Tony -Max Charge vs Standard -

Tony -Max Charge vs Standard -

Hello Tesla world:
How often is it safe to Max Charge ? Every how many miles or every how many days ? I want to make sure I am not overdoing it and damaging the battery.Thanks

rockyb | 25. heinäkuu 2013

This has been discussed ad nauseum. I recommend you use and research. Basically, the general consensus is that there is little long term degradation to the battery even with frequent max charging.

Tâm | 25. heinäkuu 2013

The manual says:

"To drive as far as possible, you can change the charge level to MAX RANGE. This setting charges the Battery to full capacity but using it frequently reduces Battery life."

Early Software versions provide a charging screen with that warns pretty much the same message.

However, later versions completely eliminated that message.

"TRIP: Useful for a roadtrip. Charging to this level will take longer."

My interpretation of this elimination screen warning is "doom and gloom" does happen but how bad and how fast?

It seems after having real data from tens of thousands of cars sent back from the road in all kinds of conditions, from good old 120V to Superchargers, the unlimited, 8 year warranty will still hold.

Thus, the elimination of the screen warning to give us less of a heart attack each time you might even think about Max Range!

tonylugo0905 | 26. heinäkuu 2013

Thank you folks. I will max charge from now on !

tobi_ger | 26. heinäkuu 2013

Wait, what? No, do not charge to max every day.

bp | 26. heinäkuu 2013

The Owners Guide recommends against frequent use of MAX charging.

The latest 4.5 release notes make no additional statements on charging practice - so the Owners Guide remains the only official document from Tesla on charging practice.

RedShift | 26. heinäkuu 2013

Charge to 70% instead of 90% to keep battery in prime condition for EVERYDAY use.
Charge to MAX range when going on a long distance journey, but try to drive off without too much delay, ONCE you have charged to MAX. (Don't leave the car standing there, with full max charge for hours at end)

Simple rules, me thinks.

shs | 26. heinäkuu 2013

The addition of the slider for charge level in 4.5 was to allow people to easily set a lower charge limit for daily charging rather than the old 92% (or whatever) Standard Charge. The Old Max charge is labeled to indicate that it is only for longer trips. I think that is pretty clear.

SamO | 26. heinäkuu 2013

Worst things to do to a battery (per Elon Musk):

Charge it up to full and leave it there when it is very hot.

Brian H | 26. heinäkuu 2013

"and leave it there" is key. Pretrip max is virtually harmless.

shs | 26. heinäkuu 2013

Mine is on Max or Road Trip right now as tomorrow.....