Forums is here - Tesla Motors forum searching! is here - Tesla Motors forum searching!

Thanks to the suggestion of Tharasix, and with the utmost respect to the most honorable @Volker.Berlin I give you

Not too pretty, but it works.

I can tweak it to add subforum searches as well if you want.


Chuck Lusin | 31. lokakuu 2012

Nice link!

David M. | 31. lokakuu 2012

Very nice!

Captain_Zap | 31. lokakuu 2012

Dude! Totally awesome.
But I'll miss the personal touch of Volker.Berlin...

nickjhowe | 31. lokakuu 2012

It is a poor subsitute

steven.maes | 31. lokakuu 2012

:-) Nice ! :-)

BYT | 31. lokakuu 2012

Add like the top 5 TM ForumsS posts using RSS nick?

Brian H | 31. lokakuu 2012

Linked on my shortcuts bar! Tested and checked out.

BYT | 31. lokakuu 2012

Need to make this post a sticky!

Brant | 31. lokakuu 2012

Volker B is blushing right now

Volker.Berlin | 31. lokakuu 2012

How cool is that! You kill me (laughing). :-D
However, not entirely correct. I prefer "".

Could you add a link to this (private) forum topic, too?

Ohms.Law | 31. lokakuu 2012

+1 Nickjhowe

+10 Volker.Berlin - we bow to your mastery. The only thing better on this site will be a photo of your delivered Model S.

nickjhowe | 31. lokakuu 2012

@Volker - try the site now. LMK if that's what you wanted. I'll pretty it up when I get a bit more time.

mbcaffe | 31. lokakuu 2012

this is awesome. It is my favorites. thank you Volker! TM should reward you with something, maybe a gift certificate from the tesla store

timdorr | 31. lokakuu 2012

Here's a Google Site search I made for everyone. Doesn't redirect to Google either:

jbunn | 31. lokakuu 2012

Nick, it's very good. For a personal touch can you add an enhancement. For a personal feel, how about if it displays search results like this...

This topic has already been extensivly discussed in topics. Here are links for your reference.


jbunn | 31. lokakuu 2012

Boy, Less than/More than signs don't display correctly... : (

I'll have to review for tag formatting suggestions.

Brian H | 01. marraskuu 2012

eliminate the spaces here: & lt ; is less than; & gt ; is greater than.

Brian H | 01. marraskuu 2012

Clarification: the 1st and 3rd semi-colons above are part of the codes -- 3 characters per code. < >

Mark K | 01. marraskuu 2012

Nick - fabulous! A big thank you.

And a worthy homage to Volker's prolific contributions.

Just when I thought I had kicked the TM Forum addiction ... an epinephrine shot into the aorta!

Volker.Berlin | 01. marraskuu 2012

this is awesome. It is my favorites. thank you Volker! TM should reward you with something, maybe a gift certificate from the tesla store (mbcaffe)

The credit goes to Tharasix for contributing the idea and to nickjhowe for actually making it happen! This is a fun community, to say the least.

@Volker - try the site now. LMK if that's what you wanted. I'll pretty it up when I get a bit more time. (nickjhowe)

Thanks! Almost, but not quite. If you think I'm anal, account it to the fact hat I'm German... ;-) For some reason, I get fewer results for "" as opposed to "", but the relevant results seem to be there in either case. Therefore I prefer the former.

Regarding the link to the forum topic on search, let me suggest the following HTML snippet:

Here's a Google Site search I made for everyone. Doesn't redirect to Google either (timdorr)

Very nice! I didn't even know about this Google service. nickjhowe, it may be more efficient to base the website on that service rather than manually implementing a custom search form... Just an idea. Don't worry if you don't find the time to further pursue the project -- we all have to work hard to be able to afford our Teslas! :-)

Equest | 01. marraskuu 2012

We should all be thankful that Volker hasn't rec'd his Model S yet otherwise he would be out driving all of the time and would have less time to dedicated to the forum:-) Thanks Volker!

vouteb | 01. marraskuu 2012

Volker for president, instead of the other 2 useless candidates(One happens to be the current 'President')

tharasix | 01. marraskuu 2012

Awesome! Thanks, Nick! Coming up with a off-handed, half-joking idea and seeing somebody implement it overnight is one of the reasons why I love the internet.

prash.saka | 01. marraskuu 2012

+1 Nick, well done. Now, if you only you can put a picture of smiling Volker to top it off :)

nickjhowe | 01. marraskuu 2012

@Volker - care to oblige? pm me on the TMC - same username.

