Why I believe Teslamotors raises the top of the line P85D / (PxxD?) / (PxxxD??) from 700hp to 768hp! (April 8th upload glitch?)

Why I believe Teslamotors raises the top of the line P85D / (PxxD?) / (PxxxD??) from 700hp to 768hp! (April 8th upload glitch?)

I compared every single order page of all countries and regions and came across something really stunning!
Only ONE region seems to show the increase early (unplanned? / glitch?). It's on the Swiss german (Schweiz) order page and it can't be a typo in my opinion because the three numbers make total sense, since the new rear 507hp (old 476) plus new front 261hp (old 224) add up to a total of 768hp (old 700). +6.5% on rear motor and +16.5% on front motor, total roughly +10% (+9.7%)! Are these the specs of a shortly upcoming PxxD or even PxxxD?

PBEndo | 10. huhtikuu 2015

do you have a link to the page?

sperber53 | 10. huhtikuu 2015

768hp? Wow, that would begin to be scary ... o_O

WattsThatGrin | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Homepage -> select country at the bottom of the page -> Schweiz -> order

WattsThatGrin | 10. huhtikuu 2015

(Homepage -> select country at the bottom of the page -> Schweiz -> order)
Homepage -> select country at the bottom of the page -> Schweiz -> Bestellung

Patrick C. | 10. huhtikuu 2015
carlk | 10. huhtikuu 2015

I seem to vaguely remember someone mentioned before that there is a different way to calculate, or different unit of, hp in some places?

Patrick C. | 10. huhtikuu 2015

not in that case, the swiss french version is showing 700 hp ...

Zurich | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Calc Rates p85d: US: 691hp // Swiss: 700hp

WattsThatGrin | 10. huhtikuu 2015

This is different:
North America and GB 691hp (unchanged)
Europe 700hp (unchanged)
Swiss french 700hp (unchanged)
Swiss italian 700hp (unchanged)
Swiss german 700hp -> 768hp (same country...)

cpmarino | 10. huhtikuu 2015

It's largely irrelevant anyway. Honestly, you guys own the car, you know what it can do. 0-60 has been proven ad nauseum. Does it really matter if it's 500HP, 700HP, 2,000HP? That measurement is more appropriate in an ICE vehicle, where HP and torque numbers are relevant along with what part of the RPM curve they peak at, or how long they are sustained.

The fact that the torque is INSTANT is much more important than how much torque there is.

The results speak for themselves, the rest is just numbers on paper.

PBEndo | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Nice Find - I agree it seems more likely to be an indication of things to come than a simple error since the total matches the individual numbers of the 2 motors.

WattsThatGrin | 10. huhtikuu 2015

I agree with you to a certain degree. Sweet if my P85+ will end up with 507 hp instead the 476hp, though 476hp were ok so far ;-)
But if this increase should be linked to a bigger battery it's a whole different story...

PBEndo | 10. huhtikuu 2015

A 10% bump in horsepower is significant. Even if only on paper, it would drive more sales and boost the stock.

Captain_Zap | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Were Swiss horses smaller?

TytanX | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Would it really boost sales all that much? Who would by the car at 758bhp that wouldn't buy it at 691bhp?

I also thought that horsepower was a silly statistic. It gives you an idea of how fast a car will go but their are so many other parameters that reporting the HP alone is pointless. Especially when it is so easy to report actual acceleration.

PBEndo | 10. huhtikuu 2015

"Were Swiss horses smaller?

Apparently, only the ones that speak German.

LEOTANG | 10. huhtikuu 2015

My gut also tells me it will be in the next update.

renwo S alset | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Hellcat has huge HP, unfortunately, all it does is spin the tires. HP is meaningless unless correlated to traction.

LEOTANG | 10. huhtikuu 2015

D will have no problem putting down the power with traction.

DavetheSmelter | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Any good engineer will scale back what something can actualy do and recomend a peramiter of what is safe and easy to do.

Some have claimed the estimate of what a Tesla is scaled back to is as high as 20%

And what better way to shock the world as other car companies build cars that are stuck at the numbers they are put out at when all the sudden Tesla does an over the air update and everyone gets a preformance upgrade of %10

it makes news media headlines and sounds quite impressive...and you only have to unleash a little more.

Does anyone actually belive that the cars would not be over built by a company that has something to prove? and can sustain the claim the cars just keep getting better with time....chew on it and look at the history and the future. | 10. huhtikuu 2015

There is a definition of horsepower in some parts of continental Europe for electric motors where 1 hp = 735 watts instead of ~746 watts used in the US and Britain. 691 hp becomes 700 horsepower with that definition.
Yes, Virginia, Schweiz horses are a little smaller but they are cute. :-))

LEOTANG | 10. huhtikuu 2015
LEOTANG | 10. huhtikuu 2015
WattsThatGrin | 10. huhtikuu 2015

Teslamotors just corrected their glitch!
I still think we saw something we were not supposed to see... yet!!

