What would be cool to see on the next version of the tesla model s

What would be cool to see on the next version of the tesla model s

1. Solar panel roof
2. Bidirectional charger (like on detroit electric's sp:01)
3. Swappable batteries (so you dont have to wait hours to recharge, you could instead go to a theoretical tesla swapping station and be ready to go in seconds)
4. Camera on the back of the car to make tight maneuvering easier
5. 4G lte enabled central tablet

And, of course, these additions will significantly raise manufacturing and base price which is why the changes should only be made for the highest end possible

dlewis | 05. toukokuu 2013

1. Overpriced gimmick with no real benefit

2. Not interested in that feature personally.

3. Would be great if battery ownership/warranty issues could be worked out, don't want to swap my good new battery for an old one.

4. Already has a camera on the back of the car.

5. 4G would be nice, but so far the 3G has been adequate for my needs.

Winnie796 | 05. toukokuu 2013

Four wheel drive.

Velo1 | 05. toukokuu 2013

1. The rear-facing camera's image filling up the rear-view mirror's display, which would be better than existing field of view in mirror.
2. Convertible.

rodhoffman | 05. toukokuu 2013

+1 Winnie796 - in the Model S - I am not a SUV type - and love the Model S lines but at 8500' I may have it garaged a month every year.

Rod in Evergreen, CO

graphite | 05. toukokuu 2013

I know a software update is meant to address vampire loads, but it wouldn't get rid of them completely. You could never realistically recharge off an on-board panel, but I wonder if you could eliminate "vampiric energy loss anxiety" with a respectably-sized panel - the most common scenario being no place to plug in at the airport.

Obviously there's a lot of variables involved (season/latitude/temperature) and I'm doubtful Tesla would actually do it, but for some reason I get curious about such things.

jlin005 | 05. toukokuu 2013

The batteries would all be owned by tesla. When you purchase the newer version, you wont be paying for the barry because would still be under tesla's ownership

alan | 05. toukokuu 2013

How about:
- a place to hang my coat inside the cabin?
- a rear floor mat?
- an insert in the center console, instead of one big open wasteland?
- enough space between the cup holders that 2 coffee cups can sit next to each other, straight up?
- a rear window windshield wiper?
- a way to block the sunroof when you aren't in the car so it doesn't turn into a pizza oven in 10 minutes?
- a section in in the windshield that accommodated RF devices? the UV coating on the windshield is so strong that no remote works through it

Dont get me wrong - love my Model S, but some basics would be good before we move into crazy-idea land!

Hodne | 05. toukokuu 2013


Dr. Bob Reinke | 05. toukokuu 2013

For those asking for all wheel Drive: How much range would you be willing to give up for it? You are asking for huge additional weight and expense for a drive you may use once or twice in the life of the MS. The addional cost of fuel milage is the reason that few ICE have 4 wheel drive. The additional annual energy cost could be better used calling for a tow truck. I had a 4 wheel drive van that got 8 mpg, while my brother's 2 wheel drive got 15 mpg. Same size same engine and transmission--4 wheels used twice the fuel. Would you be satisfied with an MS that got only 100 miles per charge.

George with SacEV | 05. toukokuu 2013

1. AWD via a second electric motor
2. Wiper in rear window. We have the Chevy Volt and it too needs that rear wiper in California rain.
3. Center console and door storage areas
4. Back seat cup holders, center arm rest in back seat
5. More sculpted back seats
6. In-wheel motors as that technology evolves

Beavertail S | 05. toukokuu 2013

Small thing, but I'd appreciate tie-downs in the back. I agree the drink holders are cramped with two cups that are tapered. Kleen Kanteen makes a nice straight thermal cup that works well for me.

nickjhowe | 05. toukokuu 2013

@Dr Bob - a new motor and driveshafts, etc might and 200-300 lbs to the car - maybe 7% of the total weight. Could be less. The claimed performance/range for the Model X aren't that much different than the S, so I don't think we'd be giving up very much for potentially some big gains - how does a 600hp, 220 mile real-world range, AWD Model S sound? Sounds good to me.

s_curve | 05. toukokuu 2013

A co-joined announcement of the 150th supercharging station going online.

hnashif | 05. toukokuu 2013 Front floor mats are being replaced w/ new ones that have spikes covering the entire bottom side of mate AND free rear mat is being added at service centers. I had my car at Fremont SC back on 04/16 and they did that.

SamO | 05. toukokuu 2013


The additional motor need no weigh much to provide additional drive to the front wheels.

The inefficiencies of a 4x4 ICE truck have almost nothing to do with what the Model S would need to provide all-wheel power. In fact the handling and traction control would improve significantly.

