Windshild protection...

Windshild protection...

This may have been discussed here before, however, only three months in, and I already have my first rock-ding on my front windshild from a big-rig on the freeway.

Regardless, I have owned a few sportcars that had low-angle windshields, like we have on the Model S, and they are highly suseptable to rock-dings. With the cost to fix windshild dings and cracks, and or full windshild replacement, has anyone installed this product on your MS yet (or past cars)?...

Also, I am noticing a fair amout of heat on my body from the angle of the windshild, and distance it goes back. In mid-day here in So California, I tend to get hit with some serious sun up to my chest and arms (and it's still winter), so I am also thinking this product might help cut down on the heavy UV / UVB and heat rays.

Brian H | 24. tammikuu 2013

Heh. In the winter, the sun is lower at noon, so you get more slanted full power sunshine in thru your windshield.

protectivefilm | 24. tammikuu 2013

We are a ClearPlex installer in the Newport Beach area and do a ton of the windshield protection. We along with the manufacturer have not had any luck with getting the ClearPlex skin installed on the windshield of the new Tesla S. The windshield has some crazy curves going on at the top of the windshield and in the corners which causes the film not to shrink correctly. We have done about 12 clear bra's now on the new Tesla S and have had to turn everyone down on having one installed...and I hate turning down $$.

Also, on the heat coming in your windshield, 3M makes a tint that is called Crystalline that you can have installed on your windshield. This is one of our most popular and requested items on all the cars we do work on.

If you have any questions, please email me and let me know.


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TikiMan | 25. tammikuu 2013


That sucks! about the ClearPlex product and the MS. I am now really paranoid about getting more rock-dings on my windshield. It's odd that it won't apply correctly, as from what I can tell, the MS has a fairly flat windshield, and doesn't appear any more curvy than any other typical sudan (Are you sure it's the Model S, and not the Roadster that has the problem?)

BTW... Do you know what the cost (product and installation) is for the 3M Chrystalline internal front windshield tint?

TimJ | 25. tammikuu 2013

I believe the windshield blocks all UV and infrared light.

Read second line under "body" it states: UV and infrared blocking safety glass windshield

TikiMan | 25. tammikuu 2013


If so, it's not blocking much. On a 60 degree day, I still had to have my A/C on, just to keep my body cool where the sun was coming into the cab from the front. I also have a solid roof, and tinted sides and rear windows.

DouglasR | 25. tammikuu 2013

Could block UV and IR but still let heat in.

Brian H | 26. tammikuu 2013

All light produces heat, but heat rays (IR) do not produce light.