Why not using an iPad inside..

Why not using an iPad inside..

Why is Tesla not just using a smart iPad instead of the proprietary Tesla 17" Screen/Device?
With an iPad you would have iPod like Sound, Car-Navigation, WiFi- & 3G - Connectivity and a huge of other helpful and very nice Tools onboard.

Timo | 22. toukokuu 2011

Because it is Apple tech. Tesla does not want to be dependent of any single manufacturer for its products.

Also, I don't see how iPad could be any better than something made specifically for Model S, for both durability and easy of use.

Volker.Berlin | 23. toukokuu 2011

Why is Tesla not just using a smart iPad instead of the proprietary Tesla 17" Screen/Device? (Patrik_Lori)

You mean I need a computer with iTunes installed, and an Apple user account, as a prerequisite to use my new car? No thanks.

Mittar | 25. toukokuu 2011

Because Tesla (hopefully) and many of the people who intend to buy their cars don't bow down at the alter of Steve Jobs. I can think of a few things I'd like less in my Tesla than an iPad, but not many.

Sudre | 27. toukokuu 2011

On that note, why don't they just use a rooted nook... it'd be cheaper....

I'm being silly in case you didn't notice.

strider | 27. toukokuu 2011

Also, it doesn't have an AM/FM receiver. I've tried to stream radio over 3G on my iPhone in my Roadster and it's complete garbage. Every couple minutes when my phone has to roam towers the signal cuts out and takes forever to reestablish. It's unusable and the quality is terrible. I'd like an actual radio please.

Designtime | 29. toukokuu 2011

I would be mortified if they used an iPad, but I don't think there is much chance seeing that there are a couple of Google guys on the Board.

Nicu | 29. toukokuu 2011

Well, I hope they do not use Google tech, as it is perpetually stuck in beta mode :)

Designtime | 29. toukokuu 2011

I am interested in seeing what they do. I hope they are not leaving it to Google to design the UI, or base the system off the commercial Android products out there.

They should be able to build a single purpose UI based off of embedded linux(or Android) or Windows CE that should work well.

Volker.Berlin | 30. toukokuu 2011

Patrik_Lori, you may be interested in this thread:

Designtime, all we know by now is that Tesla is using nVidia's Tegra chip set.

Some people think that this hardware is a hint to RIM's PlayBook OS as a platform for the infotainment system, but I am not sure. If anybody has any more authoritative information, I'd be very interested to hear about it.

Designtime | 30. toukokuu 2011

Thanks for the link Volker. I hadn't seen that one. I am really interested to see how this turns out.

Straight Shooter | 30. toukokuu 2011

Patrick, most folks have answered your question by taking cheap shots at Apple, which of course Apple deserves.

The basic answer is that an iPod and iPad are toys meant for entertainment. Some folks don't even know why they buy them, but they run out the second anew one is relased anyway.

Can you imagien plugging in an updated iPad and getting OS failures? What is apple gets hacked?

Lets keep the professionals writing safety equipment for automobiles and leave the toys in our pocket.

Nicu | 30. toukokuu 2011

@Straight Shooter
I forgive your ignorance but I cannot ignore it. Apple has the most stable OSs on the market. You probably talk from you wintel experience ... iPads are used in hospitals and airplane cockpits because they are so reliable.

As for Tesla's 17" screen (+ CPU etc.), it is an infotainment thing, not going to run you ABS or battery cooling.

Designtime | 30. toukokuu 2011

I am not sure what it is about Apple that incites so much passion from people on both sides. I would never begrudge someone from loving their iPod or iPad, They are very good consumer products.

As a software engineer, I will assert that most people have no idea what makes an operating system the "most stable". That being said, there is no way that a consumer OS would be a better choice than a proper embedded OS.

Regardless of whether you love or hate iPads, you would have to agree that it would be strange to put such a polarizing product into this car. Tesla has a different fight on its mind.

Straight Shooter | 30. toukokuu 2011

Nicu....I have over 25yrs in the computer industry, the last 11yrs as a high end consultant on most Win and Unix platforms. No company I've ever been at (and I only work for Fortune 50) uses Apple as a foundation for mission critical applications. NONE, zero, zip, zilch. Your comment about my ignorance was commical, so I must thank you for my bedtime laugh.

You have a passion for Apple and that is obvious.

The 17" screen is not a dedicated infotainment system. Hardly. It displays mission critical information and immiment shutdown warnings to the vehicle operator. What little we've seen on it has shown a myriad of vehicle based metrics at your beck-and-call. There will be much more added to it, to be sure. It will be the foundation of most, if not all, info sent to the driver and passengers.

