Will Titanium Dioxide Cells change everything?

Will Titanium Dioxide Cells change everything?

So here's a good summary of whether that anoucement the other day (re: titanium dioxide cells) holds water.)

I think it's a 'qualified yes'.

Timo | 16. lokakuu 2014

That's the one there has been few threads already. It has about half the capacity of the current batteries and that makes them worse than current batteries, not better.

Who cares if you can charge it in second, if you also require a nuclear power plant to get that much power to charge it. Charging speed is not a problem with current batteries. Capacity is.

IOW, it doesn't change anything.

quesder | 16. lokakuu 2014

The two ideas doesn't need to be exclusive. You can install both kinds of batteries on the car. When you don't have time to charge but need a short trip (say 30 miles), you just charge in two minutes.

If long distance is the requirement and you have time, you just charge your battery overnight and set off.

Grinnin'.VA | 16. lokakuu 2014

First titanium dioxide batteries for Tesla cars need to be designed and tested.
Only after that will/would we know whether they are competitive with the then-current Tesla batteries.

JBS has said that Tesla has a standing offer to any developer of a new BEV battery technology: Tesla wants to work with the inventor(s) to prove its worth. Elon has said that he expects BEV battery technology to change over time.

If this promising new type of BEV battery is at all promising, you can bet your last $ that Tesla is considering it.

FWIW, I'm not holding my breath waiting for this new breakthrough in BEV technology.

Ron :)

Red Sage ca us | 17. lokakuu 2014

shensierra commented, "Hydrogen ... Max. Range: 430 miles ... Refueling time: 3 minutes"

Even if that is the range, which I seriously doubt, what that really means is that you must make sure you aren't going more than 215 miles away from Los Angeles County, Orange County, or Riverside County California, before turning around and heading back to refuel.

Anemometer | 17. lokakuu 2014

More info needed... real cost of the car, not artifically low lease / purchase rates.
Cost of the hydrogen fuel.
cost of building infrastructure.
Wear and tear items, iiirc hydrogen tanks need to be replaced eventually due to becoming brittle... over what time frame?