Windows Phone Support

Windows Phone Support

Hi There,

Just purchase a new Tesla, really excited to get it! I understand there is an IOS App for the Tesla. I'd like to request a Windows Phone and Windows 8 App. If anyone else has a Windows Phone please speak up. I dont know why there is only support for IOS.


Salman | 06. maaliskuu 2013

@Amir, I'm totally with you in wanting Windows/Windows Phone support, but it should be quite obvious why iOS and Android are the only supported platforms right now (hint: something to do with market share).

Add your voice to those of us who've already requested this feature on the Bulletin Board section of this website: And while you're waiting for an official WP app, an unofficial one has been published to the WP Store -- search for "Tesla Connect".

rebeccap88 | 06. maaliskuu 2013

I would be cautious with the unofficial Tesla apps, if you have to give them your login credentials and/or VIN. You could essentially be giving them control of your car.

I just switched back to an Android phone, because I didn't want to wait for the Windows Phone app, but I'll still put in my vote for the official Tesla Windows apps wherever I can. I'd love to pull it up on my Surface Pro. :)

cerjor | 06. maaliskuu 2013

I would also like a WP app. Add me to the list.

jat | 06. maaliskuu 2013

I know nothing about that app, but if it is open source I think it is reasonable to assume if it were doing something nefarious someone would notice it. Regardless, giving them limited control over your car seems much less risky than giving places like or other financial sites your complete banking/etc credentials, yet tons of people do it because they perceive the value is greater than the risk.

cerjor | 06. maaliskuu 2013

Just tried Tesla Connect app. First it asked me to log in with same username and password as when I log on to the Tesla site. Then up came the same options as on my ipad. I opened the sunroof and blinked the headlights with it as designed. Seems to work just fine.

olanmills | 07. maaliskuu 2013

The Tesla Connect app was developed by an active member of the community. Also, he and I work at the same company and I can totally look up all of his info. If he does anything mean to you guys, I can send him funny Vines to his email all day and cc his boss.

olanmills | 07. maaliskuu 2013

@jat, to play devils advocate, essentially anyone can develop an app for WP, just like iOS and if a single guy was up to no good, he could just release his bad app cause damage, and dissappear if he was clever enough.

A company like is in business (now owned by Intuit actaully), they have real people that can be found. They want to make money and stay in business. Committing unethical acts or crimes will disrupt their business, get them sued and/or put in jail. Of course there's also incompetence to worry about, but again, the stakes are generally higher for a company like or a bank than it is for a lone developer.

Anyways, all that said, I feel like you can trust Andy Himberg, who made Tesla Connector.

Also, the Tesla API is very simple, so I'm not too worried about a devestating bug that would like unlock your car randomly or something (though yeah, you can't rule that out, but Andy is a competent developer).

cerjor | 07. maaliskuu 2013

I notice the Location tab is missing. I presume that's a more complicated programming problem.

jat | 07. maaliskuu 2013

@cerjor - it is easy to get the lat/long coordinates of the car if you can get the rest of the information, but tying that into a map view is harder. On Android, it is really easy to bring in a map view using Google Maps, but I have no idea what is involved in WP.

olanmills | 07. maaliskuu 2013

The reason the location feature isn't working yet is because it's streaming data.

It's handled differently than the other simple commands and thus it's takes more effort to reverse engineer how it works.

It is true, on top of that, once they have figured out how the streaming data works, it's also probably more work to actually implement the map feature than it was to implement the other simpler controls and info displays.

On WP I think it's pretty easy to include bing maps (I've done it in Silverlight). So I don't think the issue is how hard it is to do the UI (though again, I think it's more work than the other stuff).

Jhall118 | 07. maaliskuu 2013

Oh come on, you are a windows user! If you are using a Windows 8 pro tablet (I am not sure on RT) there are programs to emulate any android app. One is called bluestacks. I am sure there is a way to do it with windows 8 RT. There are plenty of emulators out there.

olanmills | 08. maaliskuu 2013

Yeah, but bluestacks doesn't work on WP, and I don't know if it works on Win8 either. Also, bluestacks is kind of buggy.

gary.lori.schmid | 17. huhtikuu 2013

We also need the Windows App. Not having it is definitely a negative.

castortiu | 23. syyskuu 2013

Tesla Companion is a WP8 application for your Model S