What would you change about the Model S?

What would you change about the Model S?

What would make a great car even better? Consider this a wish list. And if you would change nothing, there is no need to reply.

For me, it would be much longer range, fast charging as common as gas stations, and more reliability/fewer bugs. (Yes, I know you have had YOUR car for 30,000 miles and have never had a single issue of any kind, and always had issues with your Porsche, but if you read this forum, you will see that many of us have had repeated issues.)

Mathew98 | 28. huhtikuu 2014

Not allowing someone with multiple personality disorder to post under 7 different handles in a month?

What's up with your alternating posts with Tesla bashing and kudos? Well, more bashing than kudos...

Seriously, if long distance trip is detrimental in your MS, just fly or rent an ICE for a week and cope with filling up with gas in your convenience. | 28. huhtikuu 2014

While most of us are thrilled with our car, there are several lists of desired features that we hope are helpful to Tesla in making our cars even better!

To vote on and add new features:

or this is great for software only:

In general, I made this more detailed post on how to make suggestions:

hamer | 28. huhtikuu 2014

I would ensure that no one be allowed to post under the name Gadfly

jordanrichard | 28. huhtikuu 2014

Gadfly, with the number of superchargers increasing, the need for even longer range becomes less of an issue. I don't know where you live, but here on the Eastcoast, we can drive from Portland Maine to Miami FL.

Also, Mercedes built today still have issues and they have been building cars since 1886. One would think by now they would know a thing or 2 about making a perfect product.

J.T. | 28. huhtikuu 2014

A psych evaluation before purchase is possible.

renwo S alset | 28. huhtikuu 2014

A forum moderator.

michael1800 | 28. huhtikuu 2014

I'd spruce up the music player functionality (playlists) and wish the paint was cheaper. However, I can respect the choice of low-VOC paint.

Bighorn | 28. huhtikuu 2014

Revoke posting privileges for people impersonating others ie Aampedrealtor.

Rheumboy | 28. huhtikuu 2014

How about Roomboy or Bryan H?

NOLEK SUM | 28. huhtikuu 2014


And how would you drive to Dallas?

I live I'm AZ. I can drive to Miami, as well, via SC"s, but I have to go thru Chicago and New Jersey. Now that makes a lot,of sense.

Res ipsa loquitur. The point of long-distance travel is to travel the route you want to travel seeing the things you want to see and not having to plan it around fuel stops.

redacted | 28. huhtikuu 2014

Back on track, I'd make it easier for the driver to get in and out of. Perhaps hand grips and a higher roof (or lower seat).

Machine guns and an ejector seat would be convenient too.

renwo S alset | 28. huhtikuu 2014

What about coat hooks?

Leeo | 28. huhtikuu 2014

I wish the license plate lights were LED from the factory!

shop | 28. huhtikuu 2014

@Gadfly, can't take a joke? This is a funny thread.

Grab handles for me, and coat hooks. Better trunk lighting.

Leeo | 28. huhtikuu 2014

I changed the trunk lighting. It's great. I wish I knew how to post a picture.

NOLEK SUM | 28. huhtikuu 2014

It is true that little things count. Everyone wants handgrips, me included. I would also like the steering wheel to go up higher - I am 6 4" and it would make entry and exit easier. It would also be nice if, like on every other high-end car, the seat pulled back and down and the wheel up when you put it in park. I have set a user for that, but it is fiddly and unnecessary. Plus, the wheel doesn't go up enough!

I am sure that much of this stuff is coming via software upgrades. Except for the handles!

bduke | 28. huhtikuu 2014

I find some of this Tesla bashing really irritating. Tesla has made giant strides with the S and the complaints shock me sometimes. Of course there are ligitimate issues but the fact that you can't drive where ever you want in the S because a new manufacturer of this awesome machine hasn't gotten all the SCs in place for your use. How did you make these trips 2 years ago? When you bought the car didn't you know that SCs were a longterm project and that it was going to take some time to get them in place? Good God give this company a chance. I do have an idea that might speed up SC installations, start charging for there use! Wow, I can hear the bitching now, "you mean Elon is going to make us pay"? Oh! and I want spell check capability for these comments, Brian is making me nervous each time I post.

NOLEK SUM | 28. huhtikuu 2014


I hear you. In a way, the range issue is ironic and Tesla is hoist by its own petard, to paraphrase the poet . What do I mean by this? For me, the car is so bloody much fun to drive that I find myself wanting to take long road trips I never would taken in an ice car. Driving to Oakland to visit my son, from Phoenix, for example. This will be a slam dunk once Indio is open in 2025 and I'll do it if I'm still alive.

