Windows Phone Support

Windows Phone Support

Hi There,

Just purchase a new Tesla, really excited to get it! I understand there is an IOS App for the Tesla. I'd like to request a Windows Phone and Windows 8 App. If anyone else has a Windows Phone please speak up. I dont know why there is only support for IOS.


Salman | 06. maaliskuu 2013

Amir, see the replies posted to your other thread in the Model S forums:

Brian H | 06. maaliskuu 2013

Search "Windows phone" on There are many threads with info already.

olanmills | 07. maaliskuu 2013

We're starting to get lots of new visitors by the day as more of the less enthusaist-type folks get their cars or make reservations. Not sure if you can keep up with that Brian, lol, trying to tell them to all use volkerize.

Anyways, I want a WP app too, amirlit1975, you crazy 38-year-old you.

There are a couple third party apps available in the Windows Phone Store already. One is called Tesla Connect and the other is called Tesla Commander, both are free and ad-free. Try them out. They're not 100% complete yet, but they work.

Timo | 07. maaliskuu 2013

Are they for Win 8 only, or do they run in 7.8?

Brian H | 07. maaliskuu 2013

The volkerize site is pretty much self-explanatory once opened. I'm not convinced it can handle more than one search term, though.

olanmills | 07. maaliskuu 2013

Oh yeah I agree that it is self-explanatory. I'm just saying you're probably not going to stop the tide of people asking questions that have been talked about before.

@Timo Tesla Connect works on WP 7.8. I haven't tried Tesla Commander, but it shows up in the marketplace for WP7.8, so I assume it works.

castortiu | 23. syyskuu 2013
Brian H | 23. syyskuu 2013

Some think it's better than the iPhone app.