Why hasn't Elon's cross-country family trip been publicized?

Why hasn't Elon's cross-country family trip been publicized?

He obviously would have completed the trip end of last week. Why hasn't Tesla or any other media publicized it? We know that Bighorn saw the entourage in the Rocky Mountains and there was a lot of media with the caravan. My best guess is Tesla is editing a video and will release it soon and has asked the media that covered the trip to keep a lid on it until they are ready to release it.

Bighorn | 08. huhtikuu 2014

Elon and I have decided to keep it our little secret:) There were support vehicles, but I don't know how much they were documenting.

hillcountryfun | 08. huhtikuu 2014

And I'm still not happy about it! ;-)

Bighorn | 08. huhtikuu 2014

hehehe...if you play your cards right, I may introduce you to Kenny Wayne:-)

hillcountryfun | 08. huhtikuu 2014

:-) !!!

OK, I don't know who Kenny Wayne is but if he has a Model S then I'm happy to meet him!

hillcountryfun | 08. huhtikuu 2014

Very cool, thanks for sharing Bighorn...

chrisdl | 08. huhtikuu 2014

I've always wanted my own Wikipedia page.

Anyway, good question, JZ13. Very curious to see a report of that.

J.T. | 08. huhtikuu 2014

@Bighorn Is Mr. Wayne coming back to tell his story?

Bighorn | 08. huhtikuu 2014

I hope so. Tonight is the last night of his US tour and he heads to Europe in a few weeks. Maybe he'll find some time in between to pick up his car and share his thoughts.

GeekEV | 08. huhtikuu 2014

I don't see the need to publicize it at this point. The cross country trip was done cannonball run style by Tesla employees shortly after the cross country corridor opened and by numerous other people (both before and after). It's old news now.

Thomas N. | 08. huhtikuu 2014

They were in South Dakota during a very nasty snowstorm. It would be interesting to hear how the Model S handled the blizzard conditions filled with a family.

Bighorn - Was the entourage all in Teslas or were the support vehicles ICEs? I assume at least one was a 4WD Tahoe filled with rims, tires and batteries.

Bighorn | 08. huhtikuu 2014

There were three Model Ses and one or two Suburban type vehicles (I think). When they were all together in Blanding, I wasn't really aware of what I was looking at, so I'm not positive. Reality didn't dawn on me until I had left Blanding and had that "aha!" moment. When I was in Moab, they came into town separately and didn't stop to use the supercharger.

I'm sure their summer tires provided a very unwelcome experience on the snow.

Brian H | 08. huhtikuu 2014

Yeah, that episode worried me considerable; notwithstanding Elon's mad driving skillz.

Out4aDuck | 09. huhtikuu 2014

So what happened? Mt Rushmore, then radio silence.

Car t man | 09. huhtikuu 2014

Mt. rushmore opens up, opening up an underworld not known to many, where the world is electric, and absolutely no one, fond of EVs, would ever return...

They're gone. Never coming back..