You Guys Saw Today's Blog and 3 Video's on the Model S didn't you?

You Guys Saw Today's Blog and 3 Video's on the Model S didn't you?

Timo | 10. tammikuu 2011

Informative videos. I heard somewhere that Model S will use liquid cooling for the motor, and it looked like that in the video, what I didn't know that PEM is into same module, which means that it too is liquid-cooled.

The car also looks a bit smaller than those couple drivable mock-up models Tesla has. Front is short, rear wheel is right next to rear door which doesn't look very wide. It also looks even more aerodynamic than those models indicate.

BYT | 10. tammikuu 2011

Yeah, there is a lot of information in those video's but they do lead to even more questions and speculations. I would love to see more video's and the car in further states of near final condition and soon! :DPaint me over-excited!

cablechewer | 10. tammikuu 2011

Remember the drivable models/prototypes have been around for some time and they are based off a different chassis. Since they were created Tesla has spent a lot of time in wind tunnels and doing other engineering work. I am expecting the final version of the car to look a bit different than the one that has been gracing the home page for about a year now.

ChristianG | 11. tammikuu 2011

yeah finally a blog with some informations again. I kinda get tiered of people telling us how nice their roadster is. the guy kinda reminds me on Jamie Oliver presenting his World Best meal of something hehe so it's pretty cool.

Timo | 11. tammikuu 2011

Checked the Model S page, which has some additions including a bit info about alpha prototype. One thing I noticed is that one minute battery swap has disappeared in features-page. Not that I would miss it. I wouldn't miss the seats 6 and 7 either, in fact they scream to me "safety hazard!", and I can't think any real use for them. Car is a hatchback not a SUV.

I hope we get a picture of the finalized alpha prototype soon. From the pictures especially the cabine shape is different than in those mock-up models Tesla has. It looks like it shrinks more at the back and that vertical beam between front and back seats looks like it has been tilted more to the back.

BYT | 11. tammikuu 2011

I would miss the +2 jumper seats as my family grew unexpectedly this past year so a 5 seater is no longer enough for me. Because they are rear facing seats, they are better at taking the impact in an accident as well assuming the rear doesn't crumble on an extremely forceful accident. I hope still for all the cargo space promised because I know I will need it. If space and seating wasn't an issue, I would have purchased a Roadster... :)

Vawlkus | 11. tammikuu 2011

Don't forget, you've still got that "trunk space" under the hood, since there's nothing in there. Motor and battery are underneath.

Roblab | 12. tammikuu 2011

You are aware, I suppose, that Mercedes and Volvo, probably others, had rear facing back seats. Seems they can be safe.