Teslawill unveil four Model S Betas and the Model X Design Prototype this weekend in San Jose, the Palo Alto-based electric car

Teslawill unveil four Model S Betas and the Model X Design Prototype this weekend in San Jose, the Palo Alto-based electric car

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vouteb | 15. maaliskuu 2012

Tesla will unveil four Model S Betas and the Model X Design Prototype this weekend in San Jose, the Palo Alto-based electric car company announced Wednesday.

The signature colors for the Model S are Signature Red, Pearl White, Silver, and Black.

In an invitation to the public, Tesla previewed the busy work under way at their Fremont factory:

EcLectric | 15. maaliskuu 2012

I will be there.

Brant | 15. maaliskuu 2012


vouteb | 15. maaliskuu 2012

Great, let us know your findings , please. Thanks

vouteb | 15. maaliskuu 2012

or make you tube like clip.

wbrown01 | 15. maaliskuu 2012

The Design Studio....finally

Brian H | 16. maaliskuu 2012

in-store only, at Santana Row.

Brant | 16. maaliskuu 2012

Brief report from "the event"

Design studio with interior options and range estimator are up at the store. They said it would be on the web "in a couple of weeks"

Red beta with a hard top was present. No doubt there is more headroom with the pano roof (about 2 inches was my estimate while sitting in the rear).

The sliver paint looks good; the design studio rendering does not do it justice

Model X is a big awesome monster of a car

brianman | 17. maaliskuu 2012

rotflol @ "couple of weeks"

I have to start selling that t-shirt with a little Tesla logo in the corner. :(

ddruz | 17. maaliskuu 2012

@Brant, thanks for the rear seat head room report. Just to confirm: you sat in the rear seats of cars with and without the pano roof to formulate your estimation? Two inches is an extremely significant increase which would be worth $1500 to me.

Brant | 17. maaliskuu 2012

Used my fingers above my head to estimate. About a two finger difference in headroom

stevenmaifert | 17. maaliskuu 2012

Question for anyone who attended the event... Was the Pearl White so stunning that it's worth an extra $1500?

BYT | 17. maaliskuu 2012

The Pearl White is pretty but it's overcast today, I needed sun against it to really judge it!

hammy16 | 17. maaliskuu 2012

My observations at the Santana Row event Friday evening
They had 4 cars on display in the Tesla area of the parking garage. Lots of reps available
to ask questions.
Had a chance to sit in the back seat of a solid and plano roof and compare head
clearance. My observation was about 1 finger width advantage with the Plano roof
I am 6' 2" and head was just touching in solid roof version when sitting erect.

My guess is the the sliding plano cover (not part of any of the cars yet) would not
detract from the head room based on the interior contour and where i think it will be fitted.

I was told, but did not check, that the steering wheel is moveable at least up and down.(motorized)
The steering wheel is the same as shown in the model X photos with the bottom slightly depressed.

The design studio was available on-line only at the store. One nice item is that there is
another option for the 19 inch wheel called "Areo" and looks really nice. Reps quoted 5-10%
benefit in range which seems high to me..

They had samples of all the interiors and finishes in the store where you could move them
and mix and match samples and even take them outside to view in natural light.
I really liked the "Banana Leaf" but the name sucks as it has a very nice hardwood look.

One car had the backup camera but it was not operational and it was not clear if the
mounting was final. It certainly was not obvious unless you really looked for it.

Asked but received no answer about "blind spot" sensing

One car had operational front passenger sunshades. Looked conventional and the clearance
to the passenger seemed fine.

The design studio was said to go on-line to everyone this weekend

In the store itself they had a model X on display. I was amazed at how large it was.

A nice and well coordinated event with lots of support.

Slindell | 17. maaliskuu 2012

Only the Sig Red and Pearl White cars had adjustable seats and steering wheel. I can confirm the steering wheel adjusts both up/down and in/out. The seats also have quite a large adjustment margin.

ddruz | 18. maaliskuu 2012

Thanks to the folks reporting back on rear seat headroom.

Have people seen where the USB ports are, both front and back? There was a nice photo of the 12V outlet but I didn't spot any USB ports.

jkirkebo | 18. maaliskuu 2012

I seriously hope the steering wheel is also telescopic. This is the one feature missing from the Leaf that I REALLY whish it had since I have long legs and prefer to recline the seat further back than most.

jd3tm | 19. maaliskuu 2012

I can verify that the steering wheel is telescoping as well as adjustable up and down. your key fob will adjust according to the driver selected (there are apparently 5 "driver" selections per key fob, not sure how you pick but that's what the TM rep explained).

I adjusted the steering and seat in #43. The range of motion on the steering wheel is huge, seemed to be well over 6" of travel in/out. Up down seemed to have almost as much travel available.

Also played with seat. Note, I am 6'3" and 270#. I was able to sit comfortably without having the seat moved to the extreme rear position - there was 2+ inches of travel still available.

concerning USB ports...they were still missing from #43 and #44. supposedly, the area behind the center console where they will be housed is still "in design". They may be part of the missing rear cup holder feature that they also said would be there for production.

Also, the rear view mirror is still Beta. The indication was that issues like blind spot detection, etc. are still being worked for integration in the rear view mirror system.

They also had the high performance wheel treatment on display over the weekend. Looks much nicer in person than in the photos I've seen online. I just wish they had a Sig Performance vehicle on display to see if there really is a significant difference. NO Carbon fiber accented vehicle to evaluate yet! Bummer.



dborn | 19. maaliskuu 2012

Has anyone seen the aero wheels in person yet? Any comments?