What Car Do You Want To See Next?

What Car Do You Want To See Next?

Hi everyone,
My name is Aaron and later today I am going to test drive a Model S, the thing is, I am really looking for a coupe. I love the way the Model S looks but cannot see myself driving a sedan, even one that looks that looks amazing, as does the Model S. That being said, what do you guys want to see next. My personal opinion would be a 2+2 coupe with a hardtop convertible. Something similar to the Infinity G37. What are your thoughts?

Brian H | 09. helmikuu 2014

A coupe won't be next. Maybe 4th or 5th from now. Maybe.

sosmerc | 09. helmikuu 2014

But we can all dream anyway. The X is going to be very popular, and for me, makes the most sense as an all round vehicle meeting almost all of my needs. But for just sure fun and pleasure, a roadster with retractable or removeable top like my Miata would be super.
I think Tesla has a pretty full plate already just trying to meet current challenges and expectations. We'll all just have to be patient waiting for our "dream" cars !

chenglo1 | 09. helmikuu 2014

I would like to see a longer, wider Model S variant. Call it Model S2 maybe? Although that would start sounding a lot like a german rival's car. this one would have a roomier and more luxurious interior to acoomodate taller people in back. Then we would be able to compete more closely with the S class, 7 series and LS series of cars. I can only speak for myself but it sure would be much easier to choose the TESLA when looking at all those cars in a lineup!

negarholger | 09. helmikuu 2014

@chenglo1 - actually the S is pretty wide and long, for aerodynamic reasons the cabin is kept smaller... it is a sports sedan, but with a little larger battery a standard sedan would work also. If there ever will be a suprise deviating from the model plan then it will be this one for the Asian markets.

Benz | 09. helmikuu 2014

After the Tesla Model E in 2017, I would like to see a Generation4 Tesla EV that will be even smaller and cheaper ($25,000?) than the Tesla Model E (maybe in 2020?).

Redfern | 09. helmikuu 2014

Since this is a dream list, there's no reason I have to name just one type is there, so I would love to see a two seater sports car after the E (which I believe is going to be very cool and seat at least 5 adults comfortably),then a two seater run about, with the soon to be legendary range for first gen EV's from Tesla, to show SMART how it could have been done, followed by the pickup truck that can be used just like our F150. None of these are in order of most desired but if I had to I would want the truck after the E and then a cool two seater city run about followed by the two seater sports car (not as low as the Lotus please)and I would be very happy in a world where Tesla has you covered for anything you might ever want or need.

Skotty | 09. helmikuu 2014

Something with reasonable performance, a back seat, supercharger enabled, decent looks, and that is more affordable (to me, that means 60K or less before tax credits, preferably only 50K). Doesn't really matter what it is to me beyond that. Could be a truck, car, CUV, SUV, 2 door, 4 door, sedan, hatchback, whatever. The only thing that would really turn me off was if it was really ugly or a classic minivan.

Hopeful for the Model E. People say it will be around $35K. Given how this kind of talk usually goes, that will probably mean before tax credit base model with no additional options. So figure that means it's really going to be starting at $42.5K, and probably around $55K with a good set of options. Right on target for me.

Skotty | 09. helmikuu 2014

Correction on my previous post -- 35K will probably mean *after* tax credit base model with no additional options.

MicasaSense | 09. helmikuu 2014

Just want to throw out that I went for a test drive earlier today and it is a for sure buy for me, hopeful to get my father too! Love the car and the community!

Benz | 09. helmikuu 2014


Congratulations to you.

Herry | 09. helmikuu 2014

A 2 seat small sedan with hatch back, suitable for daily communication.With fair performence and spercharger station service.

As a family second car.

negarholger | 09. helmikuu 2014

@Skotty - &35k is ment to be without tax credit and Elon was very clear about it. The US tax credit is only for the first 200k vehicles per manufacturer and Tesla will have exceeded it by the time Model E is in production.
I would estimate a price range from $35k to $80k depending on options similar to a BMW 3.

