

I don't think it would make any difference because it's the side pillars that provide the roof strength, not the sheet metal or gas in between them. A convertible would be a different story, of course...

david.cheney | 19. elokuu 2013

Congrats, team Tesla!

jonesxander | 19. elokuu 2013

Wow. Just wow. I'm seriously going to cry right now.

I feel like the Bengals just won the Superbowl!!!!

I'm totally wearing my Tesla shirt tomorrow. Lots of people will be seeking me out to congratulate me...just like they do when the Bengals win. Yes I like Cincy Bengals. Yes they are a professional NFL team.


jonesxander | 19. elokuu 2013

Ps. Wear your Tesla shirt/hat/jacket/car/fob/socks/duffel bag tomorrow.

Wear it proudly my friends.

S4WRXTTCS | 20. elokuu 2013

What they don't mention is what happens to the things the Tesla hits.

Telephone poles shriek in terror before being downed.

BMW M5's get disintegrated.

When the Tesla MS goes into the ditch, the ditch is the one in pain.

If a Tesla MS and a Volvo ever got into a fight the Tesla MS would win.

Lets not even mention what happens when a Tesla hits another Tesla at above 55mph. it might very well end the universe as we know it.

ddruz | 20. elokuu 2013

Congratulations and a heartfelt mahalo nui loa to Elon and everyone at Tesla for making the safest car on the planet!

Cindy I II III | 20. elokuu 2013

Elon is an alien, that's why he wants to go to Mars (home?) so much.

I'll have to be unsafe until September 6. They better not move that date.

JoeBadge | 20. elokuu 2013

Great news. Haven't read the details yet. Have had my MS since March '13. Question - anyone in the back seat taller than 5'7'' or so can easily bang there head against the back of the roof (pano). As owners know, the seat/neck area does not cover the base of the head. Was this mentioned in the report? That is the only flaw I see....

J.T. | 20. elokuu 2013

@Cindy I'll have to be unsafe until September 6. They better not move that date

Don't worry, I heard on another thread that if you're more than 8 days postponed you get a key chain!!!

JoeBadge | 20. elokuu 2013

'their' head....

redacted | 20. elokuu 2013

I'm wondering if it's safer to be hit by a Model S than other cars. The greater size of the front crumple zone might well diminish the instantaneous force values against the other car, although the heft of the Model S might not help.

SamO | 20. elokuu 2013



"Lets not even mention what happens when a Tesla hits another Tesla at above 55mph. it might very well end the universe as we know it."


Cindy I II III | 20. elokuu 2013

I wonder what the Model E commercial will be
- the drive different campaign?
- the you can have it all campaign?
- the the best car is also an electric car campaign?

It so reminds me of the 1984 Apple commercial, replacing the big brother with big auto, and the athlete wearing Tesla signature red...for the company really is shattering what people had been made to believe.

SamO | 20. elokuu 2013

"Compared to the Volvo S60, which is also 5-star rated in all categories, the Model S preserved 63.5 percent of driver residual space vs. 7.8 percent for the Volvo."

Tiebreaker | 20. elokuu 2013

Great feat of engineering! Getting it right the 1st time!

Scrapping the old stale methods and starting with a clean slate and newest technological methods is the right approach. I think that is what happens at SpaceX too.

Tiebreaker | 20. elokuu 2013

The Man who fell on Earth was really Nikola Tesla. See here, same person, just older: :-)


He could not finish his spaceship in his first lifetime, because he donated all his goodies to the humans. Elon is completing his work, taking the family back to space....

Brian H | 20. elokuu 2013

Tesla vs. Tesla: front ends crumple, airbags deploy, owners walk away, whistling.

Tesla-David | 20. elokuu 2013

@jonesxander. Wearing my Tesla shirt proudly today. I am so happy and proud to be both a stock holder and MS owner. This company rocks. Go Tesla! Congrats to Elon, George and entire Tesla team!

brandtlings | 20. elokuu 2013

@Brian maybe a high five too?

NomoDinos | 20. elokuu 2013

@S4WRXTTCS - No! Don't cross the streams!

J.T. | 20. elokuu 2013

@NoMoDinos +1