why I should have bought MS85 instead of MS60

why I should have bought MS85 instead of MS60

I just did not realize that I'd drive so much moving from ICE to MS, from 15K miles a year to 30K a year
now the battery warranty expires in approximately 4 years instead of 8 !!

plusplusjames | 30. kesäkuu 2014

In 3 months, I'm driving at a 36,000 per annum clip!

Eletrek | 30. kesäkuu 2014

Not cheap but you can upgrade to 85kw.

tes-s | 01. heinäkuu 2014

Advantages of 85 or 60, let me count the ways...

J.T. | 01. heinäkuu 2014

From the TIPS, TRICKS thread

60? 85? P? +? Consensus is to buy what you can afford. Regrets are mostly from those who didn't stretch.

Captain_Zap | 01. heinäkuu 2014

Driving electric is very liberating. Joy rides are frequent. You never have to think about the price of gas.

The Sunday drive is back.

Many people have sold their 60kWh and bought 85kWh. There is more value in a large battery than a bunch of options.
(Don't tell Tesla I said that.)

Mathew98 | 01. heinäkuu 2014

Do you mean a stripped S85 is better than an S60 with tech, pano roof, air suspension, cold package, and super charging for about the same price?

Some who stretch to own the MS may disagree...

Jonathan D | 01. heinäkuu 2014

Did you get Tesla financing? You could always sell it back after 3 years and upgrade.

I got a 60 and no regrets so far, I live 4 miles from my office and we have two little ones so our road trips are short. As it is its still a pricey car, I really couldn't justify another $10k for a bit more range.

S60 w/options > S85 imho. I would be very sad if I didn't have the tech package.

Trekker56 | 01. heinäkuu 2014

+1 for S60 with options. We have an early 2013 pricing S60 with Pano, Tech, Air, Rear Facing Seats, leather and supercharging. Could have had a base 85 for the same price but the utility we derive is immense and exceeds the extra stop or two we have to make for superchargers on road trips.

amitb00 | 01. heinäkuu 2014

This is a luxury car. I find it hard to believe if some one can afford 60 but not 85. He should really see if he can afford 60 at all :-) My advise is, don't stretch for the car.
Having said that I was very confused in choosing b/w 60 and 85. I finalized with 60 and then after a week called them to upgrade to 85. Best decision. Additional 60 miles, make it 10 times more usable (exaggeration here). For me stretch was always mental as I had never paid so much for a car. Understand at this time Electric cars need higher range and faster charging. So any thing you can get there (bigger battery + say twin chargers etc) are adding to basic capability of the car. I also think Tech Package, Pano Roof etc are expected in a car which is this pricey. If you can't afford this, wait for few months and then take the plunge.
Whatever you decide, you will have fun though :-)

J.T. | 01. heinäkuu 2014

@amit It is NOT a luxury car, it's a performance sedan. If you say it's luxury richardthomas is going to come back and crap all over your interior design. :-)

amitb00 | 01. heinäkuu 2014

@JT. Agree
Please replace "luxury" with "expensive".

crmohler | 01. heinäkuu 2014

I could have afforded the 85, but went for the 60 and I don't regret it. I've already driven over 14,000 miles in 6 months, and have only had to charge once when I wouldn't have with the 85. The idea of spending this much on a car was not even in my realm of possibilities prior to falling in love with the Tesla. I spent what I felt comfortable with, foregoing the options that I didn't feel I needed for the sense that I kept the price somewhat "reasonable".

Plus, I have always thought that I may trade in for the X when it comes out. Which will leave me with a bigger dilemma, whether to get the 60 or the 85 in a car which will likely be less efficient then my MS60.

I have to admit, it was fun seeing the high range on the P85 loaner that I used a few weeks back while I was having a yacht floor installed. But I noticed the efficiency was significantly worse than my 60, so I'm still happy with my decision.

karmamule | 01. heinäkuu 2014

Once you've made your decision, and especially if you're someone stretching to reach any Model S as a purchase, I think it's important to stop any shoulda/woulda/coulda spirals in your mind and just enjoy the amazing car you have.

Unless you're getting top of the line with all the options you can either spend your time imagining the ways things might have been better if you'd spent more, or just appreciate the car you have. What a shame to spend so much and then end up feeling it's inadequate!

Instead of imagining all the potential shortcomings, just enjoy it day to day, and if you *actually experience* a practical shortcoming with the choices you made, then begin planning a next purchase that will let you remedy that.

With the Model X coming on sale in a year or two I suspect there will be a much better selection of used sedans to choose from, so you'll have plenty of opportunity if you do discover. But, in the meantime concentrate on all the great stuff ANY model S owner has, regardless of feature set!

SamO | 01. heinäkuu 2014

I have the 60 and just crossed 30,000 miles in 10 months. I've driven coast to coast (and back) using the Supercharging network and although extra ranges is great, I had a budget and a stripped down 85 was far less valuable to me than a loaded 60.

To date, there have be ZERO trips I could take in an 85 that I couldn't take in a 60. But I live in California, and my recommendation might be different if there weren't 14 Superchargers already open.

Just took the $10,0000 difference and invested in TSLA. Now I have enough for a Model X! Soon, the 60 will be my "in town" car and the Model X will be the road trip waggon.

hamer | 01. heinäkuu 2014

Why must there be a same right answer for everyone, which is what many of you appear to be asserting? There are some people for whom the additional range of the 85 Kwh battery is worth $10K (really, only about 8K since it buys you Supercharging), and others for whom it is not worth it, who would rather spend the money on tech packages, or spoilers, or red brakes, or whatever. The OP discovered that he drove the car more than anticipated, and in such a way, that he missed the additional range he didn't get. I have a cousin who bought the MS 85 at about the same time I did (March-April 2013) who chose to but a 60. He has not regretted it. I have taken mine on several road trips, including one from NC to NJ 2 weeks after I got it when the only Supercharger on the East Coast was the one in Newark, Del. I appreciated the extra range; it cut an additional long stop in an RV park. Some people value the 21 inch tires; some don't.

Different strokes for different folks. Your mileage may vary. Etc.

Boy, that charging port in the frunk is something, isn't it?

SamO | 01. heinäkuu 2014

+1 Hamer

It really just depends on so many factors. In 18 months, the density of Superchargers should make this a much harder call.

As it stands now, it really depends on how much $ you have lying around and how far you are from dense charging.

hamer | 01. heinäkuu 2014

@SamO: Coming soon...