Toronto Tesla Owners

Toronto Tesla Owners

Hello Toronto Owners,

I'm currently trying to create a short film about Tesla and hoping to get some shots of the car. I believe that there are a few Toronto owners (posting in the private section at least). I'm looking for an owner that might be able to let us film their car, in your garage, for about 2 hrs.

The purpose of the video is to put something up online to increase awareness of the car, and to battle some of the misconceptions of owning electric.

Hoping there is an owner out there that might be willing to help out. If you live in the Toronto area and are interested, please drop me a line: Mike_h at

Eli Green | 06. lokakuu 2010


I'd like to meet a couple of Tesla owners here in Toronto too. I've been waiting patiently to hear back from Hans about the Toronto store opening. I've been itching to get an up close, if not hands-on look at the cars (or even test drive it if I was lucky enough).

By the way Mike, did you happen to try to contact people on the Fly the Road Club about something similar a little while back?

Jaffray | 07. lokakuu 2010

Eli, Hans & the White Roadster 2.5 will be at the Penn Centre in St. Catharines on Fri, Oct 15...I don't know about any Roadster owners being there, but at least you'd be able to see the Roadster up close.

eMileage | 08. lokakuu 2010

Hello Mike,
The EV Society of Canada & Toronto Hybrid Group have been trying to arrange for a Tesla to be on display at the upcoming EV Fest in Toronto on October 17th ( But to date, I'm not sure if they have had any success. Good luck!

eMileage | 08. lokakuu 2010

P.S. I'm sure any Tesla owners in the Toronto area would be more than welcome to show off their vehicle at EV Fest. If you can, e-mail is exhibitors2010(at) or register at Cheers!

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Orthopod | 01. helmikuu 2020

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andy.connor.e | 01. helmikuu 2020

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