Forums web site is extremely slow web site is extremely slow

I'm not sure if anyone else has similar issue but it seems web site is very slow.
It takes agaes to load any page. Anyone from Tesla IT looking into it?

Brian H | 09. lokakuu 2013

I have no trouble. May be your system.

ghillair | 09. lokakuu 2013

brain h +1

David N | 11. lokakuu 2013

No issues here

Timo | 12. lokakuu 2013

Or here.

grega | 12. lokakuu 2013

I find it loads slowly on Safari, but when I switch to Chrome I'm fine (both on a Mac).

David70 | 12. lokakuu 2013

It's only slow for me when backing the browser back to the previous location in a thread, after having replied within that thread.