PBEndo | 11. huhtikuu 2015
PBEndo | 11. huhtikuu 2015
PBEndo | 11. huhtikuu 2015
TytanX | 11. huhtikuu 2015

If Tesla really didnt want this to get out this thread would be deleted. True or not, they are happy to have the rumour flying around.

JonathanL | 11. huhtikuu 2015

Isn't 0-100 km/h the equivalent of 0-62 mph, so 3.3 vs 3.2 (0-60 mph) would basically be the same, right?

TeoTeslaFan | 11. huhtikuu 2015


Tesla doesn't delete any threads. I have never seen them do that. Threads disappear if too many people flag the opening message. For example, recently I created a thread called "dishonest pricing on order page". It disappeared because many fanboys flagged it.


You might be on to something. More HP could be released with a software update. Elon recently said maybe the P85D can do 2.8s.

PBEndo | 11. huhtikuu 2015

It is very rare, but Tesla does delete threads. I commend them for letting so many negative comments/threads persist.

WattsThatGrin | 19. heinäkuu 2015

On April 8th (glitch online for 24 hours only) it said 261 and 507hp. It' s now 262 and 510hp...

Mathew98 | 19. heinäkuu 2015

Yes you did and I'm still not listening.


Bighorn | 19. heinäkuu 2015

I think you may be on to something:)

inconel | 19. heinäkuu 2015

That was indeed a good find.

adamgreen | 19. heinäkuu 2015

@WattsThatGrin -- nicely done.

Iowa92x | 19. heinäkuu 2015

Max theoretical motor power it can handle before frying motor doesn't matter much, because the battery current limit is the HP/kW bottleneck (rather than the motor). The max kW output on the dash does not line up with 691 or 768 or any other number we want to make up.

Nantang | 19. heinäkuu 2015

The Ludicrous upgrade, from Elon Musk's description, involves an improved fuse design that allows for more current to be passed safely. Note that by that, that implies that even higher performance could be attempted but at risk. (Overclocking a PC puts you at risk for crashing, but that kind of crash doesn't involve major medical expenses and reconstructive surgery.) Though they may not seem that way at first glance, Tesla actually seems to lean very heavily in favor of caution and conservative measures; Musk in previous interviews, for example, has used 10 times statistically safer than what we have now as a benchmark of when we should let self-driving cars take over publicly. Some of the holding back on horsepower and performance specs may not be just strategic marketing reserve, but instead making sure, from an engineering standpoint, it's OK to do.

TeoTeslaFan | 19. heinäkuu 2015

@WattsThatGrin well done. I love this forum. There are always these little great details.

NomoDinos | 19. heinäkuu 2015

Watt a prediction! Way to go, Nostro.

adamgreen | 19. heinäkuu 2015

Iowa92x | JULY 19, 2015
Max theoretical motor power it can handle before frying motor doesn't matter much, because the battery current limit is the HP/kW bottleneck (rather than the motor). The max kW output on the dash does not line up with 691 or 768 or any other number we want to make up.

There's a dyno video showing credible validation of the numbers.
I believe the description of the replacement of the conventional metal fuse link with a microprocessor controlled inconel alloy contactor and pyro cutter raised the controlled amperage from 1300 to 1500 ... might seem incremental, but 200 amps alone "will take your head clean off" ... so it's impressive to see Tesla harness that kind of current and just snap your neck with it ... : )
That said, I wonder if the Tesla engineers haven't eyeballed the fastest accelerating road cars in the world (e.g. VW Veyron) and spent a few lunch breaks pondering how to get say 1100hp out of the existing platform ... perhaps with some sort of heat and durability management and maybe put it in a limited edition car to soak up the revenue of people willing to pay a higher price.

mclary | 19. heinäkuu 2015

Listen to what he said! Don't be a "Speculation Idiot"!!!!


pdQue | 19. heinäkuu 2015

@WattsThatGrin, you're a prophet, so don't stop it.

Take the next step and become a "profit" and email me the powerball numbers.

WattsThatGrin | 19. heinäkuu 2015

No prophet here I'm afraid. I just happened to stumble across that page at the time and added 1 and 1 together, or actually 507 and 261.
Though, I did put my P85D order on hold the next day since I still had (and have now) my P85+.
I guess it's time to 'unhold' now. Grin.

Tesra5115 | 19. heinäkuu 2015


sorka95032 | 20. heinäkuu 2015

So if 691 hp was the theoretical motor power before even though that's not what was being delivered from the battery, then why did that number jump? 594 KW is still 640 hp. Not trying to restart the debate all over. Just wondering how the motor rating corresponds to anything? The DUs aren't being switched out as part of the upgrade.