NOLEK SUM | 28. huhtikuu 2014

And suggesting improvements is not bashing-many of us truly want the car to continue to get better, unlike those who feel the car is already perfect and has no room for improvement. I assure you that the people at Tesla agree with the former. They have in fact told me so.

The most irritating are those that claim that range is not an issue. That is absolutely nuts.

Captain_Zap | 28. huhtikuu 2014

If range was in issue in my world, I wouldn't have bought the car. That was the most basic criteria the car had to meet. Uncompromising performance and good looks came in after that. Interior space was third.

I would like to see a color option that is not black for the carpets. It shows every little speck. More interesting paint colors would be nice.

There is room for improvement on the Sound Studio system, but I am very picky. The sun visors could be bigger too. ;-)

Roamer@AZ USA | 28. huhtikuu 2014

Gad. Not sure what your issue is with super chargers. I am stunned at how many and how fast Tesla has rolled them out. Absolutely amazing that they have embarked on building a complete nation wide refueling system in less than three years. When you figure it took the massive resources of the federal government five years to build a web site that didn't work it is pretty amazing that a small private company built an entirely new car design and will roll out a nationwide high tech rapid charging system in less than three years.


Lots of very professional threads working on prioritized improvements. See above posts for links. This thread seems rather pointless.

PBEndo | 28. huhtikuu 2014

Gadfly, you should edit title to say Model S instead of MS

I read it too fast and thought you were asking "What would you change about the Mrs.?

I have been married over 20 years, so I know when to keep my mouth shut;)

Actually the only smart answer to either question is
"Nothing at all"

Roamer@AZ USA | 28. huhtikuu 2014

As far as range Tesla builds a car that has 2.5 times the range of any other battery car available anywhere in the world. Even more range would be wonderful. If you live in a fairy tale world maybe you assume the reality of physics and current technology can just be magically waived.

If you want to understand EV range limits buy a Leaf. I was ecstatic when Tesla started selling a car with this amazing amount of range. You can wish for more range all you want. The only thing that will get more range is technological break thrus that make it possible. Tesla is at the forefront of driving that research and innovation. I don't think a silly thread on a forum is going to do anything to speed up the world wide engineering investments that are being made to find technology that will increase battery performance.

Brian H | 29. huhtikuu 2014

" if you read this forum, you will see that many a few of us have had repeated issues."

renwo S alset | 29. huhtikuu 2014

They should redesign the logo, it looks to much like a Caduceus and with it's safety history, that seems inappropriate.

renwo S alset | 29. huhtikuu 2014

incestuous??? Gadflay, are you talking from personal experience?

Roamer@AZ USA | 29. huhtikuu 2014

Gadfly, "You are seriously suggesting that anyone other than your incestuous posse gives a hoot what you think?".......... You did.

It would be better to state the question; is there anyone out there who does not want better range ? Obviously everyone would like to have as much range as makes economic and technical sense.

You could also say do you think there are too many Super Chargers? It is pretty obvious that everyone who travels would like more Super Chargers.

So my point was not pro or con Tesla it was just that stating what is obvious seems to accomplish very little.

renwo S alset | 29. huhtikuu 2014

Gadfly, why must you keep opening your mouth and confirming what we all know???

Roamer@AZ USA | 29. huhtikuu 2014

Gad, Maybe you missed it. The heading of this section of the WEB page is titled "Enthusiasts".
So I am not surprised to find enthusiests posting here.

Roamer@AZ USA | 29. huhtikuu 2014

My needs are simple. I want the steering wheel to lift up when I open the door and I want a leave on and lock menu to pop up while the steering wheel is lifting up on door open.

The visors don't bother me and I have never used grab handles to get in or out of my cars. Maybe a way to hang up my dry-cleaning would be useful but hardly seems to be much of an issue.

Oh and I wish I never needed to plug in or charge. I would not be surprised if the E actually had an inductance charger option that didn't need to be plugged in. It will happen someday.

AmpedRealtor | 29. huhtikuu 2014


Welcome to an open forum where people like to speak their minds. If you can't handle that, I suggest you post elsewhere. You say that people who have no suggestions should not post, yet when they do, you respond with insults. Perhaps you should take your own advice and ignore responses that are not on topic to your original question? That would be the more adult thing to do, wouldn't it?

