Will we ever see a carbon fiber Model S?

Will we ever see a carbon fiber Model S?

Some manufacturers are using carbon fiber instead of steel or aluminium to offset the weight of their batteries and make the car safer.

Will we ever see a carbon fiber model of the Model S like the BMW i8 or i3, the whole chassis in carbon fiber, not just parts of it.


Red Sage ca us | 12. heinäkuu 2014

The Tesla Model S? I don't think so. Maybe, if Tesla Motors decides to go up-market, to create a Tesla Model L as a luxury pullman style limousine, to compete against Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes-Benz on the high end, carbon fiber would be considered. But if they did consider using carbon fiber, it would have to be balanced against the crash worthiness and expense as compared to aluminum construction. I would expect that a Tesla Model Z supercar would be of primarily carbon fiber construction for the cockpit though. I don't see this as a decision they must make within the next six years.

Blue_T | 12. heinäkuu 2014

Why make the safest car on the road safer? As I see it the reason to go with carbon fiber would be to reduce mass as it's about 30% lighter than aluminum. Downside would add considerable cost to the car which does not make sense. If you reduce the car mass one would assume that the mass would go to add in more battery capacity, again adding more cost. I believe that the Model S currently has a good balance between body mass, cost, and battery capacity with the aluminum frame today - don't expect to see a carbon fiber Tesla any time soon.

Be interesting to see the highway safety rating of the i3 and i8 - expect not even close to the Model S.

DTsea | 12. heinäkuu 2014

The if has excellent safety ratings and carbon structure is in many ways superior to metal. But BMW has had to make a huge investment in CF production system to achieve it.

DTsea | 12. heinäkuu 2014

The i3. Phone spellchecker sigh.

hernanme | 26. joulukuu 2014

Who is the eye catching paint supplier ?

Tks, Mike

Brian H | 26. joulukuu 2014

And now that Alcoa is making aluminum 40% stronger and 30% lighter than aluminum ...

Dramsey | 26. joulukuu 2014

Given the production cost of carbon fiber even today, I don't see much of a place for it in the Mod S. Admittedly, BMW is making huge strides in the production of CF, and we're seeing cars like the i3 and new Alfa Romeo 4C bringing CF to the least expensive cars it's ever been on.

There are downsides: if you think aluminum bodies are expensive to repair, you've not had experience with a CF repair!

tarheeltesla | 26. joulukuu 2014

I have an i3 with a Tesla S on the way (March). The two cars are apples and oranges but the i3's eco-engineering is remarkable. i3 has 4 star safety rating (out of 5). Apparently, the difference between 4 and 5 rating was due to "minor" items. i3 forum has reports of car holding up very well in several high impact collisions.

Looking forward to being all electric.