Vawlkus | 01. marraskuu 2012

I honestly thought this was a troll thread the first time I saw it :D

GG no re guys, it's crazy, funny, and functional all in one :)

Brian H | 01. marraskuu 2012

Is the bird's name Volker?
(It is sterilized, standardized, scientificized.)

tomas.hutters | 04. marraskuu 2012

Still in the Volker spirit, how about a Brian H filter?

DouglasR | 04. marraskuu 2012

I do'nt understan what you meen?

tharasix | 04. marraskuu 2012

I suspect a Brian H. search will spellcheck whatever you enter, then add a short, condescending sentence denying global climate change.

Etographer | 04. marraskuu 2012


Brian H | 05. marraskuu 2012

Denying Manmade global climate change. Keep the strawmen for private enjoyment, please.

JoeFee | 06. marraskuu 2012

At last, I have my very own VB desktop icon.

Just think of all the cross-post references and corrections VB can do with this tool … I love it :)

Azdcmoney | 30. marraskuu 2012

Thx volker!

Mocaptain | 30. marraskuu 2012

Sad that the digital ecosystem of an innovative company like tesla is a 2 out of 10 at best. I can appreciate that there is a 3rd party doing forum search on behalf of tesla but thats just plain sad. Search isnt the only cripple on this site. Tesla's user engagement is pretty weak. How about a personlized newsletter or targeted content. I hope Tesla makes some substantial upgrades in this area soon.

Sorry to be doom and gloom but being a consultant in content orchistration and digital markeing in general, its just painful to see companies a fraction of the size of tesla have a substantially higher level of digital maturity.

Brian H | 01. joulukuu 2012

The 'Bulletin Board' is the engagement effort recently added.

Timo | 01. joulukuu 2012

Tesla's user engagement is pretty weak

At least there is user engagement. Most major car makers don't have any, and even if they have they wont get direct posts from major players into company like we have.

I agree that this forum could benefit from total rewrite (or usage of some real forum software). This isn't very high in priorities, it works and it probably is enough for them for now.

Timo | 01. joulukuu 2012

Doh, probably missed / in closing tag again (I did write closing tag, I'm sure about that). should have been ...there is user..

Timo | 01. joulukuu 2012

Hello? this time I didn't forget the closing tag.

Lets try this text should be underlined, and this not.

Mocaptain | 01. joulukuu 2012

I think you are misunderstanding what user engagement means regarding a website. Its not just the users engaging other users (social media), its the website engaging me. In other words, its shouldn't take me 8+ clicks to to find content when tesla already has explicit data and could also track implicit data to provide a better user experience. With all the profile info on my saved model s build combined with click behavior, I should have content served up on a platter instead of having to dig around or every time I click on forums it always bring me back to the my tesla page. Its Poor nav. How about suggested posts I may be interested in. Faceted Search? This type of technology is not expensive.

BTW I do think its great that Tesla's employees and leaders write on here but lets get some better tools in here. Not just for the fanatics like us but for those on the cusp of buying or just read about Tesla and came to the site to learn more. There is a lot of education and validation going on about Tesla...its should be easier.

Brian H | 01. joulukuu 2012

In searching/digging situations like that I utilize the FF (Tab Mix add-on?) context menu option to "duplicate tab" and kill that tab when done. A slightly less inconvenient workaround.

IAC, UR certainly right that personalization is very primitive here (not that such things can't be overdone!).

Timo | 01. joulukuu 2012

@mocaptain, I think you got me wrong. I agree that site could be quite a bit better, but at least they have info here relatively easily accessible, and also there is a lot of info here. Look at the some of the other manufacturer sites, most of them are way way worse. For one almost none of them has any blog or forum at all.

Which part of the site takes you 8+ clicks? I find most with two (actually one, one to hover my mouse over the right menu selection and one to click the one I want).

nickjhowe | 17. helmikuu 2013

bump - for those that haven't heard of yet

Captain_Zap | 17. helmikuu 2013

Sure miss Volker.Berlin around here!

nickjhowe | 17. helmikuu 2013

@Captain - I noticed he posted over at TMC on the TeslaRoadTrip thread. Maybe he'll come back when European deliveries start...

Captain_Zap | 19. maaliskuu 2013


Hills | 19. maaliskuu 2013


ian | 19. maaliskuu 2013

Another bump to keep it up top.

Great stuff for sure nick!

Captain_Zap | 21. maaliskuu 2013

Bump it up.

Captain_Zap | 23. maaliskuu 2013

Time for a bump.