Seeing your personality play out here, I can't say there is any upside in responding to your questions or posting in your threads. Sorry.

AmpedRealtor | 29. huhtikuu 2014

First, thank you for including me with the likes of JT, Nykta, VIN and Roamer. I had the pleasure of meeting JT over coffee one day, he is a really nice and likable guy. You might actually learn a thing or two from those you criticize here so openly.

I suspect some of us are just more adept at identifying a foul odor than others.

DieAbetic | 29. huhtikuu 2014

This whole changing names and reposting stuff is really silly on this forum.

Come join us over at

We link to may of the TM/TMC posts, and it's easier to spot and call out trolls.

renwo S alset | 29. huhtikuu 2014

Wheb individual posts get deleted it sure makes the thread read kinda funny. Like "what's he talking about" funny.

renwo S alset | 29. huhtikuu 2014

"When", oh well.

AmpedRealtor | 29. huhtikuu 2014

We should call this the "Revisionist History" thread LOL!

mikeadams | 29. huhtikuu 2014

I don't like how the regen is limited and/or turned off on cold days. It can make the car a bit unpredictable unless you are paying attention. There is a audible warning and message if it is all the way disabled, but it should also warn you if it is mostly disabled as well. Better yet... If the battery is too cold to dump all that current into, why not redirect the energy to resistive elements to warm the fluid that circulates within the battery to help warm it up? Or if the battery heating needs to be more controlled and the energy would be wasted anyway, why not direct it to some resistive device with a heat sink on it so that we still get the automatic slowing of our car without having to use our breaks more in the winter? Not only would it help save the breaks, but I really hate washing off a lot of break dust whenever I wash my car.

Rocky_H | 29. huhtikuu 2014

Two things:
(1) There are only a few places a manufacturer should NOT put the cup holders. "How about right here, where the people rest their arms on the console!" *facepalm*

(2) Wiper settings of "overly sensitive" and "really highly overly sensitive" are not very helpful. How in the world does this car not have a regular intermittent setting where you can adjust the speed? That feature has been in almost every car for 15-20 years!

renwo S alset | 29. huhtikuu 2014

Curb feelers would be standard equipment.

Shesmyne2 | 29. huhtikuu 2014

+1 Roamer


Boy are we ever spoiled.
Remember pagers? Or rotary phones? Or cell phones the size of a brick? Cars that regularly got 10 mpg?

The vision that Elon had "all those years ago" and what Tesla has accomplished in a VERY (relatively)
short period of time is amazing. Because we are in a place of instant gratification we expect products
to be infallible.

For me, I am...

Still Grinning ;-)

sklancha | 29. huhtikuu 2014

I have not received my Tesla yet- expecting it within the next week or so, but I do know that I am an avid fan of the OnStar service in my Cadillac and it is the only luxury that I was hesitant to give up. Maybe I won't miss it, but it sure would be nice to not make that sacrifice. The only other concern that I had- even when I went on that splendid life altering test drive, was the limitations of the steering wheels ability to lift high enough. I wear a leg brace, and I could not lift the steering wheel high enough when I was entering/exiting to avoid bumping into it with my brace every time. I also usually reposition my 'bum leg' frequently once in cruise control, but I had very limited clearance.
These are in no way a complaint about Tesla- as neither of these concerns prevented me from buying the car, but I do know that Elon is responsive to meeting his customers needs- and he cannot do that if we are not willing to make our suggestions.

Brian H | 29. huhtikuu 2014

When you feel your car breaking you should brake.

chenglo1 | 29. huhtikuu 2014

get identical front seats to Ferrari top of the line seats. forget all the comparisons to luxo cars' seats. Model S is above those guys. now if only we can change driving characteristics when we go into sport mode or comfort mode. Steering feel is not enough for this boy.

Fluvio | 29. huhtikuu 2014

I would like an all-electric, very long range vehicle that could replace my Toyota Tacoma and Subaru Outback for overland expeditions, home improvement store runs, remote forestry field work, geologic field trips, etc. But I figure that vehicle is at least a decade away. In the meantime; however, I can drive my girlfriend's Model S for local, urban commutes.

J.T. | 30. huhtikuu 2014

@Amped I had the pleasure of meeting JT over coffee one day, he is a really nice and likable guy.

Fooled another one. :-)

Brian H | 30. huhtikuu 2014

At least you work at it! >:p