Another Example....My $500 MercMonitor Gauge displays over 40 engine metrics in real time and calculates real time best fuel consumption RPMs based on boat weight, Trim angle, GPS speed, prop slip and will adjust them automatically to get the best MPG. This is just for a 135HP Merc Verado outboard motor (albiet a $17,000 one)!!!!!! Imagine what a world class EV company can do.

Lets just leave it at that and not stoop to name calling.

Nicu | 31. toukokuu 2011

Well, the largest and most successful tech company uses Apple tech at its foundation (hint: they will soon be the largest company worldwide). There is no point going back in time and see why Windows won the corporate world. They are slowly realizing this is not the right choice anymore but the inertia is almost infinite. Those who will not be able to take the turn, will be slowly dragged down by their IT infrastructure.

You know, some of the most ignorant people about Apple are those who are in IT, thinking they know everything but never trying a Mac (I was just like that few years back, describing Macs as over expensive plastic toys - it's never too late to learn). Those who do try it, usually opt for it, even if forced to use it on Windows. No problem, in universities it is used at outrageous proportions (over 80%). So time will take care of dinosaurs.

As for the Model S, I am not supporting the idea of an iPad. Tesla has to be independent and be able to achieve economies of scale. They need a level of integration that is simply not possible on an iPad or competing product.

Nicu | 31. toukokuu 2011

More food for thought :

Some government is more forward thinking than those lazy corporations ...

Not sure we should continue arguing about that here. You have said that Apple engineers are not "professionals" while they actually slowly build the largest software empire ever (some of it will be announced next week).

msiano17 | 03. kesäkuu 2011


I am not getting into the debate about Apple/Windows but what is supposedly going to become the largest company in the world?

Nicu | 04. kesäkuu 2011

The largest by market capitalization. It's Apple :)

AAPL is quite undervalued right now (16 P/E with 80-90% y/y growth). If it stays around that price for another 5 months, while two new quarters will be reported, it will get a P/E of 12-13, much lower than S&P 500 average (the growth average must be in single digits). This is insane for a company that will have $80 billions in cash (already has $65B), no debt, growth over 70%, sales of over $100B per year, GM of around 40%.

I would quote Andy Zacky, on of the best AAPL analyst (he's independent), if you missed the $78 buying opportunity about two years ago, now it's time to buy. We are are more or less the same valuation for AAPL, but the company is in a much better shape than it ever was.

By the way, for the first time ever, at Friday's market close, Apple is worth more than Microsoft and Intel together. Times are changing !

msiano17 | 04. kesäkuu 2011

Ok you just mean the largest company in the world specific to the Apple/MS debate. Sorry I misunderstood thinking you meant out of everything which they have a long long way to go for that one.

Anyway, Apple is a extremely strong competitor, but bottom line for everything, Tesla should not limit themselves buy outsourcing to one company for the gadgets.

Last thing I want to hear... "The all new Tesla Model S... Now with the Apple iPad 3.0!" I don't want another name attached to my Tesla.

Nicu | 04. kesäkuu 2011

I already agreed that the iPad has no place in the Model S.

As for the market cap, Apple is already second after Exxon worldwide. In less than one year it will be the largest. In 2-3 years it will be the first trillion company ever. Call me foolish or whatever, just recall this discussion when you see those titles in the news.

Mittar | 08. kesäkuu 2011

All this apple worship is making me erp.

Nicu | 26. heinäkuu 2011

If anyone is interested about learning a bit more about AAPL (stock ticker for Apple), I wrote a short study on Seeking Alpha. I'm sorry for those who had enough of this discussion, I'll try to avoid mentioning Apple again.

mwu | 29. heinäkuu 2011

I don't really want to see an iPad in the dash as the infotainment system, but it would be great to see iDevice connectivity. The ability to share internet access from the car's 3G as a wifi hotspot to an iDevice, stream music to the car's speaker system, and running diagnostics from iDevices would be great applications.

Of course, that doesn't preclude the same functionality from being working for other devices as well... Android devices or laptops perhaps.

jomo25 | 29. heinäkuu 2011

For all the "Apple Hate" out there and in this thread, I'll just say that there are much worse things out there than iOS. If it was an iOS-based interface, but obviously accounting for the difference req'd for a car, it would be potentially very good. Android would be OK. Something else could be fine, but it should be as intuitive and easy to easy (and responsive) as iOS.

rd2 | 31. heinäkuu 2011

Using Apple tech for the Model S is ludicrous and unfeasible idea. Apple is incredibly protective and controlling of their tech and OS, and that would restrict Tesla severely with the required, fluid updates Tesla will require to keep their infotainment center operating to their liking. The two companies have some strong similarities in style and independence. It is precisely those similarities that would make them repel each other from working together.

Nicu | 01. elokuu 2011

well said rd2