NICE | 05. toukokuu 2013

1. Collision avoidance technology (next generation lane departure sensor)
2. Birds Eye view screen (see all around the car)
3. Intelligent cruise control (set relative to speed limits & surrounding conditions)

RedShift | 05. toukokuu 2013

1. Weight loss of about 500 lbs
2. ' Sport' setting for the air suspension (to reduce oll) to complement the sport mode on the steering
3. More range, hopefully up to 400 miles real world
4. Ability to supercharge in 20 minutes or so
5. More storage
6. Grey/tan instead of black surfaces in the interior
7. Better sun visors

RedShift | 05. toukokuu 2013

Roll, not oll

negarholger | 05. toukokuu 2013

- up real world range from 200 m to 300 m ( 120 kWh - would fit 100% of my needs and the ICE can go ).
- better paint choices ( current ones are boring - I picked grey as the least offensive to me )
- simplify... I think this is the most easy vehicle to operate, but even that could improve - here are some ideas
(a) get rid of range charge, allow battery only to charge for best reliability
(b) have some 30 m reserve at bottom to compensate for temperature, wind, etc... once you reach zero show what is left in red.
(c) type in next destination and show on the battery bar when you reach destination - warn if you can not reach destination ( now I have to use navigation and pick up the miles and compare in my head... as I said simplify )

rdalcanto | 05. toukokuu 2013

Sport seats with adjustable lateral supports that hold you in place, like on a Porsche Cayeene, Panamera, or 911 (not talking GT3 race seat).

Adaptive cruise control.

Blind Spot Monitoring.

Head lights that actually turn when you turn the steering wheel so you can see 100ft up the road where you will be going.

AWD for snowy climates.

Lower price.

Chunky Jr. | 05. toukokuu 2013

In no particular order...
• Lower the cost
• Clock app with multiple display options for center console.
• Skins/themes for the driver's display. ie ability to change the speedometer look, etc
• Trip timer
• Open windows from iPhone app
• Fix the 12v issues!
• Album art for SiriusXM
• Ability to browse media on my phone
• Loose change holder

patrick.meier | 05. toukokuu 2013

- Increased range
- Adaptive cruise control

Brian H | 05. toukokuu 2013

1. -- water on the camera lens would then leave no rear view at all.

jbunn | 05. toukokuu 2013

As I don't get to charge but perhaps once a week, I'm happy to know my concern has a name. Apparently, I have "Vampiric Energy Loss Anxiety Syndrome"

jhw1009 | 06. toukokuu 2013

I am not asking much. Honda Accord and/or entry level premium sedans have them today. Standard to MS v2.0:

1. Blind Spot Monitor
2. Coat hangers and grab bars
3. Rear window wiper
4. Center console
5. Rear center console with pass-through to trunk
6. Adaptive cruise control
7. Parking sensors
8. Multi-Contour Front Seats
9. Better premium audio system like Mark Levinson

jk2014 | 06. toukokuu 2013

Something that looks eerily reminiscent of the Aston Martin One-77...

bt77057 | 06. toukokuu 2013

- blind spot indicators
- side cameras for parking (very cool in BMW)
- better iPod / iPhone music integration...bite the bullet and pay the licensing or whatever it takes...
- more efficient oil cooler (just seeing if you were paying attention)

Joel N. Weber II | 06. toukokuu 2013

Simply installing the full Google Driving technology, when it's available, might be a better use of time than integrating the various tiny fractions of that technology that people are mentioning above. Until the full Google Driving is available, Tesla's time might be better spent focused on bringing the Model X to market sooner.

My understanding is that the best solar panels that have been made in labs, around 40% efficient, can probably produce about 400 watts per square meter. I think that works out to about a mile of range of charge per hour. If you could find four square meters of painted surface to embed 40% efficient solar cells in, I think you might be looking at something like 4 miles per hour of added range. Park for 8 hours while you're at work, and you might get 32 miles of range added to the battery. I know 32 miles of range would be overkill for my commute.

(And in theory, building 80% efficient solar panels should be doable, too, which might cover people with 60 mile round trip commutes.)

Do the folks who think solar panels are useless have corrections to the above? Or is the theory that since the solar panel option for the Leaf is a bad joke, that obviously the laws of physics prevent building a useful solar panel solution into cars? (And if anyone believes the latter, do they also believe that the Leaf is proof that the laws of physics prevent Tesla from building a car that goes more than a hundred miles on a charge?)

Brian H | 07. toukokuu 2013

Useless on a car. Too small, incidence angles etc. inadequate, must be exposed to sun. Charging at night is far superior. And a fraction of the price.

txjak | 07. toukokuu 2013

1. Front camera or parking sensor for curbs and 8' wide garage doors.
2. More charging flexibility -- input number of miles needed and when charging should finish, let the car set the amps to draw and start time.
3. Power frunk lid.
4. Calibration lines on rear view camera.
5. Gps aware height adjust for driveway entrance.
6. Trailer hitch for bike rack, etc.
7. Power inside rear view mirror adjustment with personal setting.
8. Better drainage for doors, etc.

Bob W | 07. toukokuu 2013

@alan@audiogeer and others asked for:

> an insert in the center console, instead of one big open wasteland?

There are already two nice options, one from Tesla (Summer 2013) and another from Tesla Accessories (available now).

> a section in in the windshield that accommodated RF devices? the UV coating on the windshield is so strong that no remote works through it

Are you talking about a garage door or automatic gate remote? The existing Homelink menu can be programmed to do that for you (up to three locations). Try it. FastTrak / EzPass transponders are another story however. They usually don't work well through the Tesla windshield (and many other cars).