Skotty | 10. helmikuu 2014

It is interesting to consider when the tax credit will run out for Tesla consumers. Does it only apply to US sales or do international sales count? I'm going to assume US sales only, as only US sales get tax credits (though I don't really know how the rules are written). US sales are roughly 25K a year right now I think. When the Model X comes online, I could see it going as high as maybe 40K a year. There has already been around 30K so far. At a 40K burn rate per year with 30K gone already, that puts Tesla at about 180K sold by the end of 2017. End of 2017 is my guess for when the Bluestar might first go on sale. So I could see maybe some getting the credit the first year of Bluestar sales, but it would be gone pretty quickly thereafter.

I have a hard time seeing $35K without tax credit. But if they can do it, more power to them.

negarholger | 10. helmikuu 2014

@Skotty - the recent battey cell deal with Pansonic is for about 300k MS and MX... so it is a good assumption Gen3 will not qualify for tax incentives.
$35k is actually not that hard as it sounds. Key is to reduce the weight ( less material costs less money ) and that all hinges at the battery energy density. 30% or better battery density means less cells plus make cell for less cost per unit, less wait means cheaper tires, etc... and with 25% gross margin you are there. I wouldn't bet against the $35k car.

Haeze | 11. helmikuu 2014

The US Federal Tax Credit applies only to US Taxpayers, who purchase the car in the US.

Haeze | 11. helmikuu 2014

As for my wish, I am still dying to have a Tesla version of the Honda CRX.

There is just something about having a tiny car like that, with that much speed, great handling, and still being energy efficient, while being cheap enough for just about everyone to afford. It was also super fun to drive, and met all the needs of a young, single commuter. It even looked sporty and had a fair bit of storage space for such a small car (which would only increase as you converted it to Electric Drive).

I can't think of a form factor that would be better than that for your general commuter crowd, since they can park practically anywhere, were super cheap to run, cost very little to buy, and didn't look like some ugly football shaped pod.

hcwhy | 11. helmikuu 2014

I'd love to see Tesla build a classic, simple, four door, four passenger hatchback. Where the Model S celebrates what the electric car can be "with no compomises", the vehicle I'm picturing would celebrate the simplicity possible with an electric vehicle...a car people could work on themselves and that has the reputation of being indestructable. Of course, coming from Tesla, I would expect it to be sexy, safe, comfortable and a performer.

petochok | 11. helmikuu 2014


Infiniti. There, daily pet peeve satisfied. Carry on.

Bubba2000 | 11. helmikuu 2014

Over time I expect the S, X design to be optimized. Improved structural design, use of stronger alloys, etc will cut the weight down. Interior space, including back seat headroom can be increased without changing the shell. I would like have seats with more support like Mercedes, softer leather, etc. Safety features. Most important, the battery pack needs to go to 150 KW-hr with AWD and extra HP.

As far as the company in concerned, I think that once they get their gigafactory for batteries going, they may be able to design a car and sell for the Camry price of $25k. It would have to be light weight, 200 mile range using 40 KW-hr battery pack. This pack can not cost more than $5,000. With the Supercharger network in place, it will be unbeatable combination. ICE autos will become history.

Mike T | 11. helmikuu 2014

Model E is just about perfect for me with AWD. Thinking about the back end I'm good with the model S' hatch or a wagon variant.
I'm loving the hot hatch idea too with again AWD. (Could we see this in WRC?)

Brian H | 12. helmikuu 2014

There is some talk of lifting the per/mfr limit to 500,000. Don't know if that will happen. Still just a tiny fraction of the total market.

blue adept | 12. helmikuu 2014

I would like to see the Model X next as that is the scheduled harbinger of the much desired, mass produced, economically-minded, Model E("?") that, apparently, the majority of the general public are looking forward to.

What would I like to see after these are fully rolled out, well, that will all depend on the market-wide reception of the preceding models, though there is some discussion about a possible pickup truck version.

wynonnaoh | 12. helmikuu 2014

I wanna see a motorcycle similar to a Harley, or Honda Gold Wing. Yes, there is a company, Zero, making bikes, but they only have crotch rockets, and dirt/street hybrids.

Timo | 12. helmikuu 2014

Look at this:

There are quite a few electric motorcycles to choose. Unfortunately nothing like Gold Wing...yet.

blue adept | 13. helmikuu 2014


Have you heard of the Lito Soro?

Granted, while it might have more of a cafe racer configuration, it is the closest I've seen so far from the offerings out there to what could be comparable to a cruiser style motorbike you're interested in:

Brian H | 14. helmikuu 2014

How fast can it go in reverse?