Tesla's motor in a Cadilac DeVille 1979 ??

Tesla's motor in a Cadilac DeVille 1979 ??


For years I am dreaming of buying a Cadilac DeVille 1979
But living in the Netherlands/Europe the cost of the fuel would ruin me...
Now I have thought of the idea to build in an electric motor and battery pack, like the one from Tesla.

Ofcource the real lovers of such a classic car would not like this, but I was wondering about the technical possibliy's of this idea?
Unfortunately I am not a technician, so to be honest I don't even know if this is a stupid idea.

Does anyone know something about the possiblity's?
Is this been done with other cars already?

kind regards,

Brian H | 22. lokakuu 2011

Google "electric car conversions" and you will find a huge number of all kinds of such efforts. Don't know if anyone has done Caddy conversion, tho'.

David70 | 22. lokakuu 2011

I don't know if anyone has converted a Caddy either, but Daniel (you can PM his on had a Porsche converted and that turned out more or less a disaster.

Vawlkus | 24. lokakuu 2011

You won't get Tesla's motor & PEM, but there are companies that do have the gear for conversions like this.